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27 December
Embarked civilians lost at sea
Felicity Jevardat de Fombelle, a former journalist and political staffer working in the Defence Media team, switches up her office routine for a taste of military life on board HMAS Adelaide.  As a newcomer to Defence, I was stoked at the invitation to spend three days at sea on Navy’s biggest ship.  But it was only as our small boat approached HMAS Adelaide, waiting off the coast of Jervis Bay, that the excitement really hit me.  More.....
26 December
Ukraine strikes Russia’s Project 775 large landing ship in Crimea
On December 26, 2023, the Ukrainian Air Force struck the Russian Black Sea Fleet's Project 775 Ropucha-class amphibious vessel with cruise missiles in Feodosiya port in Crimea.  The assault was first announced on several channels on Telegram. Russian RIA Novosti media outlet reported by citing the Russian Ministry of Defence that two Ukrainian Su-24 jets attacked Feodosiya port with missiles and damaged the Black Sea Fleet’s Project 775 Ropucha-class LPD.  More.....
26 December
Chinese Submariner Appointed Head of People’s Liberation Army Navy
China’s President Xi Jinping appointed a new Chief for the People’s Liberation Army Navy in a Monday ceremony in Beijing while the post of China’s top defense minister remains vacant.  Meanwhile Taiwan continues to report Chinese balloons crossing the median line of the Taiwan Strait though Taiwanese officials have played down the sightings.  On Monday morning, President Xi Jinping held a promotion ceremony in the Bayi Building where two officers were promoted to four-star rank – Adm. Hu Zhongming and Gen. Wang Wenquan.  More.....
26 December
U.S Destroyer, Super Hornets Splash Red Sea Attack Drones and Missiles
A U.S. guided-missile destroyer and fighters from aircraft carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN-69) interdicted a dozen suicide drones and anti-ship missiles on Tuesday, according to U.S. Central Command.  Houthi forces fired the 12 attack drones, three anti-ship ballistic missiles and two land-attack cruise missiles from Yemen, according to the statement from CENTCOM.  The missiles and drones, “were fired by the Houthis over a 10 hour period which began at approximately 6:30 a.m. (Sanaa time) on December 26.  More.....
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26 December
India Vows Vengeance After Merchant Vessel Attacks
New Delhi’s defense officials vowed to bring those responsible for the recent attacks on two predominantly Indian-crewed merchant vessels to justice amid the ongoing Houthi and Iranian missile and drone strikes in the Red Sea and beyond.  India’s assertive tone on the Red and Arabian Sea attacks comes after the attacks on MV Sai Baba and MV Chem Pluto, the latter of which was struck by a one-way attack drone only 200 nautical miles off the Indian coast.  More.....
23 December
Australia’s anti-submarine frigate program sails rough seas
The shipbuilder for a $30 billion Australian program is pushing back against criticism over the design and capabilities of the anti-submarine warfare frigate.  Analysts have lambasted the program, citing the frigate design’s weight growth, scheduling delays and what they view as an inadequate number of vertical launching system cells.  Furthermore, in May, Australia’s auditor general slammed the acquisition process in an Australian National Audit Office report, citing serious flaws.  More.....
24 December
Jack Speak
Tis the Season to be silly and we have some
Australian Navy slang (Jack-Speak) for you this Sunday!

23 December
NCIS Sydney Q & A
Hear from the NCIS Sydney cast on their experience working with the Australian Navy

21 December
Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race 2023
We hear from the Navy One yacht crew on their preparation for the 2023 Boxing Day Sydney to Hobart Race and what sailing means to them.

