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26 October
Able Seaman Boatswains Mate Kaibariki Tapera
Able Seaman Boatswains Mate Kaibariki Tapera has served in the Royal Australian Navy for six years. He undertook training through the Defence Indigenous Development Program, and later completed Recruit School training, and has served within various ships and establishments.

26 October
Exercise Cyber Sentinels
Exercise Cyber Sentinels is an annual cyber exercise which was held 2 – 13 October 2023 in Canberra, ACT. This was the first time this exercise was planned and held at the secret/Five Eyes level in Australia by the Australian Defence Force (ADF), with previous exercises held by our global partners at a lower classification level.

26 October
AUKUS Sub Sale Will Cause 10-Year Dip in U.S. Attack Boat Inventory, Says CBO
The U.S. nuclear attack submarine inventory will experience a nearly decade-long dip due to the AUKUS partnership, according to a new Congressional Budget Office analysis of U.S. naval shipbuilding.  To support selling three to five Virginia-class attack boats to the Royal Australian Navy, the attack boat inventory will decrease in the mid-2030s, as shipyards won’t be able to deliver Virginia-class boats to absorb the loss of the sale to Australia.  The dip, estimated to start in 2037, will keep U.S. attack boat inventory in the high 40s to low 50s for about a decade, meaning the Navy will remain short of its goal of 66 attack submarines in the fleet.  More....
26 October
On top of the world
Standing on the roof of the world, Lieutenant Commander John Dover spoke to his wife at base camp three and a half kilometres below.  For six years, they travelled the globe, scaling the tallest peaks in preparation for this moment.  “She told me how proud she was and to make it back down safely,” Lieutenant Commander Dover said.  “We’d been on this journey together the whole way. We climbed training peaks together.”  But Everest was his own mountain to conquer.  More....
26 October
Achieving goals personally and professionally
Seaman Vimbayi Hakutangwi is hoping to inspire others, particularly young women, to pursue a career in Defence and show it doesn't have to come at the expense of achieving personal goals.  Enlisted through the ADF Gap Year Navy program, Seaman Hakutangwi is currently balancing her ambitions of becoming a clearance diver with a ‘passion for fashion’, competing as a finalist in the Miss Universe Australia competition.  More....
25 October
US, allies hold naval exercise in South China Sea
Warships from the United States, Japan, Australia, Canada and New Zealand took part earlier this week in a multilateral exercise following a recent spat between China and the Philippines in the South China Sea.  Exercise Noble Caribou was held on Oct. 23 in the area between Indonesia and Malaysia “to improve our tactical capabilities and strengthen cooperation,” Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force (JDMSF) said in a statement.  Participating vessels included Japan’s JS Akebono, the U.S. Navy’s USS Rafael Perata, the Royal Australian Navy’s HMAS Brisbane, the Royal Canadian Navy’s HMCS Ottawa, and the Royal New Zealand Navy’s HMNZS Te Mana.  More....
25 October
Unmanned Surface Vessel Division Arrives in Sydney
Unmanned Surface Vessel Division One’s (USVDIV-1) unmanned surface vessels (USVs) Ranger, Mariner, Seahawk and Sea Hunter arrived in Sydney, Australia, for a scheduled port visit October 24 ahead of their participation in bilateral exercises with the Royal Australian Navy (RAN).  During the exercises, USVDIV-1 will collaborate with the RAN on testing unmanned systems in concert with industry partners to advance a shared understanding of these capabilities to meet strategic requirements.  More....
25 October
Visit to Vietnam builds on 50 years of partnership
After a busy three months, Indo-Pacific Endeavour’s Vietnamese leg has wrapped up, coinciding with 50 years of diplomatic relations between Australia and Vietnam.  From Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City, activities included trilateral English language teacher training; a gender, peace and security seminar; a visit from the ADF Surgeon General; a HMAS Toowoomba port visit and an international law exchange.  Commander Indo-Pacific Endeavour Air Commodore Tony McCormack said a great deal was accomplished.  More....
25 October
Fallen Australian inspires Team Canada piper
Hoppy the koala has been a support for Team Canada’s Master Corporal James Gendron of the Canadian Forces.  The Australian Army gifted Hoppy to Master Corporal Gendron in 2009, in appreciation for piping at a ramp ceremony for Corporal Mathew Hopkins following his death in Afghanistan.

