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AMC/LSI Association of Victoria
Armed Merchant Cruisers / Landing Ship Infantry

“To preserve the memory of those who served with the AMC/LSI including
but not limited to HMAS WESTRALIA, KANIMBLA and MANOORA”

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Navy Descendants’ Association has changed its name to
AMC/LSI Association of Victoria.
You may be wondering AMC/LSI represents.  The answer is simple.  Originally a number of descendants of the HMAS WESTRALIA wanted to form an association to ensure the memory of relatives who served on the Westralia.  We felt as descendants of navy personnel it would be appropriate to name the association “Navy Descendants”.  We then met with the NCCV where it became apparent that we needed to reduce the scope of the ships we would be representing and thus we chose AMC/LSI Association of Victoria. AMC/LSI stands for Armed Merchant Cruisers/Landing Ship Infantry. Our association represents veterans, descendants and serving members of HMAS WESTRALIA, KANIMBLA, MANOORA and ASSAULT.  We are a not-for-profit group made up of volunteers who would welcome the input and support from others who wish to help carry and develop our aspirations in the name of those gone before us.  If you would like to contribute in any way to support our endeavours, please don’t hesitate to email us at:

To always be faithful and bold
To the very end and beyond
In whatever sea we may be.

Lest we will never forget our friends,
shipmates and Navy old or new
for our love of them has always been true.

For we are the very few who knew
And the men who sailed with all of
Them to the very end of WWII.