21 December
Hear from the Chief of Navy about all the Australian Navy has achieved in 2023.

21 December
‘Fat Leonard,’ fugitive in Navy bribery case, facing extradition to US
The extradition of convicted defense contractor Leonard “Fat Leonard” Francis to the United States as part of the Venezuelan prisoner swap on Wednesday is the latest twist in a decade-long salacious saga and bribery scheme that swept up dozens of American Navy officers.  One of the biggest bribery investigations in U.S. military history led to the conviction and sentencing of nearly two dozen Navy officials, defense contractors and others on various fraud and corruption charges.  And it was punctuated by Francis’ daring escape last year, when he fled from house arrest at his San Diego home to South America.  More.....
21 December
Australia misses the boat in the Red Sea
The 2023 defence strategic review noted that Australia’s economy had become more interconnected with the Indo-Pacific and the world, and that brought a fundamental interest in protecting the rules-based order upon which international trade depends.  The DSR also said that ensuring the uninterrupted flow of maritime commerce underpinned the importance of resilience as a vital component of Australia’s deterrence-by-denial strategy.  The DSR argued that the navy must be optimised to operate in Australia’s immediate region, and to secure sea lines of communication and maritime trade.  More.....
21 December
ADF provides flood assistance in North Queensland
The ADF is providing support to the Queensland Police Service via the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) in response to floods affecting North Queensland communities following Ex-Tropical Cyclone Jasper.  From December 17, personnel from HMAS Cairns and 51st Battalion, Far North Queensland Regiment, have been providing assistance to Cairns residents affected by flooding, in support of emergency services.  Following requests from emergency services via NEMA, Defence deployed two Army CH-47F Chinooks and two AW-139 helicopters from Townsville to Cairns.  More.....
20 December
UK deploys destroyer to Red Sea
The United Kingdom has deployed Royal Navy destroyer HMS Diamond to the Red Sea as part of Operation Prosperity Guardian.  The operation has been deployed to protect freedom of navigation in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden, upholding international trade and countering illicit activities in international waters.  The recent calamities in the Red Sea were sparked following Houthi attacks on international shipping, with reports indicating that ships were targeted with ballistic missiles and unmanned aerial systems.  More.....
20 December
ADF strengthens cyber security
ADF cyber experts joined with US and international counterparts in a worldwide search for malware, aiming to improve processes, readiness and coordination between countries involved.  As part of US Cyber Command’s International Coordinated Cybersecurity Activity, participants aimed to enhance collaboration and improve information sharing while countering malicious activities.  Australia’s contribution was formed into ADF Defensive Cyber Operations teams, deployed under Headquarters Joint Operations Command (HQJOC) to locations across Australia.  More.....
20 December
Sailor pedals to bronze medal
When Chief Petty Officer Mark Astley saw that the World Endurance Mountain Bike Organisation was bringing the World Solo 24-Hour Mountain Bike Championship to Australia in November 2023, in Armidale, he decided it was a good time to set a challenge.  To support this dream, the Defence Elite Sports Program and Chief Petty Officer Astley’s command at 822X Squadron granted him elite sportsman status.  This status allowed for an additional hour of sport a week, so he was able to train 15-20 hours per week.  More.....
20 December
$100m Defence contract with KPMG rife with governance failures, review finds
A $515 million project to unify and exploit the vast troves of data held by the Department of Defence is in disarray after external consultants discovered a raft of serious governance failures, including the authorisation of a six-figure payment to controversial accounting firm KPMG for work the government knew had not been delivered.  The review by Anchoram Consulting warned the project — known as ICT2284 or One Defence Data – had been "retrospectively" designed to justify a $100 million contract that was issued to KPMG Australia Technologies Solutions, or KTech, exposing the department to "significant risk".  More.....
20 December
US unveils international force to defend Red Sea. Here’s what we know.
Several nations have announced their contributions to Operation Prosperity Guardian, a new multinational security initiative in the Middle East to help protect merchant ships in the Red Sea area from drones and missiles.  To date, Houthi rebels in Yemen have launched at least 100 attacks with one-way drones and ballistic missiles, targeting 10 merchant vessels that represent more than 35 different nations, according to a readout of a virtual meeting between security group participants.  More.....
20 December
First World War veterans grave sites recognised
In 2023 community groups, ex-service organisations and individuals were invited to apply for assistance of up to $450 to mark the graves of First World War veterans whose deaths were unrelated to their war service, fulfilling an election commitment of the Albanese Government.  This program was developed to ensure First World War veterans, many of whom lie in unmarked graves, receive the respect and recognition that they deserve.  As part of this grant process, the Repatriation Commission assessed all applications and also determined that 44 veterans who had been identified through this program were in fact eligible for official War Grave status and commemoration.  More.....
19 December
U.S., Japan, South Korea Establish North Korean Missile Warning System, Trilateral Exercises
The United States, Japan, and South Korea announced on Tuesday that they have fully activated a real-time North Korea missile warning system and jointly established a multi-year trilateral exercise plan.  The announcement of the new arrangement follows North Korea’s launches of ballistic missiles on Sunday and Monday.  A Pentagon release said the mechanism was now active following recent tests that verified the full operational capability of the DPRK missile warning data sharing.  A multi-year trilateral exercise plan that will begin in early 2024 has also been established to build upon past trilateral exercises.  More.....
18 December
Over 700 American AUKUS personnel to be based in Western Australia, with radioactive storage facility also planned
Defence expects more than 700 American personnel could live in Western Australia to support up to four US nuclear submarines being stationed at HMAS Stirling, where a "low-level radioactive waste management" facility is also being planned.  The projections are contained in comprehensive briefing notes prepared by the newly created Australian Submarine Agency (ASA) which also detail how a one-off Australian government payment of $US3 billion ($4.45 billion) will be spent by the United States.  More.....
18 December
PwC’s $8m nuclear submarine payday revealed
Talking points prepared for Vice Admiral Jonathan Mead, director general of the Australian Submarine Agency, on the Nuclear-Powered Submarine Taskforce’s engagement with the embattled professional services firm have come to light following a freedom of information request from former independent senator Rex Patrick.  Information seen by Defence Connect have detailed two separate contracts between the Nuclear-Powered Submarine Taskforce and the consulting firm via the Defence Support Services Panel.  In total, Defence spent $8,055,928.56 with PwC between 2021 and 2023, with one contract phase costing Defence $560,142.57 for just 12 weeks of consulting work.  More.....
18 December
Navy Electronics Technician - Bronson's Story
Hear from Seaman Bronson Drew on what training and life is like for an
Electronics Technician in the Australian Navy

