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  30 July
MMHN July 2021 Update
Greetings July 2021 MMHN Update contents: (Click on the headings below for specific items, or scroll down for the full Update) 1. CSIRO – Research in a Maritime Industry 2. Australian Heritage Council (AHC) appointment 3. Indigenous Maritime Heritage – Your help is sought! 4. Blue Economy Cooperative Research Centre 5. History Council of Victoria (HCV) – Diverse Maritime Heritage Research 6. Boating Industry Australia – long overdue recognition 7. Piers under threat 8. Parks Victoria – neglect of maritime… Read More...
30 July
Spy ship spotted - 7 News
An uninvited guest at our war games has come extremely close to
Australian and US ships off the Queensland Coast.
30 July
Australian and US ships rendezvous for replenishment - Talisman Sabre 2021
Royal Australian Navy destroyer HMAS Brisbane and the United States Navy replenishment oiler USNS Rappahannock rendezvoused in the Coral Sea to conduct a core navy-to-navy evolution - a Replenishment at Sea (RAS) during Exercise Talisman Sabre 2021 (TS21).
30 July
Royal Australian Navy Band Caps & Patches
This year, the Royal Australian Navy Band has been provisioned with new Disruptive Pattern Navy Uniform (DPNU) ball caps and shoulder patches displaying the official RAN Band Badge, Musician rate insignia and unit motto ‘Serving in Harmony’.
30 July
Sydney returns home
HMAS Sydney today returned to Garden Island, Sydney, following a four-and-a-half month deployment to the United States and Canada in which she qualified for operational duty.   While away, the crew of Navy’s third and final Hobart-class destroyer conducted combat system sea qualification trials, including weapons firings off the US west coast and integrated sonar suite trials, sailing from Nanoose Bay, Canada.  Sydney passed the tests and now joins her sister ships Hobart and Brisbane as being ready for operational deployment.  More.....
29 July
Exercise Talisman Sabre 21 brings a new meaning to “Salty Sea Dogs”
Not to be outdone by their human handlers, even Australian Defence Force working dogs are finding their sea legs on board HMAS Canberra.  During Canberra’s lead-up exercise to Exercise Talisman Sabre 21 (TS21), police dogs from Alpha Company, 1 Military Police (MP) Battalion caused quite a stir wherever they strolled on ship.  MP soldiers attached to Canberra’s crew use the maritime exercises to practice inserting ashore via ship and aircraft.  This includes K9 specialists Privates Alex Penfold, with German Shephard Bodie, and Beata Wawrzynowicz, with her Belgian Malinois Azura.  More.....
28 July
‘Ghost Fleet’ Hulls Moving Toward Completely Unmanned Operations
The pair of Ghost Fleet ships the Navy and the Pentagon’s Strategic Capabilities Office are using as testbeds to prove large autonomous vessels can operate effectively at sea are slowly moving toward completely unmanned operations.  Unlike the medium unmanned surface vessel demonstrators Sea Hunter and Sea Hawk, the much larger converted off-shore oil and gas support vessels have yet to cross the threshold of operating with no one aboard, Capt. Pete Small, Navy Program Manager for USVs, told an audience at AUVSI’s unmanned defense conference on Tuesday.  More.....
28 July
New ground for survey ship
In a first, personnel from Navy hydrographic survey ship HMAS Melville laid two inert minefields as part of Exercise Talisman Sabre 21 (TS21).  Melville’s core capability is military survey and geospatial intelligence gathering.  Executive Officer Melville Lieutenant Commander Adrian Eddy said laying mines required innovation and adaptability from the crew, who were learning the intricacies of mine-laying operations for the first time.  More.....
28 July
Ship's CO leads the way in the galley
There's an old adage in the Royal Australian Navy:  a well fed crew is a happy crew.  This was certainly the case recently when Commanding Officer HMAS Brisbane Commander Aaron Cox donned a chef’s hat, strolled into the galley and prepared a favourite midnight meal for the ship’s on-coming and off-going watchkeepers.  Comprising a slice of golden toasted bread, a sliver of ham, melted cheese, poached egg and a sprinkle of pepper, the classic ‘hammy, cheesy, eggy’ was ready to devour.  More.....
27 July
Submarines add extra layer of realism on Talisman Sabre
Beneath the impressive amphibious landings and multi-national fleet manoeuvres lurked an unseen menace, keeping sailors on their toes during Exercise Talisman Sabre 21 (TS21).  Royal Australian Navy submarines HMA Ships Collins and Rankin were on the prowl to disrupt surface-ship operations during a series of attack and interdiction missions.  A United States submarine also contributed to the sub-surface training scenario.  More.....
27 July

