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19 August
USS Zumwalt Arrives in Mississippi for Hypersonic Weapon Installation
Guided-missile destroyer USS Zumwalt (DDG-1000) arrived in Mississippi to begin a two-year process to install hypersonic missiles arrived on Saturday, USNI News has learned.  “USS Zumwalt (DDG-1000) arrived in Pascagoula, Miss., today to enter a modernization period and receive technology upgrades including the integration of the Conventional Prompt Strike weapon system,” reads a statement from the Navy provided to USNI News.  “The upgrades will ensure Zumwalt remains one of the most technologically advanced and lethal ships in the U.S. Navy.”  More.....
18 August
Time for a quantum leap
Among the fleet of warships at last year’s Rim of the Pacific Exercise (RIMPAC), one carried a pair of Australian-built quantum clocks, believed to be some of the world’s most accurate.  They were tested aboard HMNZA Aotearoa by Dr Ben Sparkes, a quantum technologist from Defence Science and Technology Group (DSTG) working alongside a team from the University of Adelaide.  He said they saw that regular commercial clocks have poor performance on board due to ships’ movement but the Australian quantum clocks showed none of those effects, thanks to quantum clocks measuring time by movements of atoms or molecules.  More.....
18 August
Partners take flight over NSW waters
The sea phase of Exercise Malabar is under way, with ships from Australia, India, Japan and the United States conducting a series of cross-decking training off the NSW coast.  The activities involved the launch and recovery of ship-based helicopters across multinational ships, to help promote and demonstrate interoperability procedures.  A Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force SH-60K Super Auk, from JS Shiranui, touched down on the flight deck of HMAS Brisbane, at the same time Brisbane’s MH-60R Seahawk practised landings on Shiranui and Indian destroyer INS Kolkata.  More.....
18 August
Shipmates swing aboard Reliant
NUSHIP Arafura shipmates experienced a six-week rotation aboard Australia’s Pacific support vessel ADV Reliant to prepare them for their future role on the offshore patrol vessel.  Able Seaman Joshua Keys, Leading Seaman Joshua Guy and Leading Seaman Jack Bellingham, based at HMAS Stirling, were keen to escape the Perth winter for the swing aboard Reliant.  They boarded the vessel in the Solomon Islands in mid-June.  The ship’s itinerary took them to Nauru, Kiribati, the Marshall Islands and Papua New Guinea (PNG), supporting engagement activities in each country, before returning to Cairns late July.  More.....
18 August
TV show inspires new generation of recruits
Through the educational television series Ultimate Classroom, Defence Force Recruiting (DFR) aimed to inspire Gen Z to consider a Defence STEM career.  And a study of the series’ impact on viewers indicated some success.  The partnership with Channel 10 and Paramount Plus, was part of DFR’s recruitment campaign for STEM-driven pathways.  Not only was it nominated for a Logie award this year, but a survey of 400 Gen Z viewers showed an increase in STEM knowledge of almost 30 per cent.  More.....
18 August
Batters-up for sports day
As the sun came out on the last day of the harbour phase of Exercise Malabar, partner nations that had already competed in sports such as basketball and soccer went head-to-head in cricket and softball.  Crews from Japanese Ship Shiranui and USS Rafael Peralta competed in a heated match of softball, which resulted in a 9-6 win to Japan.  United States sailor Hull Maintenance Technician First Class Anthony Diestelkamp said playing sport was a great way to get to know people on the ships they will be working with.  More.....
18 August
From the farm to the sea
‘Storing ship’ (or restocking supplies) is routine for the crew of HMAS Canberra, but for Midshipman Courtney Taylor it's the start of a dream job.  As a Navy Officer Year One (NOYO), the first 12 months of her career gives Midshipman Taylor an appreciation of ship life before she heads off to the Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA) to start her degree.  The experience gives Midshipman Taylor the chance to integrate within the Maritime Logistics Department to better understand her role for when she returns to sea as an assistant maritime logistics officer.  More.....
