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30 Nov 2015 'Answering the Call' statue unveiling at the Port of Melbourne
I commence my address by remembering and saluting the naval service and the life’s work of the late LCDR Mackenzie J Gregory, the former President of the Naval Heritage Foundation.  It is very good to have Mac’s family with us for this unveiling of his legacy.  “Mac” started at the RAN College as a Cadet Midshipman in 1936.  He survived the sinking of HMAS Canberra and was aboard HMAS Shropshire in Tokyo Bay when the surrender was signed in 1945.  More.....
30 Nov 2015 Statement on the use of mefloquine in the ADF
Defence would like to reassure past and present members of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) who might be concerned about recent media reports on the use of the anti-malarial drug mefloquine (also known by its trade name LariamTM).  The health and well-being of our people is our highest priority.  Our duty of care responsibility is one of the reasons why there is a range of preventative health options available for personnel deploying to malaria affected areas.  More.....
30 Nov 2015 Future Submarine program enters next phase
Evaluation of Australia’s Future Submarine program proposals will now commence with all three potential international partners submitting their proposals in full, Minister for Defence Senator the Hon Marise Payne announced.  “The Government’s Competitive Evaluation Process remains on schedule with Defence receiving submissions from DCNS of France, TKMS of Germany, and the Government of Japan by the 30 November 2015 closing deadline,’’ Senator Payne said.  More.....
30 Nov 2015 HMAS Canberra conducts first Replenishment at Sea during FCP15
Less than one year after its commissioning, HMAS Canberra has conducted its first Replenishment at Sea evolution, in company with HMAS Sirius.  The refuelling evolution was completed as the ships maintained their focus on warfare activities, as a part of Fleet Concentration Period East 15 (FCP East 15).  The refuelling evolution was a challenge for both the navigation and seamanship teams, as the two ships sailed within 60 metres of each other to complete the fuel transfer.  More.....
30 Nov 2015 Review of DVA’s dental and allied health arrangements
Following a commitment in the 2015-16 Budget, the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) has commenced a review into its arrangements covering dental and allied health services provided to DVA clients.  The review is timely given the commencement of the Department of Health’s review into Medicare arrangements also arising from the 2015-16 Budget.  More.....
30 Nov 2015 Defence salutes contribution of employees with disability
Defence marks International Day for People with Disability on 3 December 2015 by celebrating the success of its disability employment programs, such as the Defence Administration Assistance Program (DAAP) and the Defence Intellectual Disability Employment Initiative.  First Assistant Secretary People Services, Richard Oliver, one of Defence’s Disability Champions, said Defence employees with disability helped the department to achieve important outcomes.  More.....
28 Nov 2015 Chief of Navy response to petition – murder of Kate Malonyay
30 November 2015 | On the Record
I am aware of the online petition circulating on social media in relation to the murder of Kate Malonyay. Let me say this:
I was, and remain, appalled at the brutal and violent murder of Kate Malonyay at the hands of Elliott Coulson and I utterly condemn the abuse and violence that ended in her tragic death.
I acknowledge that the decision to support Elliott Coulson’s family with Navy participation in the funeral has caused distress to Ms Malonyay’s family, friends and the wider community. It was not Navy’s intent to cause this distress and, for this, I unreservedly apologise.  More.....
28 Nov 2015 NVN's November newsletter
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28 Nov 2015

