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This page is mainly focusing on the Navy in Victoria, particularly ships built in Melbourne
It is our intention to also have a pictorial history of the Navy in Victoria,
from Colonial to Commonwealth to Royal Australian Navy.

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Photos from the HMAS Voyager Commemoration Service in the Sanctuary of the Shrine of Remembrance, Melbourne on 10 February 2021.
Photos from the HMAS Voyager Commemoration Service in the Sanctuary of the Shrine of Remembrance, Melbourne on 10 February 2020.
Photos from the POW Commemoration Service held at the Australian ex-Prisoners Of War Memorial in Ballarat on 09 February 2020.
CN Visits Centenarian
During his visit to Melbourne on 14 September 2019, CN Vice Admiral Mike Noonan AO RAN took time out to visit 100 year old ex-CPOCK(O) Thomas Fowler and present him with the Chief of Navy Coin.
HMAS Melbourne Visits the City of Melbourne one last time.
HMAS Melbourne exercises is right of Freedom of Entry into the city of Melbourne on the 14 September 2019
HMAS Melbourne Tree and Plaque Decication
On Saturday 14 September 2019, CN Vice Admiral Mike Noonan AM RAN AND CO HMAS Melbourne CMDR Marcus Buttler RAN unveil a plaque dedicated to HMAS Melbourne I, II and III in the Shrine of Remembrance gardens.
Model Ships by Max Montague
Photos from the opening of the exhibition of the models by Max Montague at the Seaworks Maritime Discovery Centre, 82 Nelson Place, Williamstown.
Battle of Savo Island and the sinking of HMAS Canberra Commemorative Service
A selection of photos from the Commemorative Service held in the Sanctuary at the Shrine of Remembrance on 09 August 2019.

Photos courtesy:  Chris Banfield.
HMAS Waterhen Commemorative Service
A selection of photos from the Commemorative Service held in the Sanctuary at the Shrine of Remembrance on 30 June 2019.

Photos courtesy:  Chris Banfield.
Battle of the Coral Sea Commemorative Service
A selection of photos from the Commemorative Service held in the Forecourt at the Shrine of Remembrance on 05 May 2019.

Photos courtesy:  Chris Banfield.
HMAS Vampire 1 & 2 Commemorative Service
A selection of photos from the Commemorative Service held in the Sanctuary at the Shrine of Remembrance on 8th April 2018.

Photos courtesy:  Chris Banfield.
  HMAS Sydney III model (c. Korean War) Donated to Fleet Air Arm Museum
On December 1st, the Chief of Navy, Vice Admiral Tim Barrett AO CSC RAN visited the Fleet Air Arm Museum to officially thank Mr Max Montague for his generosity in donating the HMAS Sydney III model to the museum.  The model, complete with squadrons of Sea Furey and Fairey Firefly aircraft that were embarked during the Korean war, is valued between $50-60,000.  The ship and aircraft were all built from scratch and took 14 months to complete.  It is 2.4 metres in length.
The Cerberus Redevelopment Update
The Cerberus Redevelopment project continues to gain momentum and the scope of the works and proposed budget has now been set at $463m.
Battle of the Coral Sea Commemoration
A selection of photos from the Battle of the Coral Sea Commemoration service held at the Shrine of Remembrance on Sunday 08 May 2017.

Photos courtesy Chris Banfield.
HMAS Vampire Commemoration Service 2017
A selection of photos from the HMAS Vampire commemoration service held in the Shrine of Remembrance sanctuary on Sunday 9 April 2017.

Photos courtesy Chris Banfield.
Scrap Iron Flotilla Luncheon 2017
Photos from the 2017 Scrap Iron Flotilla annual lunch held at the William Angliss restaurant on 24 March 2017.