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27 July
Australia pauses for Korean Veterans’ Day
Sixty-eight years ago on 27th July, the Korean War Armistice was signed, marking the end of a three year conflict.  Of the more than 17,000 Australians who fought, some 340 lost their lives to defend South Korea, over 1,216 were wounded and 29 became prisoners of war.  Minister for Veterans’ Affairs and Minister for Defence Personnel Andrew Gee said during the war, Australian Defence Forces served as part of a multi-nation force with the United Nations Command.  More.....
26 July
U.K. Carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth Now on the Edge of the South China Sea
The Queen Elizabeth Carrier Strike Group is making its way into the South China Sea with some ships already there ahead of carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth (R08).  The strike group has partially disaggregated into different elements following the conclusion of Exercise Konkan with the Indian Navy, held from 21 to 22 July in the Bay of Bengal.  The U.K. Carrier Strike Group CSG 21 includes Type 23 anti-submarine frigates HMS Richmond (F239) and HMS Kent (F78); Type 45 guided-missile destroyer HMS Defender (D36); Royal Fleet Auxiliary’s RFA Fort Victoria (A387) and RFA Tidespring (A136) ; U.S. destroyer USS The Sullivans (DDG-68); Dutch frigate HNLMS Evertsen (F805); and the nuclear attack boat HMS Artful (S121). U.S. Marine Corps Fighter Attack Squadron (VMFA) 211 is embarked with the air group along with the Royal Air Force’s 617 Squadron “The Dambusters”.  More.....
26 July
Working with uniform Navy personnel on the CEDP
Current and previous graduates and DGENG-N (Director General Engineering - Navy) talk about the benefits of joining the Civilian Engineer Development Program (CEDP).
26 July
CEDP skills and highlights
Current and previous graduates and DGENG-N (Director General Engineering - Navy) talk about the benefits of joining the Civilian Engineer Development Program (CEDP).
26 July
Why apply for the CEDP?
Current and previous graduates and DGENG-N (Director General Engineering - Navy) talk about the benefits of joining the Civilian Engineer Development Program (CEDP).
26 July
Close-combat skills honed within ship
Peering through the scope of his F88 rifle, Leading Seaman William Lete and his team in HMAS Brisbane entered a compartment to clear the space of potential threats.  This was part of the training for the quick-response force and boarding party, duties most commonly undertaken by boatswains mates who specialise in weapons handling.  As part of their training, Brisbane’s boatswains mates conducted high-intensity serials in darkness, including compartment entries, room clearances and close-combat behaviours using the F88, 870P shotgun and Browning Mark II pistol.  More.....
26 July
Long way to a top achievement
Like many musicians in the Royal Australian Navy Band, Able Seaman Donna Chung has a diverse background.  Able Seaman Chung was born in Hong Kong, raised in Melbourne, and lived and studied in Europe.  After taking up the oboe at age nine, Able Seaman Chung studied international music throughout her teens.  She later was a student at the Victorian College of the Arts where she engaged in high-level chamber music and solo performances at major Australian concert venues, graduating with a Bachelor of Music Performance (Honours) in 2011.  But that was just the start.  More.....
25 July
Frigate forms part of amphibious training
As an Anzac class frigate, HMAS Ballarat is designed for, and ready to fight in, the ‘blue water’ domain of the high seas.  Exercise Talisman Sabre 21 (TS21) has provided an opportunity to test how she can contribute to amphibious operations, too.  Using a mixture of Navy Rigid-Hulled Inflatable Boats (RHIB) and Army Zodiac small craft to approach the vessel, 2RAR soldiers practiced embarking and disembarking using rope ladders to access the uppermost decks.  More.....
25 July
Communications Centre keeps pulse on HMAS Brisbane
It is the heart of the ship – the centre where information flows between ships sailing together.  The Communications Centre is among the most important compartments on board and is manned by personnel like Able Seaman Tamara Shingles, whose role is pivotal to her ship’s readiness to fight.  Able Seaman Shingles is a Communications and Information Systems (CIS) sailor aboard Hobart-class destroyer HMAS Brisbane on Exercise Talisman Sabre 21 (TS21).  More.....
24 July
Navies unite on Talisman Sabre 21
Five navies have united off Australia’s eastern coast to sail in formation during Exercise Talisman Sabre (TS21).  Warships from Australia, Canada, Japan, South Korea and the US came together off the coast of Queensland to showcase their ability to operate as a single force and put their collective mariner skills to the test.  Among the combined fleet was Australian destroyer HMAS Brisbane.  Commanding Officer Brisbane Commander Aaron Cox said the formation sail was a display of interoperability, common goals and interests and camaraderie.  More.....
23 July
Camcopter has eyes in the sky during Talisman Sabre
Apart from an MH-60R helicopter, HMAS Ballarat also carries an S-100 Schiebel Camcopter, an unmanned aerial vehicle that offers enhanced surveillance capability at sea.  A small detachment from 822X Squadron at the Royal Australian Navy’s Fleet Air Arm is conducting trials with the 3.1-m long rotorcraft as part of Exercise Talisman Sabre (TS21).  More.....