18 August
USS Bataan, USS Carter Hall and 26th MEU Now in the Persian Gulf
Amphibious assault ship USS Bataan (LHD-5) and landing dock ship USS Carter Hall (LSD-50), sailing on orders to the Persian Gulf region, crossed the Strait of Hormuz on Thursday, USNI has learned.  Both ships, part of the three-ship, 4,000-member Bataan Amphibious Ready Group, left Norfolk, Va., July 10 as a crisis-response force for U.S. Naval Forces Europe, and are carrying elements of the 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit (Special Operations Capable).  More.....
17 August
China appears to be building an airstrip on a disputed island
China appears to be constructing an airstrip on a disputed South China Sea island that is also claimed by Vietnam and Taiwan, according to satellite photos analyzed by The Associated Press.  The work on Triton island in the Paracel group mirrors construction on seven human-made islands in the Spratly group to the east which have been equipped with airstrips, docks and military systems, although it currently appears to be somewhat more modest in scale.​  More.....
17 August
The ‘forgotten war’ no longer
A three-ship flypast from 2 Flying Training School (2FTS) over the serenity of Kings Park, WA, marked the opening of the Perth Korean War Memorial.  The ceremony was held exactly 70 years to the day since the signing of the armistice agreement, which ended Korean War hostilities.  Australia played a crucial role in defending South Korea and was the second country, after the US, to send military forces as part of a United Nations (UN) response.​  More.....
17 August
USNI News Video: USS Constitution Gets a New Mast
USNI News visited the oldest warship afloat, USS Constitution, in early August to see repairs to the masts and spars on the 226-year-old frigate.

17 August
Using science on the battlefield
A laser-shooting sensor on Navy’s eye in the sky mapped the seabed and beach for amphibious landings as part of a trial on Exercise Sea Raider.  An S100 unmanned aerial system was fitted with a bathymetric light detection and ranging (LiDAR) sensor, which used green wavelength laser beams to penetrate water and create littoral and terrain geospatial surveys.  The trials investigated the optimal balance between flying low to collect data in comparison to tactical flying.​  More.....
16 August
Dot was deployed to a hospital in the Vietnam War. When she returned home, she suffered from PTSD
Back home in staid mid-1960s Melbourne after three years in swinging London, Dorothy 'Dot' Angell wanted a new adventure.  So, in early 1967 the 26-year-old nurse signed up for a stint in south-east Asia:  she and a group of other staff from The Alfred Hospital in Melbourne put their hands up to work in South Vietnam as part of a civilian medical team.  "I was very, very restless … and so I volunteered, not knowing anything about what we were going to be facing.  And I still say that the experience I had over there really changed my whole career."​  More.....
15 August
Australia and Japan deepen defence ties
Australia and Japan are strengthening defence ties with the Japan-Australia Reciprocal Access Agreement (RAA) coming into effect. This military agreement provides the legal framework for greater defence cooperation between the Australian Defence Force (ADF) and Japan Self-Defense Force (JSDF).  It is the first visiting forces agreement Japan has struck with any country outside the United States.  When it comes to practical outcomes, this agreement will see more training and exercises between the two countries, including:​  More.....
15 August
Study links ‘forever chemicals’ to testicular cancer in US troops
Gary Flook served in the Air Force for 37 years, as a firefighter at the now-closed Chanute Air Force Base in Illinois and the former Grissom Air Force Base in Indiana, where he regularly trained with aqueous film forming foam, or AFFF — a frothy white fire retardant that is highly effective but now known to be toxic.  Flook volunteered at his local fire department, where he also used the foam, unaware of the health risks it posed.  In 2000, at age 45, he received devastating news: He had testicular cancer, which would require an orchiectomy followed by chemotherapy.  More.....
