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Atomic Vets Meeting at Spotswood / Kingsville RSL

There will be a meeting of all atomic survivors at the Spotswood / Kingsville RSL, Victoria, on Saturday May 12, 2018.  The national secretary of the Australian Ex-Services Atomic Survivors Association Inc., will be coming to Melbourne to hold a meeting of all / any, Nuclear Vets to try to create a National body. (Western Australia are the only National Assoc as far as he knows).  Hopefully there is enough interest in Melbourne to establish a branch here.  By having a larger member base it will gain more credence in speaking with the Government. 
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Mosaic and Hurricane survivors return to Monte Bello
Steven Bruni (author), LSIS Lee-Anne Mack (photographer)

Members of the Australian Ex Services Atomic Survivors Association with their partners and the
Commanding Officer HMAS Stirling, Captain Brian Delamont, RAN, during a visit to the HMAS
Stirling Museum at the unveiling of a new Nuclear Testing exhibit in the associations honour.

Members of the Australian Ex-Services Atomic Survivors Association have travelled to the Monte Bello Islands marking the 60th Anniversary of the completion of Operation MOSAIC.

The operation involved British and Australian forces conducting two atomic tests on the islands off the Western Australian coast.

The Royal Australian Navy along with the Royal Navy were heavily involved with both Operation HURRICANE in 1952 and Operation MOSAIC in 1955.

Secretary of the Association, Jim Marlow, said activities involved members from many parts of Australia, and the group travelled from Perth to Karratha and then out to the islands unveiling the plaque along with a small ceremony to mark the occasion.

“We began in Perth with a meet and greet with those that had travelled from the East and then on the following day it was on the flight to Karratha," he said.

The group chartered a vessel to the islands after stops in Karratha and Dampier.

"We enjoyed lunch with the Pilbara Regiment and the local council put on a barbeque on at the RSL but of course, when many of us were here 60 years ago when the tests were taking place, these towns didn’t exist!”

Operation HURRICANE, which involved the detonation of one atomic device, involved the Australian component of Task Force 4 made up of the aircraft carrier HMAS Sydney and HMA Ships Tobruk (I), Hawkesbury, Macquarie, Murchison, Shoalhaven, Mildura who carried out patrol work. Smaller vessels Karangi, Koala, Limicola, Reserve, Wareen, MRL 252 and MWL 251 performed useful work laying moorings, marking channels and providing valuable logistic and personnel support.

Operation MOSAIC, which involved the detonation of two atomic devices, saw the Australian component of Task Force 308 made up of HMA Ships Junee, Fremantle, Karangi, MRL 252 and MWL 251.

Download the Semaphore article on both Operation HURRICANE and Operation MOSAIC.....