23 July
Managing risk in the submarine transition: Is there a Plan B?
In my last post, I looked at the latest information on the life-of-type extension program for the Royal Australian Navy’s Collins-class submarines.  That’s essentially Defence’s strategic risk mitigator for its long submarine transition.  But it’s part and parcel of Plan A, the current plan.  It’s not an alternative or a Plan B.  Let’s look at what we’ve learned about possible Plan Bs for submarine capability that the government and Defence might be considering.  More.....
22 July
Carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth Drills with Indian Navy Ahead of More Pacific Exercises
The British aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth (RO8) and its carrier strike group carried out a two-day exercise called Exercise Konkan with the Indian Navy from July 21 to 22 in the Bay of Bengal.  The exercise was designed to hone the ability of the two navies to operate together in the maritime domain, according to an Indian Ministry of Defence release.  The exercise included anti-submarine warfare, anti-air and anti-surface warfare drills.  More.....
22 July
Vietnamese Naval Ships arrive in Vladivostok for Russian Navy Day
Vietnamese naval ships arrived in Vladivostok in the Russian Far East to take part in the celebrations of Russia’s Navy Day, the press office of the Russian Pacific Fleet reported on Thursday (Jul 22).  “Two missile frigates of the Vietnamese Navy, the Tran Hung Dao and the Kuang Chung, have arrived in Vladivostok to take part in the celebration of Navy Day.  The warships have entered the Zolotoi Rog Bay and are assuming their positions in the parade formation with the help of the tugs of the Pacific Fleet,” the press office said in a statement.  More.....
22 July
Sailors killed in WWII mine accident remembered
Two men believed to have been the first service personnel killed on Australian soil as a result of enemy action during World War II have been remembered.  A memorial service was held on July 16 at Beachport for Royal Australian Navy able seamen Thomas W Todd and William E L Danswan, who were killed on July 14, 1941, near the South Australian town when a sea mine exploded while they were attempting to render it safe.  More.....
22 July
Evacuation assistance recognised
Leading Seaman Medic Abbey-Rose Yeomans has been recognised for her efforts in helping an evacuated member of the public from Mallacoota during the 2020 bushfires.  She was presented with the annual Scope Australia “See the Person” award and a painting for assisting their client Howard Mackieson.  Scope is a provider of disability support services that encourages the wider community to see beyond disabilities.  More.....
21 July
Inspiring Indigenous students in the Top End
Students and chaperones from remote Northern Territory communities got inspired during a visit to a recent Navy Indigenous Development Program (NIDP) graduation.  Chief Petty Officer Tony Thomas is the Navy Community Engagement Program Coordinator in the Northern Territory.  He said a decade of building trust and relationships in remote communities was rewarding and important.  “Opportunities have been made possible by working closely with Defence Indigenous Affairs through the Community Engagement Program,” Chief Petty Officer Thomas said.  More.....
21 July
Talisman Sabre 2021 - Live Fire Mission
Participants in Talisman Sabre 21 conducted a live fire activity at Shoalwater Bay Training Area, incorporating different weapons systems from land, air, sea and cyber systems.
20 July
Act now to defend against vicious cybercriminals
Cybercriminals are targeting Australians at an unprecedented level to steal sensitive information and money, including through business email compromise and ransomware attacks.  Launching the next stage of the ‘Act Now Stay Secure’ cyber security campaign, Assistant Minister for Defence, the Hon Andrew Hastie MP, said the consequences of cybercrime can be catastrophic for businesses, families, and individuals.  More.....
20 July
UK Carrier Strike Group To Conduct Exercise With Indo-Pacific Partners
On a visit to US Indo-Pacific Command (INDOPACOM) in Hawaii, UK Defence Secretary Ben Wallace met with the Commander Admiral John C Aquilino and announced that the UK Carrier Strike Group will undertake a series of multinational exercises with global allies in the Philippine Sea this August.  Operating alongside Naval and Air Forces from the United States, Australia, France, Japan, New Zealand and the Republic of Korea, the UK Carrier Strike Group will undertake a number of integration exercises designed to build interoperability between like-minded international partners in this globally significant region of the world.  The HMS Queen Elizabeth led Strike Group will operate with a US Carrier Strike Group, which combined, will be the largest concentration of F-35 jets anywhere in the world.  More.....
20 July
PLA Navy's newest Type 052D Destroyer "Suzhou" 132
China Central Television (CCTV7) published a video of China’s newest Type 052DL class destroyer, Suzhou 132.  It shows the interior, mainmast, engine room, flight deck ops, amongst others.
20 July
Gunfire exercise on board HMAS Ballarat - Talisman Sabre 2021
19 July
Weapons unleashed in powerful demonstration