15 December
Taskforce returns to Australia after regional deployment
HMA Ships Toowoomba, Stalwart, Brisbane and Choules have returned to Australia following a three-month regional deployment in north-east and south-east Asia.  During their regional presence, the task group completed activities with partner nations, including Canada, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, the Republic of Korea, Singapore, the United Kingdom, and the United States.  Defence announced in October that the ships would contribute to Operation Argos, the international effort to enforce United Nations Security Council sanctions on North Korea.  More.....
15 December
Passage of priority AUKUS submarine and export control exemption legislation by the United States Congress
Today the US Congress passed the 2024 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which includes substantial enabling provisions for Australia’s AUKUS nuclear-powered submarine program.  The NDAA will also establish a national exemption for Australia and the United Kingdom from US defence export control licensing, and adds Australia and the United Kingdom to the US Defense Production Act.  Specifically, the NDAA will:  More.....
14 December
US requests Australia send warship to Red Sea to guard against Houthi rebels
The United States has requested Australia send a warship to the Red Sea in response to Iran-backed Houthi rebels attacking ships passing through the sea lane.  The rebel group has vowed to block ships heading to Israel until the offensive on Gaza is ended, and yesterday fired a missile at a Norwegian tanker travelling through its strait.  The US request would mark a major escalation in Australia's involvement in Israel's war on Hamas, just a day after the nation signed onto a United Nations resolution calling for an immediate ceasefire.  More.....
14 December
Sailors evolve with capability
Recent graduations from the Maritime Communications and Information Systems Wing marked the end of an era and start of another for the communications and information systems (CIS) workgroup.  On November 30, CIS Session 30 graduated as the final course of generalist CIS sailors straight from initial entry training.  These members will not conduct specialised streamed training until they commence their first career progression courses as able seamen.  The first streamed-on-entry CIS sailors graduated on November 9.  More.....
14 December
Meet the latest graduates of the Defence Community Dogs program

Defence Community Dogs conducted its latest graduation ceremony at the Honour House at the Bathurst Correctional Centre, NSW on 23 October 2023. This activity marks the transfer of the DCD assistance dogs from their inmate trainers to ADF veterans.