25 October
Australian Government working with industry to assure Collins class submarine
The Australian Government is committed to a potent, enduring and agile submarine capability, and will use an independent assurance activity to inform the life-of-type extension of the Collins class submarine fleet.  Australia’s transition to conventionally-armed, nuclear-powered submarines is underpinned by the ongoing availability of the Collins class submarine capability throughout this transition period. This will require the life of the Collins class submarines to be extended.  More....
24 October
US warns it will defend Philippines after Chinese vessels incidents
The United States renewed a warning Monday that it would defend the Philippines in case of an armed attack under a 1951 treaty, after Chinese ships blocked and collided with two Filipino vessels off a contested shoal in the South China Sea.  Philippine diplomats summoned a Chinese Embassy official in Manila on Monday for a strongly worded protest following Sunday’s collisions off Second Thomas Shoal.  No injuries were reported but the encounters damaged a Philippine coast guard ship and a wooden-hulled supply boat operated by navy personnel, officials said.  More....
23 October
Generational anxiety: Can Australia ‘calm the fear’ of nuclear-powered submarines?
Time will tell if the Australian public can overcome decades of national fear regarding nuclear-powered submarines, weapons, and related nuclear energy technology. 
The Australian Submarine Agency (ASA) might be hoping that obstacle can be conquered, as they publish some slick new advertising and explanation material for the nuclear-powered submarines that this country will one day possess.  ASA championed the safety and strategic value of Australian conventionally-armed, nuclear-powered submarines as part of Nuclear Science Week with an “Introduction to Nuclear-Powered Submarines” video explanation on 16 October.  More....
23 October
U.K.’s First Sea Lord Key Outlines Royal Navy Response to Attacks in Israel
The Royal Navy’s task force has been sent to the eastern Mediterranean to “work with the U.S.” and “offer some choice,” including providing humanitarian aid and containing the war between Hamas and Israel, said the United Kingdom’s senior naval officer.  Speaking at the Center for Strategic and International Studies last week, Sir Ben Key, First Sea Lord, called the Hamas attack “an outrageous terror act” on civilians.  He added that the presence of two Royal Navy amphibious ships – RFA Lyme Bay and RFA Argus – with Royal Marines onboard, naval escorts and P-8 patrol aircraft is to deter other forces or nations from entering the fighting.  More....
23 October
AUKUS’s three pillars of uncertainty: sovereignty, strategy and costs
At think tank gatherings over the past few months in Washington, I asked foreign and security policy analysts about their thoughts on AUKUS. In the ensuing exchanges, US analysts raised three consistent sources of uncertainty that demonstrate how important it is to hear conversations across the US states that will take the lead on delivering AUKUS.  State and local politics, mixed with tax, economics and incentives, will affect the efficacy of the AUKUS agreement between Washington, London and Canberra.  More....
23 October
Victoria's Point Wilson Wharf to accelerate guided weapons for the ADF
The Government is continuing efforts to increase guided weapons and explosive ordnance stocks for the Australian Defence Force (ADF) as part of immediate actions to reprioritise Defence’s capabilities, in line with the Defence Strategic Review (DSR).  A key recommendation of the DSR was to accelerate and expand long-range strike and guided weapons stocks and to establish sovereign missile manufacturing in Australia.  More....
22 October
China Coast Guard Vessel Collides with Filipino Supply Ship in South China Sea
A Philippine supply boat collided on Sunday with a China Coast Guard vessel attempting to block it during an operation to resupply the grounded LST BRP Sierra Madre (LS57) at Second Thomas Shoal in the disputed Spratly Islands.  A Philippine Coast Guard patrol vessel was also bumped by a Chinese Maritime Militia during the mission, according to a Sunday statement from the Philippines’ National Task Force for the West Philippine Sea.  More....
21 October
Australia Lists Arafura-class OPV as ‘Project of Concern’
The Australian Government has listed the Arafura-class offshore patrol vessel (OPV) program as a Defence Project of Concern.  The project has experienced delays in delivery of both the vessels and the associated support system with schedule delays first emerging in 2021.  The vessels are being built for the Royal Australian Navy to replace and improve upon the capability delivered by the Armidale-class patrol boats.  More....
20 October
HMS Victory £45m restoration in nick of time as experts find wood ‘turned to compost’
The world’s most famous warship was in far worse condition than experts believed when they started a £45m revamp, with her timbers reduced to ‘potting compost’.  On the eve of the anniversary of her finest hour – leading the Fleet to a decisive triumph over the Franco-Spanish fleet at Trafalgar in 1805 – the team heading the restoration of HMS Victory have revealed how urgent the overhaul was.  The ship is undergoing the most comprehensive maintenance project in her recent history, a 15-year project to restore her to how she looked as Nelson’s flagship.  More....
20 October
Distinguished service medals awarded to army's top brass might be 'illegal'
Veterans claim they have uncovered evidence of the "systematic abuse" of Australia's honours and awards system that has allowed senior commanders, including current Defence Force Chief General Angus Campbell, to be wrongly awarded "distinguished service" medals for decades.  The former soldiers, angered by attempts to remove Afghanistan war decorations over alleged atrocities, have spent months researching whether awards given to their senior commanders were done so appropriately.  More....