A pair of shells flew over the water and slammed into Townshend Island within the Shoalwater Bay Training Area on the afternoon of July 18.  At sea, the five-inch guns of HMAS Ballarat and USS Rafael Peralta unleashed a further barrage of rounds, beginning the Exercise Talisman Sabre 2021 firepower demonstration.  The bombardment didn’t relent as HMAS Parramatta and Japanese destroyer JS Makinami opened fire with guns of their own.  More.....
19 July
Officer’s US training brought to bear at Talisman Sabre
The knowledge gained from learning a powerful maritime weapons system while on exchange with the US Navy has been a significant benefit to Lieutenant Nick Adriaanse during Exercise Talisman Sabre (TS21).  Hailing from Petersborough, SA, the deputy weapons electrical engineering officer (DWEEO) spent several years in the US learning about the Aegis Combat System, a computer and radar capability that provides an advanced air defence to engage enemy aircraft and missiles.  More.....
19 July
National day of commemoration consultation
Australia joined its allies in the Middle East after the 9/11 terrorist attacks in the United States.  On 11 July 2021, I confirmed that after twenty years, all Australian Defence Force (ADF) personnel had departed Afghanistan, bringing our nation’s longest war to a close.  A national day of Commemoration will now be established to ensure that we, as a nation, formally recognise the service and sacrifice of Defence personnel and their families who helped to save Australian lives from terrorist attacks on our own soil.  More.....
18 July
Expeditionary Strike Group 7 arrives for Talisman Sabre 21
The forward-deployed ships of Expeditionary Strike Group (ESG) 7, along with the 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit, arrive off the coast of Australia in preparation for the biennial bilateral exercise Talisman Sabre 21 (TS21), 16 July.  Led by the Australian Defence Force (ADF), TS21 is a large-scale, exercise between Australia and the U.S. to strengthen the military to military alliance and enhance our collective capabilities to respond to a wide array of potential security concerns.  More.....
17 July
An Australian first!
The U.S. Army MIM-104 Patriot surface-to-air missile has been successfully fired on Australian soil for the first time during Exercise TalismanSabre 2021.
15 July
U.S. Navy’s Virginia Class Submarines To Get 76% More Firepower
Quantity has a quality all of its own. And when the quality relates to U.S. Navy missiles, having more of them is inevitably a massive increase in capabilities.  The latest Block V Virginia Class submarine will greatly increase the number of missiles which can be carried.  In effect this will make it a cruise missile submarine (SSGN).  Yet it will not take away from this otherwise flexible anti-ship, anti-submarine, intelligence and special forces platform.  More.....
15 July
Managing risk in the submarine transition: the latest on the Collins life-of-type extension
The Royal Australian Navy is in the early stages of a long transition that is notable for its strategic risk.  Both its core surface and subsurface combat fleets are ageing but are planned to be replaced by vessels that are still in the design phase and are years away from entering service.  Many commentators have remarked on the capability risk presented by replacement schedules that are better suited to an era of strategic stability rather than our current one of growing instability and uncertainty.  Not only does the current plan not increase capability for a decade or more, but it also provides little margin for error in simply avoiding a capability gap as the existing fleets age out.  More.....
14 July
The RAN BAND Melbourne performed today at HMAS Cerberus as part of their free Soundwaves concert series.  Members of the local community enjoyed the musical performance under the direction of Band Officer LEUT David Coit RAN who in keeping with the Circus theme for the afternoon was dressed as the obligatory circus clown.  Enjoy this short video clip featuring vocalist LSMUSN Tracy Kennedy.
14 July
Signals school marks milestone
The Defence Force School of Signals – Maritime Communication Information Systems Wing (DFSS-MCISW) marked 100 years of communications training at HMAS Cerberus on July 1.  Despite COVID-19 travel restrictions, Commandant of the Defence Command Support Training Centre Colonel Ed Wunsch was able to attend the celebrations and reviewed the wing's parade.  More.....
14 July
Chinese spy ship returns to waters off Queensland ahead of Defence's largest war-fighting exercise
The Australian military is closely tracking a high-tech Chinese surveillance ship making its way towards Queensland ahead of large-scale military exercises which begin this week.  Defence sources have told the ABC the auxiliary general intelligence (AGI) vessel Tianwangxing (which translates as "Uranus") is scheduled to arrive on Friday.  More.....
13 July
Lawmakers Survey: 94% of Sailors Say ‘Damaging Operational Failures’ Related to Navy Culture, Leadership Problems
The U.S. Navy’s surface warfare community is weighed with a culture that values administrative chores over training to fight, ship commanders that are micromanaged and an aversion to risk, according to a new survey overseen by a retired Navy admiral and Marine general at the behest of a group of Republican lawmakers.  That culture was at least partially responsible for a string “of high-profile and damaging operational failures in the Navy’s Surface Warfare community,” the report found.  More.....
13 July
Three Aircraft Carriers Meet Up in the Gulf of Aden