15 August
Commemorating Victory in the Pacific Day
On 15 August 1945, Australia's Prime Minister, Hon Ben Chifley, announced that Japan had surrendered in Asia and the Pacific, bringing an end to the Second World War.  The surrender ending the global conflict was a defining moment in history and became known as Victory in the Pacific (VP) Day.  On this day we remember the one million Australian men and women who served during the Second World War. Approximately 40,000 Australians lost their lives during the war, with over 17,000 losing their lives against Japan alone.  More.....
15 August
Matildas' magic sweeps Navy
The Matildas’ magic has swept through Exercise Malabar, with the four participating nations staging a ‘curtain opener’ soccer tournament in Sydney ahead of this week’s historic Women’s World Cup semi-final.  With the sea-going phase of the exercise commencing before Wednesday’s world cup final qualifier, players from the United States, Japanese, Indian and Royal Australian navies gathered in Sydney’s The Rocks on August 14 to celebrate.  Players will be participating in a nine-team, 36-game round robin tournament billed as ‘goodwill games’ so personnel from all member nations could compete with each other in a less formal setting.  More.....
15 August
ADF taking on cavities
For the first time, students at the ADF Dental School did their maxillofacial training at Melbourne University, giving them valuable hands-on experience in facial surgery and further developing clinical mastery.  This inaugural collaboration was brought about thanks to recent changes to the Dental Officer Initial Course aimed at enhancing mastery and operational effect through increased access to specialist instructors and practical hands-on training.  Officer in Charge ADF Dental School Lieutenant Commander Vishal Bhakoo said, “There has been glowing feedback from students on the course, with the maxillofacial training at Melbourne University being a particular highlight.”  More.....
15 August
Army, Navy and Marines all without top leaders due to Tuberville holds
With the top spots at the Army, Navy and Marine Corps now vacant, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin blasted Republican Sen. Tommy Tuberville’s blanket hold on department confirmations on Monday for “undermining America’s military readiness” and adding stress to an untold number of military families.  “This is unprecedented, it is unnecessary, and it is unsafe,” Austin said at a retirement ceremony for Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Mike Gilday in Maryland.  “It’s hindering our ability to retain our very best officers and it is upending the lives of far too many American military families.  More.....
15 August
Chinese defense minister to visit Russia, Belarus in show of support
Chinese Defense Minister Li Shangfu is visiting Russia and Belarus in a show of support for those nations which the West has sought to isolate over Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.  Li departed Monday on the six-day trip, during which he will deliver an address at the Moscow Conference on International Security and meet with defense leaders from Russia and other nations, the Defense Ministry said on its social media account, citing spokesperson Col. Wu Qian.  More.....
15 August
Like father, like sons
The smell of diesel would reach up the stairwell to a third-floor Lilyfield apartment before the man coated in it could be seen.  A young boy sitting at the top would be giddy with excitement knowing his father was back from a submarine patrol.  After being inside the iron capsule for months, diesel and hydraulic fumes would cling to the skin and clothing of anyone inside.  “Mum would open the door and I’d sit there at the top with so much excitement. I always remember smelling him before seeing him – it was so distinct,” the young boy, now Chief Petty Officer Simon Steyn, said.  More.....
14 August
VCNO Lisa Franchetti Takes Command of Navy
In a ceremony at the Naval Academy’s Memorial Hall, retiring Chief of Naval Operations Adm Mike Gilday was relieved by VCNO Adm. Lisa Franchetti who will perform the duties of CNO pending confirmation by the Senate amidst an ongoing block of confirmation for flag and general officers.  Gilday relinquished his command nearly four years to the day that he began serving as the Navy’s highest-ranking officer.  Under his tenure, the Navy began the process of reshaping the service under the 2018 National Defense Strategy that shifted the focus from supporting the global war on terrorism to instead take on China and Russia at sea.  More.....