Naval Historical Society of Australia (Vic Div) President's Musings
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28 Nov 2015
Navy League of Australia (Vic Div) November newsletter
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27 Nov 2015 Answering The Call
The installation of a bronze statue of a sailor ‘Answering the Call’, on the foreshore adjoining the intersection of Dow Street and Beach Street, Port Melbourne, opposite the site of the former HMAS Lonsdale, unveiled by the Chief of Navy on the 27th November 2015, is a fitting and permanent reminder to residents and visitors to Melbourne of the contribution the Navy in Victoria has made to the defence of our proud country since we became the Commonwealth of Australia in 1901.  The 2 metre statue was unveiled by the Chief of Navy Vice Admiral Tim Barrett AO CSC RAN.  The concept of the 'Answering the Call' was first envisaged over 15 years ago by Don Boyle and LCDR MacKenzie Gregory in an attempt to celebrate the naval presence in the area from the mid 1850s until the 1990s.  Unfortunately Don and MacKenzie have both passed away and were unable to witness the fruits of their labour.  Mac's daughter Jayne took over the helm and with the help of the Naval Heritage Foundation committee ensured their dreams became a reality.
27 Nov 2015 Spirit of Anzac Centenary Experience travelling exhibition open in Bendigo
The Spirit of Anzac Centenary Experience travelling exhibition has officially opened in Bendigo.  The interactive experience includes more than 200 artefacts normally housed at the Australian War Memorial in Canberra.  Bendigo is the fifth location the Spirit of Anzac Centenary Experience has visited since launching in September 2015, with the Bendigo Exhibition Centre hosting the experience from Thursday 26 November – Wednesday 2 December 2015.  More.....
26 Nov 2015 Naval Memorial in Queensland
The Naval Assoc. of Australia (Qld) in conjunction with the F.E.S.R Assoc. (Qld) have approval from the Brisbane City Council to erect a Naval Memorial on the site of an unused plinth at the southern end of the Southbank gardens and opposite the old entrance to the Qld. Maritime Museum. The proposal is to have a two metre high bronze statue depicting a naval rating wearing the uniform of the post W.W. 2 period which encompasses the 50,s and 60,s and wearing the distinctive ''Bell Bottoms''. The site carries very high volumes of pedestrian traffic and it is expected to become the focal point of Naval celebrations for years to come.
The octagonal plinth will,on each panel feature the following: The centre front and main panel will have a blue/grey granite plaque featuring the Navy crest and the Naval Ode with the remaining six (The rear panel is too low and will not be used) will carry plaques commemorating the history of the R.A.N. since Federation. I.E....W.W.1, W.W.2, Korea, F.E.S.R, Vietnam, Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan, East Timor and Peace Keeping Operations. These will be done in bronze and carry the names of ALL participating units of the R.A.N. involved. Unfortunately,due to the huge number of ships that served in W.W. 2., that particular plaque will feature battle honours.
Beside applying for various grants we have embarked on two fund raising ventures. The first through Business, Industry, E.S.O. ,s and any professional entities. Should any of the above donate $1000.00 or more their names will be placed on plaques which will be mounted on the walls of the stairways leading up to the Memorial park on either sides of the plinth. The second method will be to offer anyone who has served under the White Ensign and donates $200.00 or more their names will be recorded on similar plaques set on the side of the stairway and displayed in perpetuity. This is open to all current and past serving members. Many of our earliest donations have come from families/relatives of those who served but are no longer with us. Though very much a Qld. Memorial we welcome donors Australia wide should they wish to donate to this historic Memorial. As there is NO other singular Naval Memorial of this type in Qld. we feel its impact on the Naval community will be most welcomed.
We welcome all to come on board this defining venture particularly our serving members of the R.A.N.
All inquiries regarding this project should be directed to the Naval Assoc. (Qld) (
P.O. Box No.8301
Brisbane Qld 4102
Tel: (07)3891-3040
26 Nov 2015 Australian resolve turns one
A small team of Australian Defence Force personnel are making a big impression at the Coalition headquarters working with the Government of Iraq to defeat Daesh terrorist forces for Operation OKRA.  For the past year, 15 Australian Army, Navy and Air Force personnel have been embedded within Combined Joint Task Force - Operation INHERENT RESOLVE, located in the Middle East region outside of Iraq.  More.....
26 Nov 2015 Reconciliation in action
A plan to attract and retain more indigenous staff in Defence has been released to support reconciliation and contribute to the national efforts to close the gap in indigenous disadvantage.  Defence Minister Senator Marise Payne launched the Defence Reconciliation Action Plan 2015-2018 at Russell Offices in Canberra in October.  More.....
25 Nov 2015 New Veterans’ Review Board members announced
Minister for Veterans’ Affairs and Minister Assisting the Prime Minister for the Centenary of ANZAC Stuart Robert today announced the Governor-General has appointed 21 new part-time members to the Veterans’ Review Board (VRB).  “The Veterans’ Review Board is an independent tribunal that reviews decisions made by the Department of Veterans’ Affairs and the Repatriation Commission,” Mr Robert said.   More.....
23 Nov 2015 Transcript – Joint Press Conference by Australian Foreign Minister Bishop and Australian Minister for Defence Payne – Australia-Japan 2+2 Consultations