Photos courtesy Chris Banfield
Model of HMAS Sydney III c.Korean War
CDRE Jim Dickson, AM, MBE, RAN (Ret'd) inspects the magnificent new model of the HMAS Sydney III as it was in Korea, complete with Sea Fury and Fairey Firefly aircraft.  It took world renowned scratch model maker Max Montague 14 months to complete.  Max is regarded as one of the top 10 scratch model makers in the world.  He served on the carrier in 1956 during his National Service.  Jim served time on the Sydney as a Midshipman and posted off it one month before Max joined the ship.
Divisions HMAS Cerberus - November 2016
The Governor General of the Commonwealth of Australia, His Excellency General the Honourable Sir Peter Cosgrove AK MC (Retd), visited HMAS Cerberus 24-25 November 2016. During the visit, he visited a number of training faculties, performed as the Reviewing Officer for Vice Regal Ceremonial Divisions and presented awards and medals. During the parade, the Queen’s Colour was paraded under formal escort of the ‘Royal Guard and Colour Escort’.  Following the parade he officially opened the HMAS Sydney Room in the Cerberus Museum.
Answering The Call
The installation of a bronze statue of a sailor ‘Answering the Call’, on the foreshore adjoining the intersection of Dow Street and Beach Street, Port Melbourne, opposite the site of the former HMAS Lonsdale, unveiled by the Chief of Navy on the 27th November 2015, is a fitting and permanent reminder to residents and visitors to Melbourne of the contribution the Navy in Victoria has made to the defence of our proud country since we became the Commonwealth of Australia in 1901. The 2 metre statue was unveiled by the Chief of Navy Vice Admiral Tim Barrett AO CSC RAN. The concept of the 'Answering the Call' was first envisaged over 15 years ago by Don Boyle and LCDR MacKenzie Gregory in an attempt to celebrate the naval presence in the area from the mid 1850s until the 1990s. Unfortunately Don and MacKenzie have both passed away and were unable to witness the fruits of their labour. Mac's daughter Jayne took over the helm and with the help of the Naval Heritage Foundation committee ensured their dreams became a reality.
On 17th October 2015 the NCCV held the ANZAC Naval Commemorative Ball at Flemington Racecourse.  All proceeds from this event went to the Shrine of Remembrance in Melbourne.  The picture shows CDRE Jim Dickson AM MBE RAN Ret'd, CMDR John Goss RAN, Petty Officer Carmel Tom and ex-CPOCK David Dwyer presenting a cheque for $12,317.57 to the new CEO of the Shrine, Dean Lee.
Historic World War II Corvette HMAS Castlemaine Has Her Bottom Cleaned
Castlemaine was docked at the BAE Systems shipyard, Williamstown, over the period 14-28 August 2015. While at BAE Systems the ship was dry docked in the Alfred Graving Dock and the hull was cleaned and painted.
When the opportunity came to assist with the docking, BAE Systems volunteered. The General Manager of BAE Systems Williamstown Operations Peter Leahy said “Even though our current environment is challenging, the team felt it was a great opportunity to give the ship a new lease on life so that she might continue her community service.”
The crew of the Castlemaine thank BAE SYSTEMS, EPTEC (cleaning and painting), KOREVAAR Marine (tug services for the moves), Port Phillip Sea Pilots and International Paints for their assistance, which made the docking possible.
Photos of the Anzac Day march 2015 at the Seaford RSL.
Photos courtesy of Laurie Pegler (8)
Photos courtesy of Spear Creative Solutions (37)
From a visitor who attended a public open day for HMAS Canberra while it was in Hobart for ANZAC day 2015 celebrations he was was afforded a rare chance to get on board and take some pictures..

The tour started in the centre starboard deck which is sandwiched above the heavy vehicle/dock area and below the hanger/light vehicle deck. It has a very impressive hospital occupying the aft end (seriously, as good as the nicer hospitals on land) which we walked through and then popped up some stairs to emerge on the stern open area where the hanger opens up on to with the main aircraft elevator. Proceeded through the hangar/light vehicle area and moved up to the fore area adjacent to the ski jump and up again to the flight deck proper. Across the flight deck to the tower and back down to the middle deck but towards the bow, this time through fantastically equipped mess halls, gyms, entertainment areas and lots of bunking cabins. At the end we descended to the foremost part of the heavy vehicle deck, to the rear of which was the dock.
HMAS Sydney IV on her final entry into Sydney Harbour on 27 Feb 2015 prior to decommissioning.
  Incredible historic footage of the USS Laffey fighting off one of the most devastating Kamikaze attacks of WW-II. April 16, 1945, off the Northern coast of Okinawa.
Photos from the 2014 RAN Cooks reunion held in Melbourne and the Chelsea RSL, Frankston Naval Memorial Club and the Balnarring picnic races.