14 August
Inspiring the next generation of scientists
Directed-energy weapons and quantum technology were up for discussion as Defence celebrated the launch of National Science Week with a ‘Lunch and Learn’ event in Canberra on August 14.  Chief Defence Scientist Professor Tanya Monro said it was important to stop, recognise and celebrate the stories of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) expertise professionals in Defence, and encourage the next generation of scientists.  “Thirty per cent of civilian roles and over 40 per cent of ADF roles need STEM, and too often our young people aren’t choosing the subjects they need to prepare them for those high-value jobs,” Professor Monro said.  More.....
14 August
Lessons learned from valued partner
Bringing a new Royal Australian Navy ship into service naturally brings some challenges – especially when it is only the fifth of its kind worldwide, and the first built in Australia to Australian specifications.  Understanding these challenges when commissioning a new ship is crucial to finding ways to safely and efficiently bring that new capability into service.  To this end, four members of NUSHIP Arafura, the first of the Royal Australian Navy’s new Arafura-class offshore patrol vessels (OPVs), visited their sister vessels, the Darussalam-class OPVs operated by the Royal Brunei Navy from June 26 to 30.  More.....
14 August
Philippine and Australian forces embark
Personnel from Philippine and Australian forces have embarked HMAS Canberra in Darwin in preparation for Exercise Alon, which is being conducted for the first time.  Exercise Alon is an ADF and Armed Forces of the Philippines joint bilateral amphibious activity.  It will be supported by United States Marine Corps (USMC) personnel from the Marine Rotational Force – Darwin.  The exercise is part of Indo-Pacific Endeavour (IPE) and will involve six ships, multiple aircraft and more than 2000 personnel, including about 700 Armed Forces of the Philippines, 1200 ADF and 150 USMC personnel.  More.....
11 August
100 Marines, Sailors Ready to Ride Commercial Ships in Zone Defense Against Iran
A force of 100 Marines, newly trained by Navy personnel, stand ready to respond, if ordered, to provide armed security aboard foreign commercial ships transiting the Strait of Hormuz, USNI has learned.  The Marines are members of the 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit (Special Operations Capable) embarked on the three-ship Bataan Amphibious Ready Group. They were flown off the ships in Europe and arrived in Bahrain for training as ship security teams, and additional teams of sailors already deployed or stationed in the U.S. Central Command region were undergoing the training, said a U.S. official familiar with the plans.  More.....
11 August
‘Quad’ Alliance Joins Together for Exercise Malabar 2023 in Australia
The United States, Australia, India and Japan began Exercise Malabar 2023 Friday with ships steaming into Sydney on Thursday for the harbor phase of the exercise.  The harbor phase will be held until Aug. 15 while the at-sea phase will take place off the east coast of Australia from Aug. 16-21, according to a Tuesday Japan Maritime Self Defense Force (JMSDF) release.  The at-sea phase will see a wide range of tactical exercises, such as surface warfare, anti-submarine warfare, air defense, special forces and replenishment at sea exercises.  Originally beginning in 1992 as an exercise between the U.S and Indian navies, Exercise Malabar subsequently expanded to include Australia and Japan. Australia is hosting he exercise, now in its 27th edition, for the first time.  More.....
11 August
The King and Princess of Wales take on new Naval appointments
The nation’s flagship today has a new sponsor with His Majesty the King assuming the role from his late mother. And the Princess of Wales will become the honorary head of naval aviation as she assumes the role of Commodore-in-Chief of the Fleet Air Arm.  The appointments are two of many announced by Buckingham Palace today following a review of all military titles and positions held by members of the Royal Family, initiated following the deaths of Queen Elizabeth II and The late Duke of Edinburgh, and the Accession of His Majesty The King.  More.....
11 August
Austal Australia hands over 16th Guardian-Class patrol boat
Austal Australia has delivered the 16th Guardian-class Patrol Boat (GCPB) to the Australian Department of Defence.  The vessel was then gifted by the Australian Government to the Federated States of Micronesia at a certificate signing ceremony held today at Austal’s shipyard in Henderson, Western Australia.  The ceremony was attended by Commodore Ivan Ingham AM, Royal Australian Navy, Senior ADF Officer Western Australia, with the Federated States of Micronesia represented by LCDR Steward (Siddi) Peter, FSM Police Maritime Wing.  More.....