13 December
RAN mine warfare – stepping out, but not tripping up
Mine Warfare (MW), much like its sibling Anti-Submarine warfare (ASW), with which it shares some remarkable similarities, has and likely always will be the poor cousin of the RAN’s warfighting community.  Plagued by a history of boom/bust capability development MW has suffered continuity breaks the likes of which have never been experienced in the show business communities of submarine and air warfare.  This has been inherently risky as while Australian Mine Countermeasures (MCM) hasn’t been put to the test since World War 2, getting it wrong is equally as catastrophic as getting any other aspect of warfare wrong.  More.....
13 December
Navy evacuates weather bureau staff in heavy seas
Four Bureau of Meteorology personnel have escaped Severe Tropical Cyclone Jasper and are safely ashore in Sydney after being evacuated from a remote offshore weather station by a Navy warship.  The guided missile destroyer HMAS Brisbane was operating in the Coral Sea during the evening of Friday, December 8 when it was diverted north towards the weather station on Willis Island, located about 480 kilometres east of Cape Tribulation in Far North Queensland and directly in the path of the approaching cyclone.  More.....
12 December
Thousands greet Britain’s biggest warship as HMS Prince of Wales completes US deployment
More than 2,000 friends and family today gave the biggest welcome to Britain’s biggest warship as HMS Prince of Wales returned to Portsmouth.  The aircraft carrier enjoyed the largest homecoming the Hampshire Naval Base has seen in several years as she completed a three-month deployment to the United States.  The ship left Portsmouth at the beginning of September for an autumn dedicated to expanding the boundaries of naval aviation with the UK’s two Queen Elizabeth-class aircraft carriers.  More.....
12 December
Embracing cutting-edge technology
Navy has partnered with HydroScheme Industry Partnership Program panellist, MMA Offshore, to deliver robotic and autonomous systems upskilling and experiential learning to mine warfare, maritime geospatial and technical sailors.  Navy is pivoting towards advanced robotic and autonomous systems to give it the edge in undersea warfare operations.  The rapid, simultaneous introduction of new capability will require a workforce that is competent and familiar with this cutting-edge technology.  More.....
11 December
Lethal Drones from Yemen Attacked French Frigate in Red Sea, Say Officials
A French guided-missile frigate came under attack from two lethal drones launched from Yemen, officials in Paris said Monday.  On Saturday, two lethal drones fired from Yemen attacked the French guided-missile frigate FS Languedoc (653) while it was operating in the Red Sea, the French Minister of Armed Forces Sébastien Lecornu told the French Senate.  “This weekend, two drones coming from Yemen deliberately targeted … our multi-mission frigate Languedoc which was carrying out a patrol in the Red Sea under the authority of the Admiral for the Indian Ocean based in Abu Dhabi,” he said.  More.....
10 December
Chinese Ships Ram Philippine Vessels, Hits Crews with Water Cannons in Series of South China Sea Incidents
Chinese maritime forces damaged three Philippine vessels in two consecutive incidents in the South China Sea since Friday.  On Friday, China Coast Guard cutters and Maritime Militia vessels disrupted the resupply of Filipino fishermen off Scarborough Shoal by civilian vessels under the Philippines’ Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR). According to a press release from the National Task Force for the West Philippine Sea the BFAR multi-mission offshore vessels were harassed by water cannons and long range acoustic devices from Chinese forces.  More.....
Vice Admiral Sir John Augustine COLLINS KBE CB

John Collins was among Australia's most well-known Naval Officers of the Second World War.  Born on 7 January 1899 at Deloraine, Tasmania, he joined the first class of cadets at the Royal Australian Naval College, Geelong, in 1913.  He graduated as a Midshipman in January 1917 and went on to serve with the British Grand Fleet, operating out of Scapa Flow, during the First World War.  His first ship was HMS Canada and he later joined HMS Spencer as Gun Control Officer with the rank of Sub-Lieutenant.

