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Australian Ex-Services Atomic Survivors Association Inc.
Incorporated in 1985

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The Australian Ex-Services Atomic Survivors Association Inc., incorporated in 1985, is an Organisation formed by Veterans who have been acknowledged as participants in the British Nuclear Test Programme here in/on Australian Territory, during the 1950's and after.

It is not aligned with any other like organisation, since it broke away from an Association called Australian Nuclear Veterans Association (ANVA), which was presided over by Ric Johnstone, who died in 2011. Since his death, the Association, after prolonged and extensive search, have come to the conclusion that ANVA no longer exists as an Incorporated Body. One other organisation exists in Queensland, presided over by Terry Toon, and we have no connection with them.

The objectives of our Organisation are to bring together any qualified person, whether of the Armed Forces or Civilian personnel, with the intent of providing assistance in their pursuit of recognition for their Service, acceptance of their injuries, whether Physical or Mental, a Gold Card Medical Coverage.

Additionally we seek acceptance of the likelihood of Genetic Transfer of Radiation caused problems, and suitable compensation.

We meet on the 3rd Monday of February, April, June, August, October and December, at 11:00am, RSL Hall, Leake St., Belmont, WA.

With the belief that there will be participants in the Nuclear Test programme living on the East Coast of this Country, and perhaps now without an organisation of support, we so offer our services where they may be needed. There are already quite a number of our members living in the Eastern States, and we will be pleased to speak with others, without obligation, but who are also welcome to become members. Surviving Next-Of-Kin are also welcome.

We can promise nothing , but we would like the opportunity to try.