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  31 January
Super Bowl flyover will honor 50 years of women flyers in the Navy
The Philadelphia Eagles will not be the only birds flying on Sunday, Feb. 12, when they face off against the Kansas City Chiefs for Super Bowl LVII at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona.  The Navy will conduct a pregame flyover with three tactical aircraft squadrons, which will commemorate 50 years of women flying in the U.S. Navy, following the game’s National Anthem, according to a statement from the sea service.  “It’s not a feeling I can even put into words,” Lt. Katie Martinez, a naval flight officer assigned to VFA-122, said in the statement.  “It doesn’t get bigger than the Super Bowl, and I am humbled and honored to be able to participate with my friends and fellow naval aviators as part of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”  More.....
HMAS VOYAGER Commemoration Service

31 January
Fresh AUKUS concerns as submarine headaches emerge in United States over dry dock closures
The US Navy has abruptly suspended submarine repair work at four West Coast dry docks, prompting fresh concerns about the AUKUS agreement just weeks before Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States announce an "optimal pathway" for Australia to develop nuclear-powered submarines.  The Navy announced over the weekend that it would "temporarily suspend" operations at three docks at the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard near Seattle in the state of Washington, as well as at a fourth dock at the nearby Trident Refit Facility, citing the need to strengthen them to deal with potential future earthquakes.  More.....
31 January
Why Australia’s nuclear submarines should have vertical missile launchers
China’s growing power and assertiveness have been significant drivers behind developments in Australian defence policy in the past few years.  The previous government’s strategic update determined that the defence force needs the capability to ‘shape’ Australia’s strategic environment, ‘deter’ threats to Australian interests and ‘respond’ with credible military force.  Since then, a bipartisan commitment to the acquisition of nuclear-powered submarines has emerged and the government under Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has initiated its own defence strategic review.  That review and the report of the nuclear submarine taskforce are due in the first quarter of this year.  More.....
31 January
Officer credits a team worth fighting for
At a time when marine technician retention is low, one officer’s team-first approach has paid off.  Lieutenant Quaelan Brooks said the thing he is most proud of is that he has not had a team member request a discharge from his marine engineering department to date.  “And I would appreciate it if you didn’t write that down, because if you jinx it, I’ll be upset,” he said.  The command of his department on board HMAS Sheean and high retention rate led to Lieutenant Brooks being awarded the Admiral Nelson Sword of Excellence for 2022.  More.....
30 January
New program aims to improve outcomes for Australian veterans
For a large portion of Australians, medicine is a vital part of life which they need to manage on a daily or weekly basis.  The need for prescription medicine is particularly significant within the veteran community, with over 30,000 Aussie veterans requiring five or more unique medications to cure or relieve symptoms of health conditions.  However, the mismanagement of medications remains prominent.  To combat medication misuse among veterans, Veteran Benefits Australia (VBA) have introduced Medication Management Programs.  These programs are fully funded services for DVA Gold Card holders, with eligible veterans receiving all their medications free of charge and packed into easy-to-use medication packs, all delivered to their door each month.  More.....
30 January
Online exhibition tugs at the heartstrings
Never-before-seen footage of stranded asylum seekers being rescued amid storm-driven surf is just one of the items on display in a new online exhibition about the history of Navy.  HMAS Pirie was among the first to the respond when an Indonesian fishing boat carrying almost 100 people smashed into jagged cliffs off Christmas Island during heavy monsoonal weather in 2010. Curator and Australian War Memorial (AWM) Navy Fellow Commander Andrew Schroder said it was the first time maritime security operations were featured in an AWM exhibition.  More.....
30 January
Creative response to volcanic havoc
