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Statement of Purposes

The MNC is a not-for-profit, tax exempt, charitable organisation which, within the limits of its income from investments, provides financial support to Victorian-based serving and ex-Navy personnel, Navy Ship and Branch Associations in accordance with the following operational and funding priorities (known as ‘Purposes’):

  • Provide a central meeting place for men and women whom have served in the RAN, RN or an allied Navy in order to perpetuate a spirit of comradeship and mutual assistance throughout the Naval Services ... Note 1;
  • Arrange, facilitate or promote recreation, amusement and education for the men and women who are serving or have served in the Naval Services; and
  • Support other groups and organisations in Victoria that provide for the wellbeing of currently serving and ex-Navy members... Note 2.

Applications for financial assistance will be considered at the MNC’s quarterly Committee meetings normally held in February, May, August and November.  Applications should be forwarded to the Secretary by the middle of the preceding month... Note 3.  Applications submitted outside these time-frames will only be considered when the MNC Executive (President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary) believes that exceptional circumstances prevail. 

No hard-and-fast limits are set in relation to the quantum of financial assistance which can be provided; each request will be decided on its merits. The Committee will exercise its judgement and discretion in this regard taking all known factors into account, particularly:

  • whether the application falls within the MNC’s operational and funding priorities;
  • the history of grants made to the applicant;
  • the amount of income (from investments) available for distribution; and
  • the worthiness of the application (based on details provided by the applicant).

This revised “Statement of Purposes” was approved by the MNC by special resolution at its AGM on 13 November 2017.


  1. Applications for meeting and function room bookings at the Mission to Seafarers should be made to the Functions Manager (Daria Wray) via
    email:   or
    phone: (03) 9629 7083 (normal working hours)
  2. Payments or disbursements will normally be in the form of reimbursements for expenses or payments to suppliers rather than via a transfer (or an advance) of funds.
  3. Applications for financial assistance from the MNC should be made by email to the MNC Secretary (CAPT Andrew MacKinnon) at:

    Download the Application Form.....