Collins was attending gunnery school when the First World War ended and returned to Australia in 1921, joining HMAS Melbourne.  He attended several gunnery courses in England as well as qualifying as a deep-sea diver.

In 1928 Collins became Gunnery Officer on HMAS Australia with the rank of Lieutenant Commander, then returned once more to Australia where he was given command of HMAS Anzac.  In June he was promoted to Commander.  In 1932 he attended the Naval Staff College at Greenwich and the following year began work as a commander in the Admiralty's Plans Division.  Three years as Executive Officer on HMAS Sydney followed.  When the Second World War began, Collins was given command of HMAS Sydney and sailed for the Mediterranean.

A skilled and respected captain, Collins was also a humane man.  Having once sunk an Italian destroyer, he lingered to rescue survivors despite the submarine threat, leaving a cutter and provisions when finally forced to leave.  His most conspicuous success, however, was the sinking of the Italian cruiser Bartolomeo Colleoni in July 1940.  Collins became a National hero and was to wear that mantle for the remainder of his life.  Continue reading this fascinating story at:
07 December
USS Mason shoots down another air drone in the Red Sea
The Navy destroyer Mason shot down an air drone on Wednesday that officials attributed to Iran-allied Houthi rebels in Yemen — the latest episode of a U.S. warship intercepting air drones and missiles in the Middle East in recent weeks.  “We can confirm the USS Mason shot down an uncrewed aerial vehicle originating from Houthi controlled areas of Yemen at 10:20 a.m. (Yemen time) Dec. 6 in the southern Red Sea,” a military official granted anonymity to discuss operations said in an email to Navy Times.  More.....
07 December
No, Japan is not ready for AUKUS
On 14 November, Aso Taro, the vice president of Japan’s ruling Liberal Democratic Party, called for Japan to be included in the AUKUS trilateral security partnership with Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States.  This ‘JAUKUS’ proposal is nothing new.  Since the inception of AUKUS in September 2021, Japan has been viewed as the leading candidate for additional membership due to its solid alliance with the US and membership of other security partnerships, including the Quad.  More.....
06 December
Navy Cadet Youth Development Continuum Program
The new Australian Navy Cadets Youth Development Program was officially launched!  The new program incorporates elements of learning: drone flying, robotics, first aid, cooking, on water activities(sailing, powerboating), and ceremonial drumming.