Technical adviser Chief Petty Officer Garry Danaher, commended for his actions during the 2022 Tongan volcanic eruption and subsequent tsunami, said the sound of the eruption was the most unbelievable explosion he’d ever heard.  “A sudden and extreme change in pressure hit our ears, followed shortly after by an unimaginable crack,” Chief Petty Officer Danaher said.  “This occurred over and over again before rock and ash started raining from the sky.”  For his actions helping his “Tongan brothers and sisters” during the island nation’s worst natural disaster, Chief Petty Officer Danaher was awarded the Conspicuous Service Medal on Australia Day.  More.....
BROADSIDE - January 2023 Edition
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27 January
Trade pathways well engineered
While the Navy’s modern ships, equipment and overall capability are an attraction for people interested in engineering trades and vocations, the range of qualifications on offer has not been so obvious.  This is the assessment of Director Training Authority Engineering Captain Thomas Doherty, who said the established pathways available to Navy technicians were not well known.  “A fully paid apprenticeship within Navy is like no other,” Captain Doherty said.  “You will learn an Australian-recognised trade relevant to your primary job.”  More.....
27 January
All Navy Dinner
If you are visiting HMAS Cerberus for their Open Day on 19th March 2023, you may be interested in attending an All Navy Dinner.  The RAN Communications Branch Association (RANCBA) is hosting a dinner on Saturday 18 March 2023. You and your partner are invited to join them at the Frankston RSL, 183 Cranbourne-Frankston Rd, Frankston commencing at 1800.
For further information, click here to view the flyer.....
27 January
26 January
Navy trainer blown away by recognition
Few technical trainers can boast a 100 per cent success rate, but a former Cape-class patrol boat chief engineer was commended this Australia Day for doing just that.  Chief Petty Officer Nathan Byast received an Order of Australia Medal for developing and implementing a process to train the next generation of patrol boat engineers while posted to Australian Defence Vessel Cape Inscription.  Over three years, he personally took on and qualified more than 50 marine technicians across all operator qualifications, a greater number than any other patrol boat in North Queensland.  More.....
26 January
ADF personnel honoured
A leader in the response to the COVID-19 crisis and a long-serving rear admiral are among the Defence personnel recognised in this year’s Australia Day honours and awards for their outstanding service.  Rear Admiral Peter Quinn was promoted to Officer of the Order of Australia for his distinguished service across demanding command and senior leadership appointments.  His citation recognises his involvement in various programs and activities that “contributed to the improvement of Navy capability through a period of rapid change in the culture, structure and workforce demand”.  More.....
26 January
Luerssen Australia hits 200 employee milestone
Luerssen Australia announced it has reached a milestone with its workforce reaching the 200 employee mark as it continues to grow. Over the last four years, Luerssen Australia has expanded its team in Perth and Adelaide as it delivers twelve Arafura Class Offshore Patrol Vessels (OPV) for the Royal Australian Navy. Currently, Luerssen Australia has six vessels under construction across two sites. This follows the launch of NUSHIP Arafura in December 2021 in South Australia.  More.....
25 January
REPORTS: Australia to buy advanced sea mines
Australia said on Monday (23 January) it would accelerate plans to buy advanced sea mines to protect its maritime routes and ports from “potential aggressors” amid China’s plans to increase its influence in the Pacific region, according to various media reports.  The so-called smart sea mines are designed to differentiate between military targets and other types of ships, a defence department spokesperson said in a statement. according to Reuters.  “(Australia) is accelerating the acquisition of smart sea mines, which will help to secure sea lines of communication and protect Australia’s maritime approaches,” it said. “A modern sea mining capability is a significant deterrent to potential aggressors.”  More.....
25 January
Flag flying practice for Australia Day 2023
A behind the scenes look at the MH-60R flag flying exercise in preparation for Australia Day 2023. The Australian Defence Force (ADF) are joining the NSW community to mark Australia Day.