The Queen Elizabeth (UK) and Ronald Reagan carrier strike groups (CSG), alongside the Iwo Jima amphibious ready group (ARG), conducted a large scale joint interoperability exercise in the Gulf of Aden, July 12.  The combined, bilateral surface, air and sub-surface exercise was designed to enhance UK, Dutch and U.S. maritime interoperability and demonstrate naval integration through a series of training scenarios.  More.....
12 July
Navy Denies Chinese Forces Chased Away Destroyer During FONOP
The U.S. Navy has denied China’s claim that its military chased an American warship out of the South China Sea.  The statement from the Navy comes after one of its guided-missile destroyers performed a freedom of navigation operation in the South China Sea on Monday.  The People’s Liberation Army claimed it “drove away” USS Benfold (DDG-65), according to a Reuters report.  More.....
12 July
Navies showcase combined capability
Warships from Australia, Japan, South Korea and the US successfully completed Exercise Pacific Vanguard on July 9, the first time the annual quadrilateral event had been held in Australian waters.  Previous iterations of the exercise, which involves high-end warfighting training serials such as live firings, surface warfare, anti-submarine warfare and ship-to-ship communications, have been held in the Pacific Ocean around Guam.  More.....
11 July
Talisman Sabre 2021 ADF Director Message
10 July
Royal Marines head on training raids in Australia
Royal Marines have carried out raids on sun-scorched beaches in North Queensland at the beginning of a busy deployment alongside allies in Australia.  Bravo Company of Taunton-based 40 Commando landed from helicopter carrier HMAS Canberra – flagship of the Royal Australian Navy – alongside troops of the 2nd Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment, in the Cowley Beach Training Area, nearly 10,000 miles away from their Somerset home.  More.....
10 July
HMS Queen Elizabeth Enters Middle East After Suez Canal Transit; Carrier Eisenhower Now in Atlantic
British aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth (R08) and its escorts are now operating in the Red Sea after transiting the Suez Canal on Tuesday, according to U.K. officials.  The carrier passed through the canal as part of the 28-week maiden deployment of the carrier with an air wing made up of both Royal Air Force and U.S. Marine F-35B Lighting II Joint Strike Fighters, the strike group announced.  More.....
09 July
Ex Pacific Vanguard starts with a bang
Exercise Pacific Vanguard started with a bang this week after warships from Australia, Japan, South Korea and the US converged on the East Australian Exercise Area (EAXA).  HMAS Brisbane, Japan’s Maritime Self-Defence Force ship JS Makinami, South Korea’s Navy ship ROKS Wang Geon, and US Navy ship USS Rafael Peralta took part in a firing exercise that included some of the most advanced surface-to-air missiles available.  More.....
09 July
Shining a light on cultural awareness
Leading Seaman Breanna Jacobs-Rochford was a long way from home when she recently attended the 150th Coming of the Light festival on Erub Island.  Held on July 1, the festival celebrates the arrival of Christianity in the Torres Strait and people from the islands congregated on Erub Island for the festivities.  More.....
09 July
Tigerfish tests warfighting proficiency of aircrews
Navy’s submarine-hunting and anti-surface warfare helicopters have successfully completed Exercise Tigerfish, proving the warfighting proficiency of aircrews from No. 816 Squadron.  MH-60R Seahawk helicopters from the Nowra-based squadron dropped recoverable exercise torpedos and fired precision air-to-ground missiles and rockets at various surface and sub-surface training targets off the eastern coast, in order to practice, develop and demonstrate their ability to employ weapons system against realistic targets.  More.....
08 July
Navies prove strength in numbers
Warships from Australia, Japan, South Korea and the US have joined forces to conduct a series of high-end warfighting activities for five days.  Royal Australian Navy destroyer HMAS Brisbane is working alongside the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force destroyer JS Makinami, the South Korea Navy destroyer Wang Geon and the United States Navy destroyer USS Rafael Peralta.  More.....
08 July
Watson's gift to zoo
Members from HMAS Watson turned trash into treasure recently by donating unused battle ropes, tyres and logs to animals at Taronga Zoo.  The donation was part of the base’s initiative to minimise waste and become leaders in waste reduction and sustainability. 
The delighted zookeepers said the equipment played an important part in providing enrichment activities, which were essential for the health and wellbeing of animals in captivity.  More.....
07 July
Ships’ history at a click
If you're racking your brain trying to remember the details of something that happened at sea in the past 40 years, the Naval History Section’s online profiles are probably the best place to start looking.  Although they recently published their 400th ship profile – of HMAS Pirie II – the team isn��t resting on their laurels. They have hundreds more to compile and publish.  The team’s senior historian, Petar Djokovic, said the profiles did more than just list ships’ major events during their service.  More.....
07 July
Our June Navy Hero:
Rear Admiral Leighton Seymour Bracegirdle KVCO, CGM, DSO, RAN