Photos courtesy
Garry Hermsen &
Tina Abbott
NUSHIP Canberra entering Sydney harbour 2014
NUSHIPs Canberra and Adelaide alongside in Williamstown - 19 Feb 2014
NUSHIP Adelaide onboard Blue Marlin coming through Port Phillip Bay heads on 7 Feb 2014
2013 Melbourne Cup function held at the Frankston Naval Memorial Club in Langwarrin.
Photos courtesy of Garry Hermsen
More photos from the RAN's International Fleet Review Spectacular

Many more photos can be seen at
International Fleet Review - photos courtesy Rex Williams
HMAS Sydney veterans marching at the 2013 International Fleet Review
RAN's 2013 International Fleet Review
Photos courtesy of NVN member Alf Batchelder. Many thanks Alf.
Tall Ships in Melbourne
In September 2013 many Tall Ships visited Melbourne to attend the Melbourne Tall Ships Festival. It was a great opportunity for many Victorians to see and participate in this spectacular event on Port Phillip Bay. Renowned photographer and NVN member Alf Batchelder, took many photos and kindly gave permission for the NVN to place them on our website.
Under A Rising Sun
This poem, written by Laura Benney, aged 13, was read by me at the Anzac Day service at the Seaford RSL in 2013. Laura's great great grandfather, paid the ultimate sacrifice when he was killed on the Western Front in 1916. It is in tribute to him that she penned these words. Click on the image to view the video.....
Commemorative Plaque for Ronald MacDonald 1918 – 1942
(Article is translated from German)
The German Naval Association and the Embassy of the Commonwealth of Australia were invited on Friday, April 19, 2013, for the commemoration of the plaque of Ronald Allan Heffernan MacDonald, representative of the members of the Australian Navy, in the historic Hall of the Marine Memorial in Laboe in the county Schleswig-Holstein.
Read the full story
Periscope footage taken while snorting during a typhoon by HMAS Farncomb's Commanding Officer at the time, CAPT Mark Hammond, RAN. Click the image to view.
HMAS Canberra Flight Deck Island being fitted
17 October 2012
Some photos from this morning's arrival of the Blue Marlin and the Canberra. Travelled out past the Heads aboard the 20-passenger craft of South Bay Eco Adventures - "adventures" is the key word, as we hurtled along at what seemed considerable speed - and regardless of the height of the waves. An exciting morning. Alf Batchelder. Thanks Alf for the great photos - NVN Team.
LHD Arrival in Port Phillip Bay (Video)
The LHD01 hull has been transported from Spain to Australia by a Heavy Lift Ship, Blue Marlin. The trip has taken around eight weeks. The Dockwise owned Heavy Lift Ship, MV Blue Marlin has travelled around 10,000 nautical miles ( approx 18,520 km) to deliver the first LHD. The LHDs are the largest ships ever built for the Royal Australian Navy and will provide the Australian Defence Force (ADF) with one of the most capable and sophisticated amphibious ships in the world. The LHD will be floated off the Blue Marlin over the next two weeks and then towed into the BAE facility at Williamstown. The Canberra Class LHDs are bigger than Australia's last aircraft carrier HMAS Melbourne. When completed they will be more than 230 metres long, 27.5 metres high and weigh around 27,500 tonnes. Each ship can carry a combined armed battlegroup of more than 1100 personnel, 100 armoured vehicles and 12 helicopters and features a 40-bed hospital. The LHD is expected to be introduced into Royal Australian Navy service in 2014.
At HMAS CERBERUS on Friday 14th September the Chief of the Navy, VADM R. GRIGGS, AO, CSC, RAN, officially dedicated a memorial to the crew of HMAS AE1 which was lost off New Britain on 14th September, 1914. All the crew were lost and the Submarine still has not been found. A lot of descendants of the crew were in attendance and representatives from the Submariners Association were in attendance.
Video slideshow of the "NEW" upgraded Museum of HMAS Cerberus
Video slideshow of the RAN in Vietnam 1962 - 1972
The Guadalcanal & HMAS Canberra 70th Anniversary Tour
Report and photos from member Dick Budzienny....
Over the period of 5-13 August 2012 I was on a holiday that included a military interest/historic tour of Guadalcanal in the Solomon Islands. The 7th August 2012 was the 70th anniversary of the Allied landings on Guadalcanal and the 9th was the anniversary of the loss of the heavy cruiser HMAS Canberra near Savo Island.
Read Dick Budzienny's full report.....
Read the local newspaper report.....
HLV Blue Marlin y LHD Canberra A Coruña, August 4, 2012. - Today we proceeded to the loading of the LHD Canberra on deck semi-submersible vessel Blue Marlin in the outer harbor basin of A Coruña (Spain). The operation began at dawn with the draft of the Blue Marlin. From 08.00 hours Canberra began to enter aft on the deck of the submerged Dutch ship. The operation took place in good weather, alternating intermittent showers at noon as seen in the video. The ballasting of the Blue Marlin went on for hours, ending operations at nightfall the same day. The ship berthed at the docks outside early Sunday day 5. The hull of the ship that is built by public company Navantia for the Navy in Australia will be delivered to the facilities of the Australian subsidiary of BAE Systems in Williamstown, Melbourne, where it will be completed.
The completed hull of the soon to be HMAS CANBERRA – the 1st of our two LHDs. Note the size of the cradle!
The Blue Marlin, the Heavy Lift Vessel, which will be used to transport the first LHD hull has arrived at Fene Wharf at Ferrol, Spain. The journey will take approximately 49 days in total and includes two days to float on and two days to float off. Arrival Port Phillip Bay early September. Lots of work at the shipyard happening to get everything ready. These ships will certainly cast a big shadow over Williamstown.
(NOTE: I've used Google Translate to translate Spanish to English when describing each photo. Many thanks to the photographers of the Spanish Naval Review Magazine Website)
Muchas gracias a los fotógrafos de la Revisión del Sitio Web Naval Español)
An artefact presented to the crew of the New Zealand ship HMS Achilles by the grateful citizens of Uruguay in 1939, after a famous naval battle, has found its way back to the Royal New Zealand Navy (RNZN), courtesy WO Marty Grogan.
Read the media release.....
Read Marty's speech.....
Once again, master model maker Max Montague opened his house to the cadets of TS Voyager. This time the cadets were set a task of finding certain articles that were placed in the models when Max first built them. eg. on one of the ships inside the helicopter there's a slab of VB. On the Sydney II there's a pair of binoculars in the bridge. There's also a sailor's hat sitting on a locker. It made for an interesting and most enjoyable day. Also in attendance was Maritime Artist, Randall Wilson. At the end of the day, Randall presented each cadet with a print of one of his paintings. Randall's paintings can be found on his website
The background music is from the RAN band.
A Commemorative Service was conducted at Queenscliff on Sunday, 20 November 2011. 150 individuals attended the service and 80 or more marched from the RSL Hall to the Ocean View Reserve for the service.
  Early Naval WWII photos including Sydney II's battle with the Bartolomeo Colleoni.
Also some 1950's photos of Sydney III.
Photos courtesy of Frank Benney - grandson of CPOCK Tom Carey - lost on Sydney II.
Tom Carey was from Ballarat where many of his descendants still reside.
Of particular interest among these photographs are two letters of condolence to his wife Adelaide.
One from a Georgina Barham, wife of POSBA Eric Barham who was also lost on Sydney II.
(87 photos)
Australia's 21st Century Navy
Click on the image to view 7 minute video of Australia's latest acquisition, the LHD.
Photos from the Frankston Naval Memorial Club's annual Anniversary Dinner.
On 16th September 2011, the Royal Australian Navy exercised its Freedom of Entry with 'swords drawn, bayonets fixed, drums beating, bands playing and colours flying' to the City of Melbourne. The parade commemorated the centenary of the granting of Royal Assent by King George V to the Navy, and mark the important contribution that Melbourne and the State of Victoria continue to provide to the Royal Australian Navy. Click the thumbnail to view photos of the event. (Photos courtesy of James Pegler)
Click here to view the program.
See the video