24 January
Monash University releases paper on nuclear submarine research
A new study that will help nuclear-propelled submarines to remain underwater – and undetected – for much longer, has put Monash researchers in the global spotlight.  The paper, published in prestigious journal Nature Communications, features lead author Professor Michael Preuss, a world expert in nuclear materials research who joined Monash University’s Faculty of Engineering in 2020.  It identified a critical corrosion mechanism of nuclear fuel cladding material that is affected by how the material is processed.  In nuclear submarines, the ultra-thin material, zirconium alloy, provides a barrier between the nuclear fuel and the water surrounding it.  More.....
24 January
US Navy, French Navy and Royal Navy See Eye to Eye on Interoperability
The heads of the three leading NATO navies, the Chief of Naval Operations (CNO), Admiral Mike Gilday, First Sea Lord, Admiral Ben Key, and the Chief of Staff of the French Navy, Admiral Pierre Vandier, met last week in France for the first ever "Paris Naval Conference".  Organized by Ifri and the French Navy, the theme of the conference was “the return of naval combat”: The world has entered a new strategic cycle, characterized by the assertion of new powers eager to revise the international order, the predominance of unilateralism, and the increased risk of confrontation between States.  More.....
20 January
Sailor returns home to help flood-hit town
A Navy sailor has made a heart-warming return to her hometown of Fitzroy Crossing to help the community recover from the devastating floods following ex-Tropical Cyclone Ellie.  When Leading Seaman Boatswains Mate Teneille Francis stepped out of an Army MRH-90 Taipan helicopter during a community open day, no one was more surprised than her grandmother, Bunuba Elder Mary Aiken.  Those in the Fitzroy community who knew of Leading Seaman Francis' pending arrival had kept it a well-guarded secret.  “I didn't know anything,” Mrs Aiken said. “So, this came as a complete, but very welcome, surprise.”  More.....
20 January
Britain’s New Attack Submarine To Be First With VLS
The future British attack submarine, the SSNR, will feature a vertical launch system (VLS). This is a first for the Royal Navy and will increase interoperability with American allies. This can be seen as a smart move, as the Ukraine War reinforces the importance of supply chains.  The Royal Navy’s Astute Class attack submarines are among Britain’s most capable by any measure. They are the only subs outside the U.S. Navy able to launch the Tomahawk land attack cruise missiles, a capability which sets them apart.  The last two of 7, HMS Agamemnon and HMS Agincourt, are still under construction in Barrow, England. But work is already well underway designing their replacement, the SSNR (Submersible Ship Nuclear, Replacement).  More.....
Russian intelligence ship Kareliya Near Hawaii
The U.S. Coast Guard monitored a Russian intelligence ship that sailed near the coast of Hawaii last week, the service announced Wednesday night.  The vessel was identified as Vishnya-class intelligence ship Kareliya (535), according to the Jan. 11 video released by the Coast Guard.  Satellite photos from Jan. 10, reviewed by USNI News, show the Russian vessel coming as close to 40 kilometers, or approximately 25 miles, within the Hawaiian shore.

20 January
Push for naval ‘interchangeability’ will require help from industry
The U.S. Navy and its closest allies and partners continue their quest to become interchangeable — a step up from previous calls to be interoperable — but they say they can’t do it without international supply chains joining the effort.  Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Mike Gilday said, “We are trying to entice our high-end partners to go beyond interoperability into interchangeability. It’s a push to put us in a position where, if we do have to fight tonight, we’re not stumbling.”  Commodore Darren Grogan, the naval attache at the Australian Embassy in Washington, said allies and partners need to go beyond tactical interchangeability; there needs to be more work on the strategic side, and an inclusion of industry.  More.....
20 January
USS Canberra (LCS 30) Hosts Royal Australian Navy Promotion Ceremony
Commodore Darren Grogan, Royal Australian Naval Attaché to the United States, promoted Royal Australian Navy Senior Chief Petty Officer Luke Brewer to Chief Warrant Officer aboard Independence-variant littoral combat ship USS Canberra (LCS 30), Jan. 11.  Brewer is an exchange officer from the Royal Australian Navy currently assigned to the U.S. Navy's Southwest Regional Maintenance Center (SWRMC) based in San Diego.  “The promotion of a Senior Chief Petty Officer to Warrant Officer is a proud and significant moment,” said Grogan. “In this instance, the honor to promote an Australian senior enlisted sailor on a United States Ship that will hold the same name as the Australian Capital offers such a unique opportunity and highlights the strong and enduring ties between the Royal Australian Navy and the United States Navy.”  More.....
20 January
We Are The Navy Band