Leighton Seymour Bracegirdle was born on 31 May 1881 at Balmain, New South Wales, son of Frederick Bracegirdle, an English-born master mariner, and his wife Sarah Elizabeth, née Drewe. He was educated at Sydney High School and became a clerk. In August 1898 he joined the New South Wales Naval Brigade (Naval Militia) as a Cadet, was promoted Midshipman two years later and in 1900-01, during the Boxer Rebellion, served with the New South Wales contingent to the China Field Force. Next year he saw action in the South African War as a Lieutenant in the South Africa Irregular Horse; once he narrowly escaped death when he was shot by a sniper after being thrown from his horse.

After the war Bracegirdle resumed work as a clerk, remained in the naval militia and on 19 December 1910 married Lilian Anne Saunders at St Philip's Anglican Church, Sydney. He joined the Royal Australian Navy as a Lieutenant in 1911 and was District Officer at Newcastle until World War I. In August 1914 he enlisted in the Australian Naval and Military Expeditionary Force (ANMEF), served as a Staff Officer in the seizure and occupation of German New Guinea and in November was made Acting Lieutenant Commander. The ANMEF was disbanded on 18 February 1915 and later that month Bracegirdle was appointed Commander of the First Royal Australian Naval Bridging Train.
His full story can be found on our Heroes section:
07 July
Centenary of RAN Communications Training at HMAS Cerberus