20 October
China more than doubled its nuclear arsenal since 2020, Pentagon says
China’s nuclear arsenal has more than doubled in the last three years, amid what a senior Pentagon official calls a “major expansion of their nuclear forces.”  As of May 2023, China had around 500 operational nuclear warheads, according to the just-released China Military Power Report, an annual catalog of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) strength.  The last time a number was given — in the 2020 report — the stockpile was said to be “in the low 200s.”  More....
20 October
USS Carney intercepts three missiles heading north out of Yemen
A U.S. Navy warship on Thursday took out three missiles and several drones that had been fired from Yemen and were heading north, the Pentagon said.  Brig. Gen. Pat Ryder, Pentagon press secretary, told reporters Thursday that the USS Carney, a Navy destroyer in the northern Red Sea, intercepted three land attack cruise missiles and several drones that were launched by Houthi forces in Yemen.  He said they were shot down over the water, potentially towards targets in Israel.  More....
18 October
Senators push Biden to release submarine costs for AUKUS
A bipartisan group of senators is appealing to the White House to release Pentagon cost estimates related to the submarine-industrial base as the Biden administration and Congress move to implement AUKUS, the trilateral submarine-sharing pact with Britain and Australia.  The cost estimates are critical to a debate that has delayed key congressional authorizations needed to advance AUKUS.  The study is expected to detail the level of investments needed for the industrial base to sustain submarine production requirements for both the U.S. and Australia.  More....
18 October
Dreadnought on the move as largest submarine section yet is completed
Protected against the elements by what must be the world’s largest black bin bag, this is a huge section of HMS Dreadnought on the move.  In fact, this section of the first of the Submarine Service’s next-generation strategic deterrent boats is the largest segment or ‘mega unit’ of Dreadnought yet completed.  It’s also the longest section of a submarine moved through the streets of Barrow-in-Furness from BAE Systems’ fabrication facility to the cavernous Devonshire Dock Hall which dominates the skyline of the Cumbrian town.  More....
18 October
Big step forward for Navy coaching
Navy's first cohort of coaches trained in-house and in line with international and national standards has been hailed as a milestone.  The Directorate of Navy Culture has operated the Navy Leadership Coaching program since 2009, providing one-on-one professional development opportunities for more than 3000 Navy personnel.  Until now, most coaches have been trained by the Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership.  More....
18 October
Warm response to quilts
Ten years on from receiving an Aussie Hero Quilt and laundry bag, Warrant Officer Class Two (WO2) Shannon Killman still treasures them as much as the day she received them in Tarin Kowt, Afghanistan.  With the Aussie Hero Quilts annual thank you dinner on October 21 in Canberra, WO2 Killman is an advocate for making the time to thank all the volunteers who make quilts and laundry bags for serving personnel.  She said her quilt and laundry bag continues to play a part in their lives of her whole family.  More....
17 October
50,000 kilometres for 100 years of Legacy
The Legacy Centenary Torch Relay ended on October 12, with torch-bearers carrying the Legacy flame through Melbourne on the final leg of its six-month journey.  The torch arrived at the Shrine of Remembrance after being carried more than 50,000 kilometres by more than 1400 torch bearers, all of whom had a connection to Legacy or the Defence community.  A focal point for the communities it passed through, the torch relay marked the milestone of the organisation that started 100 years ago when Lieutenant General Sir Stanley George Savige founded the first Legacy club in Melbourne.  More....
17 October
Final blast marks the end of an era
More than 100 people attended the West Head gunnery range at Flinders, Victoria, for the final firing and decommissioning of the 76mm medium calibre gun (MCG), marking the end of more than three decades of service at the range.  Navy has transitioned to the 5-inch MCG and future training will be delivered through virtual-reality simulation and onboard training, so the decommissioning of the MK75-76mm gun represented the end of 64 years of Navy shore-based medium calibre live-fire training.  More....
17 October
Lights, camera, action, innovate!
With the rapidly developing landscape of defence technology, it is essential that Navy training materials and capabilities reflect this continually evolving environment.  In this field, the Navy Training Force Multimedia Unit (TFMU) is the definition of a small team with a large footprint.  Formerly known as the Training Technology Support Unit, the TFMU is a team of dedicated multimedia specialists who provide end-to-end production of training resources in the area of digital media, video, graphics, animation, computer-generated imagery and web-based assets.  More....
17 October
Pay rise for personnel
All ADF personnel will receive a pay rise of 11.2 per cent over three years after the Defence Force Remuneration Tribunal agreed to the latest Workplace Remuneration Arrangement (WRA) on October 3.  Under the WRA 2023-26, personnel will receive the increase to their salary and salary-related allowances with no loss of conditions of service.  The increase will be distributed as 4 per cent in year one, 3.8 per cent in year two and 3.4 per cent in year three.  More....
17 October
Indo-Pacific Endeavour - HMAS Toowoomba Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