06 December
Reflecting and celebrating diversity
For several members of HMAS Toowoomba with Filipino heritage, sailing in company with the Philippine Navy allowed them to proudly reflect on their heritage and celebrate the diversity and inclusiveness of the Royal Australian Navy (RAN).  This opportunity arose during a recent maritime cooperative activity in the Exclusive Economic Zone of the Philippines.  More.....
06 December
Scientists dive into better communication
Having the chance to see their work in action is a highlight for many Defence Science and Technology Group (DSTG) scientists – and the recent Autonomous Warrior exercise at Jervis Bay provided the opportune time to put underwater projects to the test.  Autonomous Warrior presented a controlled environment to test and evaluate a range of trusted autonomous technologies below and on the surface of the ocean.  More.....
05 December
Australia developing ‘top secret’ intelligence cloud to work with US, UK spy agencies
Australia’s top intelligence official has revealed development of a “top secret” intelligence cloud that is planned to be interoperable with US and UK spy networks and enable all 10 of the lucky country’s intel agencies to better detect national security threats.  “We are working very hard on a top secret cloud initiative where we’re hoping that we will be in a position to take that initiative forward,” Andrew Shearer, Australia’s Director-General of National Intelligence said Monday during an event hosted by the Center for Strategic and International Studies think tank. More.....
05 December
Royal Navy supports science mission into human impact on Antarctica
The Royal Navy will help scientists study the impact of tourism and climate change on the Antarctic as icebreaker HMS Protector begins her annual polar mission.  Scientists from the University of Portsmouth will work with HMS Protector until the end of January.  The Antarctic received a record number of tourists during the 2022-23 season – 105,331 visitors with 50 ships a day operating around the frozen continent at the peak, with both figures only expected to rise.  More.....
05 December
The Marine Corps is looking at small drone boats for spying on vessels
The Marine Corps is conducting market research into small drone boats as part of a push to boost the service’s reconnaissance capabilities and prepare for conflict near shore.  Marine Corps Systems Command posted a request for information Friday asking for the industry’s capabilities to provide unmanned surface vessels that can sense at sea.  More.....
04 December
Stronger than ever in the Indo-Pacific
Reinforced partnerships, enhanced cooperation and mutually beneficial information sharing activities were some of the highlights from this year’s Indo-Pacific Endeavour 2023 (IPE23).  Australia’s flagship regional engagement activity travelled by air and sea across South-East Asia and the North-East Indian Ocean, from India in the west to the Philippines in the east.  More.....
04 December
Happy tour for HMS Tamar as she gears up for festive period in South Pacific
HMS Tamar has arrived in the Australian city of Cairns in preparation for a festive period and new year around the South Pacific islands.  The patrol ship will be one of the most active Royal Navy units as 2023 becomes 2024 on patrol around eastern Australasia.  She’ll do so with a new title – best overseas patrol vessel – and a new commanding officer, as Commander Teilo Elliot-Smith steps down after 28 months in charge.  More.....
04 December
How to stop any repeat of the Australia-China sonar incident
A regional deal to close a loophole relating to the use of sonar in international law could be a good place to start.  Soviet warships regularly sparred with Western navies during the Cold War years, conducting close-in ship-to-ship manoeuvres and pointing lasers against their foreign opponents at sea.  China’s People’s Liberation Army Navy have gone one “better” – resorting to what Markus Garlauskas and Philip Yu, writing for the New Atlanticist, called “acoustic aggression” after last month directing active sonar pulses at navy divers working underwater from Australia’s ship HMAS Toowoomba.  More.....
04 December
May we be worthy of their Service
CMDR Terry Makings talks about the ultimate sacrifices made by sailors, particularly around the Christmas period, and the subsequent Remembrance Services held at the Shrine of Remembrance in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

04 December
Ships face attack in Red Sea as US warship fires in self defense
Commercial ships came under attack Sunday by drones and missiles in the Red Sea and a U.S. warship there opened fire in self-defense as part of an hourslong assault claimed by Yemen’s Houthi rebels, officials said.  The attack potentially marked a major escalation in a series of maritime attacks in the Mideast linked to the Israel-Hamas war as multiple vessels found themselves in the crosshairs of a single Houthi assault for the first time in the conflict.  More.....
03 December
Enhanced Submarine Tracking: US, UK, and Australia’s AI Collaboration
In a significant development, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia have announced their collaboration to implement an artificial intelligence (AI) system to enhance the tracking of Chinese submarines in the Pacific.  This initiative, emerging from the Aukus Pillar II agreement, represents a strategic move to counter China’s rapidly expanding military capabilities.  The core of this collaboration involves using AI algorithms to process sonar data, a task undertaken by crews operating the US Navy’s premier maritime surveillance and attack aircraft, the P-8A Poseidon.  More.....
02 December
New Defence space capability boosts regional security
The Australian Government has entered into an agreement with the United States and the United Kingdom to further advance Australia’s defence space capabilities.  At the second AUKUS Defence Ministers’ Meeting in California, Ministers spoke about accelerating capabilities that provide all three partners with timely and reliable information in contested environments.  As part of this, Australia, the United States and United Kingdom will collaborate on the Deep-space Advanced Radar Capability.  More.....
01 December
Growing number of senior officers in 'top-heavy' Australian Defence Force despite falling overall personnel numbers
New research reveals the ranks of senior officers in the Australian military has almost doubled over the past twenty years, despite a steady decline in overall numbers of enlisted defence personnel.  Analysis prepared by the Parliamentary Library confirms the number of "star-ranked" officers in the Australian Defence Force now totals 219, up from 119 in 2003.  The figures, confirm that for every senior Australian Defence Force (ADF) officer, there is just 260 other lower ranked officers or regular personnel serving below them.  More.....
01 December
‘Don’t you dare’: South Australian govt’s decision to remove ANZAC Day slammed
The South Australian government has removed the name Anzac Day and replaced it with ‘25 April’ a day “fixed as a public holiday”.  Sky News host Erin Molan says “little innocuous actions” that seemingly don’t matter, actually do.