06 July
Celebrating NAIDOC Week and indigenous veterans
AUSTRALIANS are encouraged to pause and remember the legacy and valuable contribution of Australia’s First Nations’ service men and women this NAIDOC Week.  NAIDOC Week, held from 4 - 11 July, is a national celebration of the world’s oldest living cultures and highlights the strengths and contributions of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to our country and culture.  More.....
06 July
Festival marks 150 years of Christianity in Torres Strait
Navy personnel celebrated the Coming of the Light in the Torres Strait Islands on July 1.  This year marks 150 years of the Coming of the Light, an important part of the Torres Strait Islands' Culture, recognising the adoption of Christianity in communities during the late 19th century.  Navy Indigenous Adviser Lieutenant Commander Sam Sheppard said it was a privilege for Navy to be a part of the significant anniversary.  More.....
05 July
Foreign warships in Sydney for exercise
Three foreign warships have berthed at Garden Island, Sydney, for a contactless, COVIDSafe port visit, ahead of regional quadrilateral exercise, Pacific Vanguard.  The ships from Japan, South Korea and the United States entered Sydney Heads accompanied by HMAS Brisbane.  Personnel in Japanese Ship Makinami, Republic of Korea Ship Wang Geon and USS Rafael Peralta will be able to access a controlled quarantine area beside their ships, but will have no interaction with Australian personnel.  More.....
03 July
Former French mayor Dr Patrick Simon honoured
As a lasting legacy to a man who has done so much to preserve the memory of Australian First World War veterans and for Franco-Australian relations, former Mayor of Villers-Bretonneux, Dr Patrick Simon AO, has had a room dedicated in his name at the Sir John Monash Centre (SJMC).  Secretary of the Department of Veterans’ Affairs Liz Cosson AM CSC, said this is a fitting tribute at the centre of Australia’s Anzac Centenary legacy on the Western Front, the SJMC.  More.....
02 July
Navy tests drones in man overboard trials
The Royal Navy is testing drones to help rescue sailors who fall overboard.  Remotely-piloted systems which locate personnel in the water, drop life-saving equipment and hover over the location until rescuers arrive have been tested extensively by Royal Navy tech experts on Horsea Island and at sea.  More.....
02 July
Indexation of rates 1 July 2021
From 1 July 2021, the Income Free Areas and Assets Value Limits used to calculate rates of income support pensions under the Veterans’ Entitlement Act 1986 (VEA) will rise.  The amount of income (per fortnight) an income support pensioner may receive before their pension is reduced under the income test: Details.....
02 July
Inquiry into unit recognition for ADF service in Somalia
Call for submissions