We have a special strategic partnership with Japan and as our meetings yesterday and today evidence we cooperate across the broadest possible spectrum of economic, defence and strategic ties and we have very close people to people links, nurtured through education, cultural, tourism and other ties. We are nations that hold common interests and we agree on the approach that should be taken to so many issues both regionally and globally. We are market economies committed to open and free trade and we are nations that share common values. We are both robust democracies committed to the freedom of our peoples, to the rule of law, to human rights and upholding democratic institutions.  More.....
23 Nov 2015 Young and Old United by Respect
(Article from the Wangaratta Chronicle and sent in by member Robert Bell)
The community's growing involvement in honouring rthose who have served their country in the armed forces continued on Wednesday 11 November, with a large attendance at the Remembrance Day service at the Wangaratta Cenotaph.  For Korean War veteran Clarrie Flentjar, who laid the wreath on behalf of all those who had served and died in that war, the increasing interest from the public in memorial services such as Remembrance Day and Anzac Day was very pleasing.  More.....
23 Nov 2015 Workshops to breed innovation across Navy
Navy’s renewed focus on innovation shifted up a gear when HMAS Penguin in Sydney hosted the first of many workshops to give Navy people the practical skills to come up with innovative ideas and new ways of thinking.  Twenty sailors and officers, ranging from able seaman to lieutenant commander, attended the initial session at Penguin, coordinated by the New Generation Navy program team.  More.....
22 Nov 2015 Koori carnival creates community
Thousands of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander footballers from around Australia converged on Bendigo over 17-18 October for the Koori carnival, an indigenous Australian rules footy competition featuring the first Australian Defence Force indigenous team.  Eighteen men from Army and Navy laced up their boots and took to the field, playing four games against experienced Victorian and New South Wales players.  More.....
22 Nov 2015 ADFA cadets in bus crash (updated information)
On 21 November a Department of Defence bus carrying second year Australian Defence Force Academy personnel was involved in an accident on Sandy Point Road, south of Goulburn in Southern New South Wales.

As advised yesterday, 30 people were treated in medical facilities in NSW and the ACT for a range of injuries resulting from the accident.

As at 9:00 am today, 16 of those people have been discharged from hospital and returned to duty. Fourteen remain in hospital or in military health centres. One person is being treated for very serious injuries and three people are being treated for serious injuries.

For privacy reasons Defence will not provide any further details regarding the injured personnel.

Defence’s priority continues to be the welfare of those affected by this accident. Defence continues to provide a range of support and assistance continues to those involved in the accident, the broader ADFA cadet body and to families of those who were seriously injured.
21 Nov 2015 Statement from the Department of Defence – ADFA cadets in bus crash – 21 November 2015
Just after 10am today, a Department of Defence bus carrying Australian Defence Force Academy officer cadets and midshipmen was involved in an accident on Sandy Point Road, south of Goulburn, in Southern New South Wales.

The bus was carrying 50 people, returning to ADFA from a military training exercise. At this stage, 30 people are being treated for a range of injuries, with one suffering very serious injuries and four with serious injuries.

Injured personnel have been transported by air and road to civilian and military hospitals in the region.

For privacy reasons, Defence will not release further information regarding injured personnel.

ADFA’s priority is the welfare of the officer cadets, midshipmen, and their families. Defence is providing support and assistance.

ADFA has briefed other officer cadets and midshipmen at the Academy, and is providing counselling.

