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AMC/LSI Association of Victoria
Armed Merchant Cruisers / Landing Ship Infantry

“To preserve the memory of those who served with the AMC/LSI including
but not limited to HMAS WESTRALIA, KANIMBLA and MANOORA”

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Directory for AMC / LSI Association of Victoria
Patron: Bruce Candy
Patron: Hiram Ristrom
Patron: George Hinton
President: Chris Harvey
Vice President: Max Tozer
Treasurer: Chris Harvey
Secretary: Max Tozer
Committee: Carol Zeuschner
Events Manager: Max Tozer and Chris Harvey
Merchandise Manager: Max Tozer
All correspondence to our email address:

or if postal mail is essential,

AMC/LSI Association of Victoria
2 Clyde Street
Oakleigh Vic 3166


If you would like to donate to the AMC/LSI Association
you can either send a cheque to the association or
direct deposit into our bank account.
Details are BSB: 033070 Account Number: 422541

All donations are gratefully accepted.