16 October
Almost 6000 submissions to defence royal commission
Almost 6000 current and former defence members, their family members and experts have made submissions to the Royal Commission into Defence and Veteran Suicide.  There were at least 1600 deaths by suicide within the defence community between 1997 and 2020, about 20 times the number killed in active duty over the same period.  The commission was established in 2021 to examine systemic failures with a final report containing recommendations due to be delivered to the federal Government next year.  More....
16 October
Recent and upcoming updates to the MyService experience
Under the Modernisation Program, DVA is working to improve the claiming process in MyService.  We are pleased to announce that from Sunday 15 October 2023 you will see some new features in MyService.  The following improvements will first be applied to Initial Liability claims, but over time you will see these changes applied to other claims:  More.....
16 October
Naval association to commemorate Battle of Leyte Gulf
A message from the Naval Association of Australia
On 26 October at the Jacks Memorial, Southbank in Brisbane, the Naval Association will commemorate the Battle of Leyte Gulf and the Australians sailors who fought in it.  The battle began on 20 October 1944 and raged for three days.  The story will be told by Commander Ken Spicer a serving member of HMAS Moreton, whose uncle Seaman Noel Rattray was killed on the bridge of HMAS Australia (II) when it was hit by the first kamikaze suicide plane in the Pacific War.  Noel was a Bridge Messenger for the Captain Emile Dechaineux DSC RAN who was mortally wounded.  More.....
16 October
Remembering the Burma-Thailand Railway 80 years on
The prisoners of war who were forced to work on the Burma-Thailand Railway during the Second World War occupy an important place in Australia’s wartime history.  The terrible conditions and brutal treatment they endured serve as a reminder of the horrors of war.  The Burma-Thailand Railway was built 1942-43 with the intent of supplying Japanese forces in Burma. The sea routes previously used were vulnerable after the Allies prevailed at the Battles of the Coral Sea and Midway in May and June 1942.  More.....
16 October
Follow the sun to follow space domain
Defence Space Command’s six newly accredited Defence personnel are leading operations for Joint Commercial Operations (JCO-AUS).  The operators, from across the ADF and Australian Public Service (APS), recently completed their JCO200 qualification course ahead of the cell’s operational readiness review by a US Space Force strategic adviser on October 6.  Major Thomas Bittner, of site lead 1 Space Surveillance Unit (1SSU), said US Space Force strategic adviser Barbara Golf and her team provided guidance and support during the review of the global JCO network at the Adelaide site.  More.....
16 October
Graduates take to the skies
The ADF welcomed its latest aviators to the skies following their graduation from 723 Squadron – Joint Helicopter School on September 29.  The second cohort to graduate from the school this year included Navy and Army pilots and aviation warfare officers.  Lieutenant Michael Oliver and Sub Lieutenant Connor Dickie were awarded as duxes for Navy pilot and aviation warfare officer course respectively, while Army Lieutenant Theo Rayfield was awarded dux for Army pilot course.  More.....
Lieutenant Commander Henry Albert Longdon HALL, MBE, OAM MiD RAN