18 January
UK MoD signs contract with Team Resolute for 3 logistic ships for the Royal Navy
The UK Ministry of Defense has formally awarded 'Team Resolute' the Fleet Solid Support (FSS) program contract for the construction of three logistics vessels for the Royal Navy Auxiliary Fleet.  “Team Resolute” is made up of the UK companies Harland & Wolff, BMT and Navantia UK, a British subsidiary of the Spanish company Navantia.  The program, valued at 1,600 million pounds sterling, will provide the Royal Navy with a key capacity for the provisioning of its fleet, based on the British design of BMT and with transfer of ‘Shipyard 4.0’ technology by Navantia.  More.....
18 January
$4.551 million in grant funding available for advocacy services
Ex-service organisations (ESOs) are encouraged to apply for a share of $4.551 million funding through the Building Excellence in Support and Training (BEST) grants program.  Minister for Veterans’ Affairs Matt Keogh said applications for grants are now open and encouraged ESOs that provide compensation and/or wellbeing advocacy services to veterans and families to apply.  “ESOs play a vital role in supporting the veteran community, providing localised services and support to current and former serving personnel,” Minister Keogh said.  More.....
18 January
HMAS Vampire towed from the Australian National Maritime Museum to Garden Island
A piece of Australia's naval heritage, HMAS Vampire, crossed Sydney Harbour this morning, towed from the Australian National Maritime Museum to Garden Island. There it will undergo essential maintenance including a hull safety check and repainting.

17 January
Who’s going to build Australia’s nuclear submarines?
Vice Admiral William Joseph Houston is a thoughtful and experienced United States naval officer, entrusted with command of perhaps the most potent US capability: its submarine fleet.  Houston is also steeped in the history of the US submarine service, and the outsized role it played in defeating Japan in World War II. Following the attack on Pearl Harbor, the only viable weapon immediately available was the US submarine force.  In fact, USS Gudgeon commenced the US fleet’s first offensive patrol just four days after the attack of 7 December 1941.  More.....
16 January
HMAS Vampire to ‘sail’ again on Wednesday
Daring-class destroyer HMAS Vampire will be moved from the the Australian National Maritime Museum at Darling Harbour to Garden Island on 18 January 2023.  The museum-piece ship will undergo essential maintenance at the Royal Australian Navy’s eastern base.  The movement is scheduled to commence at 8am on Wednesday 18 January.  Vampire will be ‘towed in state’, attended by three tugboats and a pilot vessel and should make for spectacular and poignant photo opportunities at many locations across Sydney Harbour – especially under the bridge.  More.....
14 January
Calls for northern Australia's World War II legacy to be better recognised on the national stage
Those who stayed on the island that day were struck by the sound. Like great dragonflies, the menacing hum grew louder by the second. Janice Munhdhu Ganambarr remembers well the stories of her mother, from the day Milingimbi in remote East Arnhem Land was hit by Japanese bombers, 80 years ago, in May 1943. "When they saw the plane flying across the land, they hid under the water," she said. "They thought they were gonna get hit."  More.....
13 January
US Navy more certain of role for medium surface drones following tests
The U.S. Navy is firming up plans for the Medium Unmanned Surface Vessel, after previously questioning the need or utility of the system.  The Navy has seven large and medium USV prototypes in its custody or on contract, and already these vessels have shown the value of having an unmanned craft tote around payloads related to intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance and targeting, leaders said.  Meanwhile, small USVs operating as part of Task Force 59 are conducting ISR missions of their own, in much greater numbers due to their size and low cost.  More.....
13 January
Raytheon SPY-6 Radar at SNA 2023
Mike Mills, senior director, naval radar programs at Raytheon, discusses the latest on the SPY-6 radar program during SNA 2023. SPY-6 is the U.S. Navy family of radars that performs air and missile defense on seven classes of ships and is a giant leap in capability for the fleet.