Recently the Navy in Vietnam Cafe and the Quarterdeck Art & Model Gallery were officially opened at HMAS Cerberus. Click on the thumbnail to view some of the photographs taken.

Here are some pictures that provide a size comparison: LHDs (Landing Helicopter Dock)/FFH (ANZAC class frigate). The FFH illustrated shows the Anti-Ship Missile Defence Upgrade configuration.
The first LHD hull is due to arrive at Williamstown in August 2012. The hull and machinery are being built in Spain and will then be transported on a heavy lift ship. I understand the hull will be floated off just inside Port Phillip Heads and will then be towed to Williamstown.
Superstructure modules for the LHDs are already being constructed at BAE Systems Williamstown. Quite a bit of work is being done at the site to set things up for the arrival and completion of the ships.
[Pictures are courtesy BAE Systems Williamstown. Many thanks to Dick Budzienny.]

Photos of HMNZS Wellington (built in Melbourne) operating in Antarctic waters. It was the first test out of an Offshore Patrol Vessel (OPV) in really cold places. The ship was designed to operate in cold places, she has a strengthened bow but is not an ice-breaker. From what I have heard the operations were good though a few things did freeze up (minor problems only, not enough glycol in a few bits of machinery). The ship was subjected to some very heavy weather and came through with flying colours. It would be great if the Australian Navy had a ship that could operate in these waters. Many thanks to the kiwis for helping protect our waters.
Photos are courtesy of the RNZN and many thanks to Dick Budzienny for passing them on.