We would like to acknowledge the swift response of NSW Police and emergency services to this accident, other people who assisted at the scene and hospital staff who are caring for our people.
21 Nov 2015 ADFA cadets in bus crash
The Department of Defence can confirm that a Defence bus carrying Australian Defence Force Academy officer cadets and midshipmen was involved in an accident this morning on Sandy Point Road, south of Goulburn, in southern New South Wales.  A number of passengers have been injured.  Emergency services are responding.  Defence is in the process of notifying the families of members involved in the accident and will be providing support and assistance.  Defence will provide further information later in the day.
20 Nov 2015 Unravelling a 100-year-old Submarine Mystery
The search for our missing sailors continues.
The ongoing mystery surrounding the loss of Australian submarine AE1 in the early stages of World War One is being carefully, scientifically, stripped bare.  A successful search along the coastal fringe where AE1 was last seen is giving relatives and historians more clues about her fate.  A search team of marine survey experts from IXSurvey Australia, led by one of our former submariners, Rear Admiral Peter Briggs Ret’d has returned to Australia after searching coastal waters near Rabaul, Papua New Guinea.  More.....
AE1 search report 12-17 November.....
20 Nov 2015 Joint exercise fosters cooperation between Australia, China, the US, and New Zealand
Exercise COOPERATION SPIRIT, a humanitarian assistance and disaster relief exercise involving military personnel from Australia, China, the United States and New Zealand, ended today.  The week-long exercise was held at RAAF Base Williamtown, Newcastle, and involved 10 Australian Defence Force personnel, five personnel from the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, four from the United States Pacific Command, and two from the New Zealand Defence Force.  More.....
19 Nov 2015 Navy Captain announced as Telstra Business Woman of the Year
Royal Australian Navy Weapons Electrical Engineering Officer, Captain Mona Shindy has been named the 2015 Telstra Australian Business Woman of the Year.  Currently Director Littoral Warfare and Maritime Support and former head of the Fast Frigate System Program, Captain Shindy was recognised for her excellence in managing multi-million dollar budgets to support the Navy's fleet.  More.....
18 Nov 2015 "Answering The Call"
A dream held by two of the past Presidents of the Naval Historical Society of Australia (Victorian Division) will come to fruition on Friday November 27th at 1000 when our Chief of Navy, Vice Admiral Tim Barrett AO CSC RAN, will unveil and dedicate the bronze statue of the lone sailor, 'Answering the Call'.  The statue is situated on the foreshore at Port Melbourne, opposite Dow Street, and is across the road from the former site of HMAS LONSDALE.  The statue commemorates the men and women of all rates and ranks of our Royal Australian Navy who have served from colonial times, through war and peace, and serve today and in the future.  It also serves as a permanent reminder of Navy's presence in Port Melbourne.  Our sailor is wearing a WWII uniform, in round rig, of 1942 vintage.  He's looking out to sea, towards the entry of Port Phillip Bay at the Rip, no doubt dreaming of adventures to come.

All who joined the RAN at HMAS LONSDALE for the duration of WWII plus 6 months had the prefix PM to their official number.  This PM stood for Port Melbourne and thousands of wartime sailors carried that with them to signify where they had joined the Navy.  With the passage of time, evidence that our Victorian Colonial Navy had a significant presence in this area from 1859 to 1901, the Commonwealth Navy likewise from 1901 to 1911, as did our Royal Australian Navy from 1911 to 1992, had all but disappeared!