The SPY-6 family is integrated, meaning it can defend against ballistic missiles, cruise missiles, hostile aircraft and surface ships simultaneously. And it offers many advantages over legacy radars, such as greater detection range, increased sensitivity and more accurate discrimination.

13 January
Nimitz Carrier Strike Group Operates in South China Sea
The Nimitz Carrier Strike Group (NIMCSG) began operating in the South China Sea Jan. 12 for the first time during the group’s 2022-2023 deployment.  While in the South China Sea, the strike group is conducting maritime strike training, anti-submarine operations, integrated multi-domain and joint training between surface and air elements, and flight operations with fixed and rotary wing aircraft.  Carrier operations in the South China Sea are part of the U.S. Navy’s routine operations in the Indo-Pacific.  More.....
13 January
HMS Protector helps scientists study tsunami threat on edge of Antarctica
The Royal Navy is helping scientists warn of potentially devastating tsunamis by researching huge underwater volcanoes on the fringe of Antarctica.  HMS Protector used her state-of-the-art sensors to scan a series of peaks in the South Sandwich Islands, one of the most remote British territories on the planet.  The chain of volcanoes off Zavodovski Island rise hundreds of metres above the seabed. They are active with numerous seismic events every year.  More.....
13 January
Personnel hear flood stories from Kimberley community
ADF personnel have participated in a key leadership engagement with traditional owners from the flood-hit Fitzroy Crossing region of Western Australia.  The meeting allowed the community leaders to tell their individual stories from one of the worst-hit areas of the flooding that followed Tropical Cyclone Ellie, as well as highlight ongoing challenges in accessing critical supplies.  Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Wright said the meeting had highlighted the resilience of the local communities and allowed ADF to explain its role in the flood response process.  More.....
13 January
More than $1 million to salute their service
Community organisations across Australia will share in more than $1 million in grant funding to recognise veterans and preserve Australia’s military history in the latest round of the Australian Government’s Saluting Their Service Commemorative Grants Program.  The grants have been awarded to more than 80 community groups and ex-service organisations, schools and councils for important local projects that commemorate the service and sacrifice of our veterans.  Saluting Their Service is an ongoing national grants program, with applications for the current round now open.  More.....
11 January
Learn about Open Arms – Veterans & Families Counselling
This year Open Arms – Veterans & Families Counselling celebrates 40 years of supporting the veteran community. To help mark this important milestone, DVA TV spoke to veterans and Open Arms staff about how the counselling service was formed and what it can offer members of the veteran community.

11 January
Veteran Support Officers: Preparing you for your transition to civilian life
Veteran Support Officers (VSOs) are available on more than 56 bases around Australia and deliver one-on-one appointments in-person or over the phone to help you manage your DVA business. They are usually located at either the Joint Health Command Facility or near the Transition Cell on your base.

11 January
The Impact of Aussie Hero Quilts
Meet Jan-Maree Ball, the founder of Aussie Hero Quilts. Aussie Hero Quilts is an organisation that makes handmade quilts and other items for members of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) who are on deployment.  These personalised quilts provide a visual reminder that their service is appreciated and can have a powerful impact on the mental well-being of ADF members.  Jan-Maree shares some amazing stories of how Aussie Hero Quilts have made a difference in the lives of ADF members.

11 January
Ink the Lines
A special shoutout to Australian Navy's Tanya Lee, who took part in the Australian War Memorial's exhibition INK IN THE LINES, which features ADF Veterans sharing stories, inspiration and history about their tattoos and what they mean personally.  The exhibition is currently being held in Wanneroo Gallery, WA until the 14th January, so you'll have to be quick to get in and take a look at the excellent photography and stories on display before it moves on.