Henry "Nobby" Hall was one of the most decorated naval combat veterans of WWII, and after, in a long permanent navy career. His service spanned 1938 until 1981. He joined the Royal Australian Navy as an ordinary seaman second class and retired as an officer after 43 years of loyal and distinguished service. He was a member of the "vanishing present", one of the great generations, who dedicated his life to the naval profession. That same good citizenship continued with his active involvement as he contributed to the wider local community.

"Nobby" is the sobriquet given to all Halls who joined the services. Short of stature, intelligent and wise, he was feisty, as the occasion demanded, but no less effective or efficient. His speech was clear and direct, and his bark and bite were moderate in their application, often deservedly so. He was widely respected as a personality who was the very embodiment of the navy.

Henry was born in Sydney on April 4, 1922, joining the pre-war RAN at 16. After four years service, as an able seaman, he found his baptism of fire in one of the crucial battles of WWII. It was during his draft to HMAS Canberra that he was a witness and participant at Savo Island in 1942. He was a range taker in the foremast of Canberra when it was crippled and sunk on August 9. For his heroic actions, he was mentioned in despatches (MiD).
Continue reading about this fascinating sailor at:
13 October
North Korea responds after US aircraft carrier arrives in South Korea
North Korea lashed out Friday at the arrival of a U.S. aircraft carrier battle group in South Korea, calling it a provocation and again raising the specter of using nuclear weapons to defend itself.  Emboldened by its advancing nuclear arsenal, North Korea has increasingly issued threats to use such weapons preemptively. But the North is still outgunned by U.S. and South Korean forces, and experts say it is unlikely to use its nukes first, though it will continue to upgrade those arms without returning to diplomacy for the time being.  More.....
13 October
Austal delivers sixth evolved Cape-class patrol boat to Australia
Austal Australia has delivered the sixth of eight Evolved Cape-class Patrol Boats (ECCPB’s) to the Royal Australian Navy.  The vessel, ADV Cape Pillar, was officially accepted by the Commonwealth of Australia at Austal’s Henderson, Western Australia shipyard.  Austal Limited Chief Executive Officer Paddy Gregg said that Cape Pillar was the third evolved Cape-class Patrol Boat delivered to the Royal Australian Navy in CY2023, continuing an enviable track record of Australian shipbuilding efficiency and productivity.  More.....
13 October
Australian navy, army, air force … what’s missing? A strong merchant navy
Queensland’s Kenilworth war memorial seems unremarkable to the average passerby. If you blink, you’ll miss it, and even if you don’t blink, you might still miss it.  But a keener observer would notice that there are four services represented.  Along with the navy, army and air force, the memorial honours the merchant navy, acknowledging the role commercial sailors have played in Australia’s national defence.  More.....
13 October
The courage to give after tackling fears
Petty Officer Cassandra Duncan always said her blood type ‘B-Positive’ is inspirational, but she was never sure if she could be a donor.  Major complications following a routine surgery in 2015 resulted in massive haemorrhaging, and she was placed into an induced coma.  “The pain was worse than childbirth, so I was yelling at the doctors to knock me out for as long as possible,” mother of two Petty Officer Duncan said.  More.....
13 October
The adventure of a lifetime
From steering MV Sycamore and Survival at Sea training, simulated parachuting and Fire Section demonstrations, the Australian Navy Cadets got a taste of all things maritime at their annual camp in September.  More than 150 Navy cadets poured into the Shoalhaven for the week to take part in a diverse range of activities at HMAS Creswell and HMAS Albatross.  More.....
13 October
Rowing the Atlantic for veterans charity
What will you be doing over the Christmas period this year? Three current and former ADF members will be rowing for two hours on, two hours off, for six weeks, in a small boat across the Atlantic Ocean – with a bucket for a toilet.  The ‘Aussie Old Salts’ are the only Australian team entered in the December 2023 ‘World’s Toughest Row’ – a trans-Atlantic Ocean crossing, out of a fleet of about 40 boats.  The team comprises Lieutenant Stuart Moore, Commander Alisdair Putt, a former Special Forces veteran NCO and a civilian.  More.....
12 October
Stepping on board and into their bootsStepping on board and into their boots
HMAS Hobart celebrated her sixth birthday in grand style on September 29, with family and friends invited on board ‘the green ghost’ to experience naval life and acknowledge the deep support from the home front at Fleet Base East, NSW.  A standout for visitors was an array of static displays that highlighted the Hobart-class destroyer’s cutting-edge technology and capabilities, with a selection of the ship’s crew serving as knowledgeable guides throughout the immersive experience.  More.....
12 October
Toowoomba sails into adulthood
HMAS Toowoomba has come of age, celebrating 18 years since commissioning.  In true naval tradition, the ship’s company celebrated Toowoomba reaching ‘adulthood’ with Commanding Officer Commander Darin MacDonald and the youngest crewmember on board, 19-year-old Seaman Jack Lefevre, cutting a cake using a naval sword.  The celebrations occurred while the ship was in South-East Asia as part of an Indo-Pacific regional presence deployment.  More.....
12 October
How many nuclear-powered submarines for Australia?
The September 2021 announcement of Australia’s transition to nuclear-powered attack submarines (SSNs) under the AUKUS program indicated that ‘at least eight’ would be acquired.  More recently, the rhetoric has firmed up to eight, with the program director telling a Senate committee in May that there would be three Virginia-class SSNs and five AUKUS SSNs.  Vice Admiral Jonathan Mead implied that this was the full extent of the program and that decisions for what followed would be left for a future government.  More.....
12 October
Blessing all creatures great and small
Pets – close companions who love, share ups and downs and put a smile people’s faces – play an important role in the lives of many.  Acknowledging this, Navy Chaplain Stephen Briggs, of HMAS Moreton, has been conducting a ‘blessing of the animals’ service since 2017 to celebrate all living creatures.  The annual blessing provides an opportunity to say thank you for pets and all the joy they bring to people’s lives.  More.....
12 October
Ops Room Association 2024 Reunion