The Defence Honours and Awards Appeals Tribunal has been directed to inquire into and report on recognition for Australian Defence Force units that served in Somalia between 1992 and 1995.

In particular, the Tribunal is to examine relevant evidence and consider whether it is appropriate that any Australian units that served in Somalia between 1992 and 1995 be awarded a Meritorious Unit Citation, or another form of further recognition for service.

In doing so, the Tribunal is to have regard to the eligibility criteria for the Meritorious Unit Citation, as set out in the Unit Citations Regulations, or other relevant Regulations.

The Tribunal is to report, in writing, to the Minister for Defence Personnel on the findings and recommendations that arise from the inquiry.

Submissions to the Tribunal close on 31 August 2021, and can be lodged online through the Tribunal’s website. More information about making a submission can be found at.....
02 July
Perth back in the water after upgrades
Anzac-class frigate HMAS Perth was back in the water on July 1.  She was lowered out of the dry dock at the Australian Marine Complex at Henderson, Western Australia, after completion of upgrades to her radar capabilities, communications systems and crew-habitable areas, which are a major part of the Anzac Midlife Capability Assurance Program.  Commanding Officer Perth Commander Anthony Nagle said the complexity of the manoeuvres to get her back in the water required precise coordination.  More.....
02 July
Sailor stoked with career development
A crew member in Australian Defence Vessel Cape Inscription has celebrated some significant milestones – and a birthday – while on patrol in support of Operation Resolute.  Able Seaman Briana Letta joined Cape Inscription in April 2021 after completing her category training at HMAS Cerberus in Victoria. She is a marine technician, a job colloquially known as a stoker.  More.....
02 July
China’s New Super Carrier: How It Compares To The US Navy’s Ford Class
A new aircraft carrier, currently under construction in Shanghai, is the most visible sign of China's rapidly expanding navy.  It is larger than China's current two carriers and differs in key aspects.  But the natural comparison is to the U.S. Navy's latest carriers, the Ford Class.  More.....
01 July
Ballarat celebrates birthday as deployment ends
HMAS Ballarat celebrated its 17th birthday on the day the ship finished its Regional Presence Deployment off the coast of the NT.  Ballarat, which was commissioned on June 26, 2004, has sailed more than 500,000 nautical miles since she entered service, with the latest deployment adding 18,060 to that total.  More.....
01 July
Australians pivotal to Middle East exercise
RAN officers played a small but crucial part in Exercise Artemis Trident in the Middle East recently.  Lieutenant Commander Alexandra Rayner and Petty Officer Damien Baum played a pivotal role in planning the mine counter-measures (MCM) exercise and providing subject matter expertise.  Exercise Artemis Trident took place ashore and in the waters of the Arabian Gulf in late May.  More.....
01 July
Navies on board with sharing despite COVID-19
During HMAS Parramatta’s recent port visit to Brunei, members of the ship’s boarding party shared their skills virtually with their counterparts from the Royal Brunei Navy.  The virtual meeting at the end of May during a three-day logistics visit provided the teams the opportunity to share information and learn from each other about boarding operations.  More.....
01 July

A periodical of the Fleet Air Arm Association of Australia.
01 July
Murder, Mutiny and Political Controversy in the Royal Australian Navy
Victorian Chapter of the Naval Historical Society of Australia's presentation by Robert Hadler.

Robert’s presentation is based around his two books – “Dark Secrets, A true Story of Murder in HMAS Australia”, which deals with the military, legal and diplomatic fallout arising from a murder in HMAS Australia in March 1942; and his latest book “Mutineers, A True Story of Heroes and Villains”, which deals with the complex military, political and diplomatic issues behind the 1919 mutiny in HMAS Australia I and its aftermath, plus the personal and sometimes tragic human-interest story about the five young mutineers.
01 July
Delivering amphibious forces - Exercise Sea Explorer
01 July
HMAS Ballarat committed to Indo-Pacific maritime security
01 July
Students taste military life with Defence Work Experience Program

01 July
HMAS Ballarat concludes regional deployment
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23 Jul – Recruit School Graduation

31 Jul – The Cube concert Wodonga – RAN Jazz ensemble

04 Aug – Soundwaves concert

08 Aug – Op Pedestal service

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25 Aug - Soundwaves Concert

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29 Aug - N' Class Destroyers Service

29 Aug - Fleet Air Arm Association Memorial Service

31 Aug - Korean Veterans Service

01 Sep - Battle for Australia Memorial Service

03 Sep - Merchant Navy Day Service

08 Sep - Soundwaves concert

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