11 January
HASC members push back at Sen. Reed AUKUS criticisms: ‘Far from a zero-sum game’
A bipartisan group of influential House defense lawmakers today issued a letter to US President Joe Biden pushing back against concerns raised by the head of the Senate Armed Service Committee on whether the United States can build enough nuclear attack submarines to help Australia deploy boats in the Pacific by the 2030s.  The letter, signed by nine members of the House, states that AUKUS is “Far from a zero-sum game” when it comes to nuclear subs — a clear shot at comments made in a letter to Biden by Sen. Jack Reed, the SASC chairman, which included that specific phrase.  More.....
11 January
U.S. Navy Intercepts More Than 2,000 Assault Rifles Shipped from Iran
U.S. naval forces intercepted a fishing vessel in the Gulf of Oman, Jan. 6, and discovered it smuggling 2,116 AK-47 assault rifles while transiting international waters along a maritime route from Iran to Yemen.  A U.S. Navy boarding team from patrol coastal ship USS Chinook (PC 9) initially discovered and seized the weapons with support from USS Monsoon (PC 4) and guided-missile destroyer USS The Sullivans (DDG 68).  The intercepted vessel, which was sailing on a route historically used to traffic illicit cargo to the Houthis in Yemen, was crewed by six Yemeni nationals.  More.....
10 January
NPS Research in Electromagnetic Waves Hunts for Ship’s ‘Ghost Signals’
Oceans cover more than 70 percent of the world and finding ships at sea – especially those that do not want to be found – is still quite a challenge.  Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) Department of Meteorology professor Qing Wang is on the hunt, tracking atmospheric conditions that result in what are known as “ghost signals,” where ship radar or radio communications travel and linger well beyond the line-of-sight horizon.  “It’s a hide-and-seek game,” explains Wang. “You want to see and hear others, especially the adversaries, but you don’t want them to find you.”  More.....
10 January
Anniversary marks the start of commemorative year for Vietnam Veterans
Tomorrow marks 50 years since the 1973 proclamation of the end of Australian involvement in the Vietnam War.  Minister for Veterans’ Affairs Matt Keogh said 11 January also marks the beginning of the official Vietnam 50 commemorations for 2023.  “More than 60,000 Australians served in Vietnam, over 3,000 were wounded and 523 lost their lives in the longest conflict Australia was involved in during the 20th Century,” Minister Keogh said.  “This was a war that was at times contentious at home, and for some veterans their service not recognised as it should have been.  More.....
09 January
US $800B Aircraft Carrier Is Finally Ready For Action | Russia Is Shocked
One in every four aircraft carriers in the world belongs to the US and the total combined deck space of American aircraft carriers is more than double that of all other nations combined.  When it comes to aircraft carriers, the US is unmatched. And the new 17-billion-dollar USS Gerald Ford Supercarrier would make that even more so, despite efforts of other nations to keep up.  The USS Gerald Ford is the lead of America’s first class of aircraft carriers in over four decades, and its deployment is something more than the usual17-billion-dollar USS Gerald Ford meet the new American flagship – it is an introduction of the world to the next generation of aircraft carriers.

09 January
What Did You Do in 2022? - AB Oran Pattison
For AB Oran Pattison, 2022 was defined by visiting international partners, seeing the world, and helping locals through Operation Flood Assist.  We're ready to dig into 2023 - visiting more friends and helping more people in need.

05 January
LEUT Hugh Randall Syme GC GM and Bar
It was 2:55am when the phone rang in the lodging room on Half Moon Street, London W1. Outside it was bitterly cold; the frost was giving a crisp and deepening coating to the slush of dirty snow in the street. It was barely any warmer in the room where the man reached out his arm from under the bed covers to pick up the handset. He propped himself on one elbow and grunted an acknowledgement into the mouthpiece.

A voice at the other end said, ‘Birmingham’s taking a hammering and Jerry has dropped parachute mines all over the place, a dozen of which haven’t gone off… yet. Get your bag of tools, a car has been organised for you.’

So started the day of 12 December 1940, for Sub-Lieutenant Hugh Syme of the Royal Australian Naval Volunteer Reserve. Other naval officers were receiving similar calls which resulted in a rendezvous of 8 officers and 14 men, spread across seven cars, congregating at the White Hart in St Albans. The plan was to breakfast there and, once everyone had arrived and eaten, move in convoy northwards to Birmingham.