The concept of a Naval Memorial at Port Melbourne was envisaged initially by our Past Presidents, Don Boyle and LCDR Mac Gregory' as a 'Navy Square'.  After Don's passing the project transitioned into the 'Answering the Call' concept.  The Naval Heritage Foundation of Australia Inc. was incorporated in January 22nd 2008 and Don and Mac's dream will come to pass this November, nearly 8 years later.  Upon Mac's death, Chairmanship of the Foundation passed to his daughter Jayne.  We express a hearty 'WELL DONE!' to Jayne and her committee upon achieving such a successful outcome.  "Navy's back in Port Melbourne!"
17 Nov 2015 Speech to the Submarine Institute of Australia
The Submarine Institute of Australia is a specialist community of experts who know the business of warfare, the business of submarines, and the importance of maintaining the ability to deliver strategic power where and when it is needed.  So I have two key messages for your association, especially for those of you who are now working on the industry submissions that are to be considered within the context of the competitive evaluation of proposals for the next generation submarine.  More.....
16 Nov 2015 Minister for Defence – ABC AM with Michael Brissenden
Subjects: Paris terrorist attacks, Syria, refugees.
MICHAEL BRISSENDEN: But first, the Paris attacks have raised questions about Australia’s involvement in trying to end the conflict in the Middle East.  So far our involvement has been limited to air strikes, air drops, aid drops, and a small number of Special Forces advising and assisting the Iraqi Army.  Now Malcolm Turnbull says Australians could also play a peacekeeping role in Syria.  For more I’m joined on the line by Defence Minister Marise Payne. Minister, good morning.  More.....
16 Nov 2015 Health survey of recent veterans & ADF personnel closing soon
The Minister for Veterans’ Affairs, Stuart Robert, today encouraged current Australian Defence Force (ADF) members and eligible former members to complete a University of Adelaide survey about the impact of contemporary military service on their health and wellbeing.  More.....
13 Nov 2015 Inquiry into recognition for Far East Prisoners of War
The independent Defence Honours and Awards Appeals Tribunal will conduct an inquiry into recognition of Australian personnel who served during the Second World War, were Far East Prisoners of War, and were killed while escaping or following recapture, Assistant Minister for Defence, Darren Chester, announced today.  In conducting this Inquiry the Tribunal has 28 names to initially review against the policy, adopted by Australia in 1944, and outlined in previous inquiries conducted by the Tribunal.  More.....
11 Nov 2015 CN Speech to Naval Warfare Officers Association
Every generation of Navy faces its own challenges.  I know that was true when you were serving.  It still is.  Today I wish to talk to you about some of the challenges and opportunities which are uppermost in my thinking at the end of this eventful year, in this still young century.  More.....
11 Nov 2015 HMAS Goorangai March & Commemorative Service
Details of this years march and service, with booking form are now available to download.....
11 Nov 2015 Search Underway for Our Lost Submariners
A search will commence on Friday 13 November to locate 35 lost sailors who perished over 100 years ago in the opening stages of World War I.  Australia sent a combined military and naval force to capture a German naval radio station and seize the German colony located at Rabaul on the island of New Britain.  More.....
10 Nov 2015 2015 Military Communication and Information Systems Conference commences
The 2015 Military Communication and Information Systems (MilCIS) Conference got under way at the National Convention Centre in Canberra today.  Opening the conference, Minister for Defence Materiel and Science, the Hon Mal Brough MP, emphasised that modern, reliable information and communications technology (ICT) capability was critical to supporting Defence business and military operations.  More.....
09 Nov 2015 Australian Defence College pilots Google Apps
The Australian Defence College is running a pilot program using Google Apps for Education Senator the Hon Marise Payne, Minister for Defence, announced today.  Minister Payne said Defence was one of the first Australian Government Department to roll out Google Apps.  More.....
08 Nov 2015 Ballarat welcomes the Spirit of Anzac Centenary Experience
The Spirit of Anzac Centenary Experience travelling exhibition officially opened in Ballarat today.  Residents of the region are encouraged to visit this once-in-a-lifetime experience, which features more than 200 artefacts usually housed at the Australian War Memorial.  More.....
07 Nov 2015 Sydney farewells namesake Royal Australian Navy ship
Australia has farewelled a Royal Australian Navy ship that has served the country for over three decades in a ceremony today on Sydney Harbour.  The Governor-General, His Excellency General the Honourable Sir Peter Cosgrove, AK MC (Retd), together with the Minister for Defence, Senator the Hon Marise Payne, and Chief of Navy Vice Admiral Tim Barrett, AO, CSC, RAN, attended the decommissioning of HMAS Sydney, at her homeport of Garden Island, Sydney.  More.....
View YouTube video.....
06 Nov 2015 Proposed 1 January 2016 listing changes for over-the-counter products
As part of the 2015-16 Budget savings measures, selected over-the-counter (OTC) medicines are proposed to be delisted from the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) effective 1 January 2016 pending final Minister for Health determination. The measure made provision for the impact on veterans and allowed for the proposed delistings to be considered by the Department of Veterans’ Affairs’ Repatriation Pharmaceutical Reference Committee (RPRC).
The RPRC considered submissions and recommended items for transfer to the Repatriation Schedule of Pharmaceutical Benefits (RSPB) from 1 January 2016.
The transfer of these items to the RSPB will ensure veterans have continued access to medicines to meet their clinical needs and will be welcomed by the veteran community.