For full details of the 2024 Reunion go to the Ops Room Association website 

12 October
Fit to bite, fit to fight
The use of technology and the impact of increasing sugar consumption were on the agenda when dentists from defence forces around the world met in Sydney to discuss oral health issues relevant to the military.  The Australian Defence Force (ADF) hosted the 2023 Section of Defence Forces Dental Services (SDFDS) annual meeting, from September 21 to 24, as a precursor to the annual congress of the World Dental Federation, of which the SDFDS is a sub-section.  More.....
11 October
U.S. Navy ‘tracks’ Iranian ships with unmanned systems in Strait of Hormuz
Traditionally crewed ships and aircraft teamed up with 12 unmanned platforms to conduct enhanced maritime security operations in the Strait of Hormuz last month.  The exercise involved “tracking” Iranian navy and Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps navy ships and small boats in the region, according to U.S. Naval Forces Central Command.  “The integration of new, multidomain unmanned platforms into routine fleet operations provides more ‘eyes on the water,’ enhancing maritime domain awareness and increasing deterrence in the region,” said Vice Adm. Brad Cooper, commander of U.S. Naval Forces Central Command and U.S. 5th Fleet.  More.....
11 October
Welcome home recognises family
ADV Cape Woolamai has officially been welcomed to her homeport of HMAS Coonawarra, with a ceremony at Larrakeyah Defence Precinct on September 29.  The crew of Cape Woolamai were led by their Commanding Officer Lieutenant Commander James Knight in parade past Reviewing Officer Captain Simon Cannell, Commander Mine Warfare, Clearance Diving, Hydrographic, Meteorological, Oceanographic and Patrol Force.  Lieutenant Commander Knight said: “Today is about recognising the entire Woolamai family; those who were down in Western Australia, and their loved ones back home or interstate, and the sacrifices that everyone has made to get us here today”.  More.....
10 October
First Flight III Destroyer USS Jack H. Lucas Joins Fleet
The Navy’s first Arleigh Burke-class Flight III guided-missile destroyer officially joined the fleet over the weekend.  USS Jack H. Lucas (DDG-125) entered service in a commissioning ceremony in Tampa, Fla., on Saturday.  “DDG 125 is named for Pfc. Jack Lucas, who served in the U.S. Marines during World War II, earning the Medal of Honor for his heroism at Iwo Jima, when he was just 17 years old.  He is the youngest Marine, and the youngest service member in World War II, to be awarded the United States’ highest military decoration for valor,” the Navy said in a news release about the commissioning.  More.....
09 October
Guardian-class Patrol Boat Handover
Papua New Guinea has taken ownership of its fourth Guardian-class Patrol Boat at a handover ceremony today at HMAS Stirling, south of Perth, Western Australia.