It is doubtful that Syme’s churning stomach would have allowed him to eat much. This was the 37 year-old’s first job since joining Rendering Mines Safe (RMS), a specialist unit within the Royal Navy.

Hugh Randall Syme (1903-1965), naval officer, bomb disarmer and newspaper proprietor, was born on 20 February 1903 at Kew, Melbourne, third child of Australian-born parents John Herbert Syme, journalist, and his wife Ethel Maud, née King. David Syme, founder of the Melbourne Age newspaper, was his grandfather. Educated at Scotch College and the University of Melbourne, Hugh rose to become assistant-manager of the family business.

A keen yachtsman and part-owner of the 82-footer (25 m) Westwind, he volunteered for service in the Royal Australian Navy and was appointed probationary Sub-Lieutenant, Royal Australian Naval Volunteer Reserve, on 1 September 1940.

His story is continued in our Heroes section:
05 January
New in 2023: Here comes the first-ever surface drone fleet
Send in the sea drones!
Er, or the “unmanned surface vehicles,” in the preferred Big Navy nomenclature.  Either way, 2023 should see the sea service stand up its first ever unmanned surface fleet by the end of the summer.  While the Navy and the U.S. military in general spent much of 2022 focused on the European theater following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, not to mention the whole China situation, the Navy’s drone arm has been quietly hard at work in the Middle Eastern waters of U.S. 5th Fleet testing and developing all types of drone platforms.  More.....
05 January
New Guided Weapons a significant boost for national security
The Albanese Government is boosting Australia’s ability to deter potential threats to national security by substantially increasing the Australian Defence Force’s guided weapons and explosive ordnance stocks.  Defence has signed a contract with Kongsberg to deliver the Naval Strike Missile (NSM), which will be employed on the Hobart Class destroyers and Anzac Class frigates, replacing the ageing Harpoon anti-ship missile on those ships from 2024.  The NSM contains leading-edge technology that will provide Royal Australian Navy ships with a powerful maritime strike capability.  More.....
04 January
Submarines and nuclear umbrellas
Late in 2022—a year of war, pandemic, climatic disaster and attempted nuclear coercion—a number of news outlets published a photograph of a rare event.  True, the photograph was of particular interest to only a small range of viewers:  those with an unwholesome fixation on strategic nuclear arsenals.  It showed a US Ohio-class ballistic missile submarine (SSBN), USS Tennessee, on the surface alongside a British Vanguard-class SSBN, somewhere in the Atlantic.  Ballistic missile submarines (colloquially called ‘boomers’) from different nations surfacing alongside each other is extremely unusual.  But the photo, taken on 22 November during joint training, also included a helicopter apparently conducting anti-submarine warfare (ASW) and a low-flying E-6B Mercury aircraft.  More.....
03 January
Recipe for taking the music to sea
After serving as a Navy chef since 2019, things were starting to cool down for Able Seaman Utibe (Daniel) Ekpe, who became an enthusiastic musical participant in this year’s ADF Arts for Recovery, Resilience, Teamwork and Skills (ARRTS) program.  Able Seaman Ekpe, originally from Nigeria, had joined the Navy as a chef on the advice of his Australian parents, based on his previous working background.  “All my jobs had been in food service, working as a butcher, in the fruit markets and as a kitchen hand,” Able Seaman Ekpe said.  More.....
02 January
Chinese Fighter Intercepts U.S. Air Force R-135 Over South China Sea
A People’s Liberation Army - Navy J-11 fighter pilot performed an unsafe maneuver during an intercept of a U.S. Air Force RC-135 aircraft, which was lawfully conducting routine operations over the South China Sea in international airspace. US Indo-Pacific Command Video

01 January
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January Edition.....
01 January
Happy New Year
To all our members and families, we wish you a safe, healthy and happy 2023.
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