More information: ‘Over-the-counter items recommended for de-listing or amendment from 1 January 2016’ on the PBS website.
06 Nov 2015 EC-135 aircrew training in Germany
Three instructors (two pilots and one aircrew) have spent the last two months at Airbus Helicopters Deutschland, in Germany, training on the Australian Defence Force’s newest aircraft, the EC135.  The EC-135 will replace the AS350BA (Squirrel) and Bell 206 (Kiowa) currently used by Navy and Army respectively and are part of the JP9000 Phase 7 project which will deliver the new Helicopter Aircrew Training System for the Australian Defence Force.  More.....
03 Nov 2015 RAN Task Group exercises with the French Navy in South China Sea
HMA Ships Arunta, Stuart and Sirius, have rendezvoused at sea with the French frigate FNS Vendemiaire as part of a Royal Australian Navy Task Group deployment to North and South East Asia.  Following successful port visits to Zhanjiang, China, by HMA Ships Arunta and Stuart and Da Nang, Vietnam, by HMAS Sirius, the ships have rendezvoused at sea with the French frigate FNS Vendemiaire in international waters off the coast of Vietnam.  More.....
02 Nov 2015 RAN exercise with the People’s Liberation Army – Navy
The Royal Australian Navy conducted a port visit and naval exercise with the People’s Liberation Army – Navy (PLA-N) in Zhanjiang, China during the period 31 October to 2 November.  The port visit by HMA Ships Stuart and Arunta to Zhanjiang included a combined planning session for the exercise, official functions with local dignitaries, sporting activities, discussions on the Code for Unplanned Encounters at Sea, and other mariner skills training.  More.....
02 Nov 2015 HMAS Pirie mercy dash
A rapid response by HMAS Pirie’s crew may have saved the life of a crew member onboard an Australian fishing vessel.  Pirie was conducting border protection operations when the ship responded to an urgent call for assistance from Bigge Island in the Kimberley region. It is believed the Darwin resident was stung by a highly venomous Box Jellyfish, (Chironex fleckeri) while recovering nets.  More.....
02 Nov 2015 ADF uses creative arts to support members’ recovery
The Australian Defence Force has commenced a second series of innovative arts workshops aimed at supporting the rehabilitation and recovery of Defence personnel facing service-related health and wellbeing issues.  The four-week program, called the Arts for Recovery, Resilience, Teamwork and Skills (ARRTS, provides participants with an uplifting experience designed to assist their movement, speech and attention span and to build their self-confidence.  More.....
31 Oct 2015 Women in Aerospace Summit inspires
Navy was well represented at the recent Women in Aviation/Aerospace Summit 2015 held in Melbourne, which featured a stellar lineup of women who have achieved success in aerospace careers.  Cathy Riach, of BAE Systems, was master of ceremonies for the event while a highlight was a talk by Captain Georgina Sutton, Chief Pilot for Jetstar Australia.  More.....
30 Oct 2015 Korean exercise refines skills
HMA Ships Stuart and Arunta have followed up a successful port visit to Busan, South Korea, by participating in bilateral Exercise HAEDOLI WALLABY, with four warships of the Republic of Korea Navy.  The ships were joined by a AP-3C Orion aircraft from the Royal Australian Air Force's 92 Wing in Edinburgh, South Australia, for the exercise.  More.....
29 Oct 2015 Improved access to counselling services for Sydney’s veterans
Minister for Veterans’ Affairs Stuart Robert today officially opened new Sydney CBD premises for the Veterans and Veterans Families Counselling Service (VVCS) in Centennial Plaza.  “The Government is improving access to VVCS counselling and support services as part of the commitment we made in our Mental and Social Health Action Plan 2015–2016 to deliver quality mental health care to veterans,” Mr Robert said.  More.....
29 Oct 2015 Anzacs meet up in South Korea
East met west recently as HMA Ships Stuart and Arunta, usually based on either side of Australia, were both in Busan, South Korea.  Since departing Fleet Base West in late August, Arunta has had a busy program exercising and conducting visits to India, Malaysia, Philippines and Japan.  Stuart’s crew had similarly travelled from Yokosuka, Japan having participated in the Japanese International Fleet Review.  More.....
29 Oct 2015 Australian Defence Force trials new data transfer technology
The Australian Defence Force has transferred high quality imagery and colour video via Wideband High Frequency (WBHF) radio as part of the Royal Australian Air Force’s technology upgrade, Plan Jericho.  Today’s trial of the WBHF technology at HMAS Harman in Canberra is a major technical advance over the existing High Frequency (HF) radio infrastructure.  More.....
28 Oct 2015 Perth I survivor honoured
A visit to Western Australia by Second World War veteran, and HMAS Perth (I) survivor, Mr David Manning, provided a unique opportunity to unite a legacy with the current HMAS Perth and her namesake city.  Mr Manning, a long time resident of Magpie near Ballarat, is one of only four survivors still alive from the Second World War light cruiser Perth I which was lost on 1 March 1942 during the Battle of Sunda Strait.  More.....
28 Oct 2015 Future leader receives ADF Long Tan award
Camberwell High in Melbourne welcomed a naval officer to their annual awards evening recently, to help recognise the efforts of one of their students.  During their 2015 Valedictory Evening, Lieutenant Ben Willee was on hand to present an Australian Defence Force Long Tan Youth Leadership award to student, Paul Trinh.  More.....
27 Oct 2015 Freedom of Navigation in the South China Sea
The United States has publicly declared its policy of conducting Freedom of Navigation operations globally, consistent with international law.  It is important to recognise that all states have a right under international law to freedom of navigation and freedom of overflight, including in the South China Sea.  Australia strongly supports these rights.  More.....
27 Oct 2015 NVN's October newsletter
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