09 October
HMAS Toowoomba -Helicopter Transfer Exercise
During the deployment, HMA Ships Brisbane, Stalwart, and Toowoomba will conduct training, exercises, and other engagements with Australia’s regional partners.

09 October
Graduates soar to new heights
Exciting new careers await 13 Air Force and Navy student pilots from 271 ADF Pilots’ Course, who graduated from 2 Flying Training School in September.  The student pilots were awarded the flying brevet, one of the oldest customs for pilots who have attained prescribed proficiency of flying military aircraft, during a ceremony held at RAAF Base Pearce.  Flight Lieutenant James Pears demonstrated the capability of the Pilatus PC-21 aircraft, and skills learnt throughout the course, during an aerobatics display for friends, family and invited guests.  More.....
08 October
Get involved this Veterans’ Health Week
Today marks the beginning of Veterans’ Health Week 2023, an opportunity for the veteran community to renew their focus on improving, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  Through partnering with ex-service and other community organisations, the Australian Government is supporting events and activities all over the country that shine a light on improving the wellbeing of the veteran community.  This year’s theme is Mental Wellness Matters. Improving the mental health and wellbeing of veterans and families and reducing the risk of suicide is a key priority of the Australian Government.  More.....
07 October
HMAS Albatross visited by Supercars Driver Cameron Hill
Hear from Supercars driver Cameron Hill on the parallels between what the Australian Navy does and what happens on a racetrack! Cameron recently spent time with our Aviation Technicians, toured their workshop and even went for a ride in an EC135 helicopter.

07 October
HMAS Toowoomba prepares for RPD
The crew of HMAS Toowoomba has been conducting various training exercises across multiple departments as part of the ship's regional presence deployment.

06 October
HMAS Toowoomba Darwin Departure
The Royal Australian Navy is undertaking a Regional Presence Deployment in Southeast and Northeast Asia. During the deployment, HMA Ships Brisbane, Stalwart, and Toowoomba will conduct training, exercises, and other engagements with Australia’s regional partners.