01 December
First US submarine repairs in Australia scheduled for summer
The U.S. Navy will conduct its first submarine maintenance work in Australia next summer using the sub tender Emory S. Land, with 30 Australian sailors embarked to learn how to repair the Virginia class of submarine.  This will be an early step in establishing a nuclear-powered attack submarine maintenance capability at the HMAS Stirling naval base in Western Australia in the next few years as part of the trilateral AUKUS arrangement.  U.S. Navy Undersecretary Erik Raven said the service has already taken a number of steps since the March announcement of the AUKUS “optimal pathway,” which lays out three phases:  More.....
01 December
Applications for Veteran Wellbeing Grants now open!
Ex-service organisations (ESOs) and the community groups they support can now apply for funding opportunities under the Veteran Wellbeing Grants (VWG) program.  The VWG program funds sustainable community-based projects and activities provided by eligible ESOs to benefit the health and wellbeing of veterans and families.  The 2023–2024 round has $3.777 million in Government funding available for projects and activities that aim to:  More.....
01 December
Partnerships strengthened in the Philippines
The Philippines and Australia share a longstanding and deep defence relationship – working side by side for more than 70 years.  This relationship was reinforced recently, as the two countries conducted the first bilateral maritime cooperative activity to enhance maritime domain awareness and regional security in the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) of the Philippines from November 25-27.  The activity included Philippine Navy vessels BRP Gregorio del Pilar and BRP Davao Del Sur, Royal Australian Navy frigate HMAS Toowoomba, five Philippine Air Force aircraft and a Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) P-8A maritime surveillance aircraft.  More.....
01 December
Australia’s Hunter-class frigate program hits a milestone
BAE Systems’ Hunter Class Frigate Program has successfully completed its Preliminary Design Review (PDR).  The review, which started in July, is a technical assessment that ensures the design is operationally effective and underpins the more detailed work that will now be undertaken.  More than 1,800 people are now working on the Hunter program. Companies from across Australia are working with BAE Systems to support the manufacture of the first batch of three Hunter class frigates.  More.....
01 December
Indo-Pacific Endeavour strengthens regional partnerships
Australia’s flagship regional activity, Indo-Pacific Endeavour 23, has concluded after engaging 14 countries over four months delivering stronger regional friendships and partnerships.  IPE23 reinforces Australia’s commitment to a peaceful, secure and prosperous region. Bangladesh, Brunei, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, the Maldives, the Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Timor-Leste, Thailand, Vietnam.

01 December
New legislation to unlock billions of dollars for AUKUS industry partners
The Government will unlock billions of dollars in investment and cut red tape for Australian Defence industry and our AUKUS partners, with the introduction of the Defence Trade Controls Amendment Bill 2023.  Under the legislation introduced today, Australia’s existing trade controls will be expanded to regulate the supply of controlled items and provision of services on the Defence and Strategic Goods List, ensuring our cutting-edge military technologies are protected.  More.....
01 December
Launch of Defence family and domestic violence prevention and response strategy
The government has released the Defence Strategy for Preventing and Responding to Family and Domestic Violence 2023–2028.  Family and domestic violence is incompatible with Defence’s values and behaviours of service, courage, respect, integrity and excellence, and to include and value others.  Australian Defence values are about having the courage and integrity to do what is needed, to do what is right.  More.....
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