05 October
Australian Digital Engineering Summit hopes to accelerate Defence’s digital transformation
Driving digital transformation in the Defence sector to accelerate innovation and the delivery of new capabilities will be the focus for the inaugural Australian Digital Engineering Summit on November 17. The one-day summit will be held at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) Canberra at the Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA) and virtually. It will provide an ideal platform for the Defence community to discuss insights and collaborate to advance Australia’s digital engineering capabilities and build a digitally-equipped workforce.   More.....
05 October
Australian Navy Force Structure Decisions Delayed Again
The future of the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) remains in flux with the government's response to an anticipated review delayed until next year.  The Independent Analysis of the RAN Surface Fleet was commissioned by the government earlier this year after the much-anticipated Defence Strategic Review (DSR) declined to make substantive recommendations about the fleet.  Led by Vice Admiral William Hilarides USN (ret) the review, which delivered its report on September 29th, was tasked with assessing the future surface force structure of the RANs surface fleet in the wake of AUKUS.   More.....
04 October
Spey and Tamar put the AT in AusTralia
It’s a hard life… but someone has to deliver adventurous training opportunities to sailors and Royal Marines in northern Queensland.  Crews of both HMS Spey and Tamar benefited from the experience and knowledge of the Deployable Regional Unit AT instructors who organise challenging but enjoyable outdoor activities to ships and RM units and offer that little bit extra to personnel on lengthy deployments far from home.  Cairns is about as far from home as you can get – more than 9,400 miles from the River-class vessels base of Portsmouth, and 1,200 miles north of Sydney.   More.....
04 October
Northrop Grumman to develop new guided high-explosive ammunition for US Navy
The U.S. Navy has awarded Northrop Grumman Corporation a development contract for the company’s newly designed 57mm guided high explosive ammunition.  Designated for use with the Mk110 Naval Gun Mount, the company will test and mature the munition for qualification.  The 57mm guided high explosive ammunition has the unique ability to continuously maneuver in-flight as it moves toward a designated target.   More.....
04 October
Austal delivers 17th Guardian-class patrol boat
The vessel, HMPNGS Gilbert Toropo, was then gifted by the Australian Government to the Papua New Guinea Defence Force at a handover ceremony held at HMAS Stirling, Western Australia.  The new Guardian-class patrol boat is the fourth of four vessels to be gifted to Papua New Guinea under the Pacific Patrol Boat Replacement Project, part of the Australian Government’s Pacific Maritime Security Program.  More.....
04 October
C2 Robotics secures Defence Innovation funding for Gen 2 Speartooth large UUV
C2 Robotics has received a third tranche of innovation funding from the Australian Department of Defence to progress the next stage of prototype development for its Speartooth Large Uncrewed Underwater Vessel (LUUV).  Speartooth is designed for long range, long duration undersea operations. It brings a combination of highly advanced capabilities together with a modular, rapidly reconfigurable design specifically focused on manufacturing scalability and a revolutionary cost point that enables high volume production and deployment.  More.....
01 October
Britain's nuclear bomb guinea pigs: The untold story
As war rages in Ukraine, the idea of nuclear attack rears its ugly head once again. Today, Britain relies on collaboration with her allies together with her own nuclear deterrent to protect against attack. But how did it all begin? In a special report, we hear from three men who took part in Britain’s early Cold War-era of nuclear testing – the men who helped test Britain’s very first nuclear capability.

01 October
CSO Group appoints Navy veteran as strategic advisor
Australian-owned and operated cyber security business, CSO Group, announced the appointment of Retired Royal Australian Navy (RAN) Rear Admiral, Jaimie Hatcher AO, DSC, to the role of Strategic Advisor.  Hatcher spent 36 years with the RAN in a range of national security roles, including in the National Security Division of the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, as Capability Director for Australia’s Air Warfare Destroyer program, and most recently as the Australian Defence Force (ADF) Deputy Chief of Joint Operations.  More.....
01 October
MBDA announces successful firing of new-gen Exocet missile from French frigate
A successful firing, by the French navy, of the latest generation of MBDA’s Exocet missile – Mer-Mer 40 Block 3c (MM40 B3c) – took place from the multi-mission Alsace frigate (FREMM DA) off the coast of the DGA missile test centre (DGA EM) of Ile du Levant on 20 September 2023.  Exocet MM40 B3c is the latest generation of MBDA’s Exocet family of anti-ship missiles for integration on a wide variety of platforms including surface ships, submarines, fast jets, helicopters and coastal batteries.  More.....
01 October
Royal Australian navy sets sail for regional deployment
The Australian Defence Force is continuing to contribute to regional security, with three Royal Australian Navy ships to conduct a regional presence deployment throughout Southeast and Northeast Asia. HMA Ships Brisbane and Toowoomba have departed their homeports on opposite sides of the country bound for the three-month deployment, with HMAS Stalwart set to sail in coming weeks.  ​The deployment will involve around 500 personnel including the ships’ companies, embarked helicopter teams from Navy’s Fleet Air Arm and additional command and support personnel.  More.....
01 October
UK MoD Awards SSN-AUKUS Submarine Design Contracts
UK businesses will be behind the design and manufacture of the world’s most advanced submarines, following the awarding of £4 billion of contracts today [1 October].  The signing of the Detailed Design and Long Leads (D2L2) Phase with BAE Systems (BAES), Rolls-Royce and Babcock Marine represents a significant milestone for both the UK and the trilateral AUKUS programme as a whole, in the lead up to build the future class of nuclear-powered attack submarines, known as SSN-AUKUS.  More.....
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