10 August
Turtle conservation | Royal Navy
Royal Navy sailors cleared dangerous waste plastic from a turtle nesting site on the Caribbean island of Curaçao during a patrol of the region.  Portsmouth-based HMS Dauntless is deployed to the Caribbean to help stop drugs smugglers alongside the US Coast Guard and provide support to British Overseas Territories during hurricane season from June to November.  Fifty British sailors from the Type 45 destroyer volunteered with Sea Turtle Conservation Curaçao during a logistics stop on the Dutch island, helping clear more than 200kg of ocean plastic from a nesting beach and carrying out medical checks on the turtle population.

10 August
'We look fierce': Invictus Games kit revealed
The Invictus Games Düsseldorf 2023 Team Australia kit has been launched and it’s already been labelled a hit by the nation’s 31 competitors.  The uniform, which features the country’s instantly recognisable green-and-gold colours, was unveiled at the final training camp held at the Sydney Academy of Sport and Recreation at Narrabeen from August 4 to 7.  Commander Ryan Kelly, 40, who joined the Australian Navy in 2001, will be competing in archery, volleyball and swimming at his first ever Invictus Games in Germany.  And to say he is keen is an understatement.  More.....
10 August
‘Join the Navy, see the world’
After a busy few months, the ship’s company of HMAS Anzac has wrapped up the latest regional presence deployment in the Indo-Pacific region.  Anzac arrived in Darwin this week, after departing for the deployment from its home port of Fleet Base West in mid-April.  With pandemic restrictions easing around the world, the phrase “join the Navy, see the world” is again ringing true.  Anzac sailor Able Seaman Claire Brown has deployed to sea several times, but the pandemic prevented a number of port visits.  More.....
09 August
Uncrewed surface vessel launched
He may be in the Air Force, but Aircraftman Max Tesoriero has always had a keen interest in designing and building boats, an interest he acquired as a child, building elaborate models with his father.  The communication electronics technician was able to put this interest into practice recently, working collaboratively with Navy personnel to deliver an uncrewed surface vessel, launched in June at HMAS Cerberus for Navy Engineering Week.  Using his knowledge of electronics and propulsion systems, Aircraftman Tesoriero helped design and deliver the vessel as part of the Innovation (Robotics Autonomous Systems – Artificial Intelligence) Project Challenge, undertaken by members of the engineering officers application course.  More.....
09 August
CrossFit named official ADF sport
ADF members who do CrossFit now have a new home within Defence in which to engage their passion.  CrossFit has been endorsed as an ADF Sport, a recognition that brings with it funding and opportunity.  Chief Operating Officer of the new ADF association Sergeant Elona Stewart described the difference this will make for members.  “Athletes have previously given up on the sport, or they’ve gotten out of the ADF, because they wanted to pursue a career in [CrossFit], but couldn’t,” Sergeant Stewart said.  More.....
Paymaster Captain Alfred Martin TREACY OBE

Some RAN Supply Branch personnel may recall from their time at HMAS Cerberus that the building that houses the Supply and Health Faculty is called the Treacy Building.  Some may even have read the small bronze plaque that was placed on the lower floor of the building, in 1979, and which briefly describes the man after whom the building is named:  but who actually was Alfred Martin Treacy and why is he the father of the RAN Supply Branch?

In early 1894 he applied to join the Victorian Navy as a Paymaster officer and commenced service in the permanent forces on 21 May 1894.  In 1894 the Victorian Navy was the largest of the state navies with some 240 permanent personnel and 350 reservists (the Victorian Naval Brigade) and the fleet consisted of the flagship HMVS Nelson, monitor HMVS Cerberus, two gunboats and five torpedo boats.  Financially the maintenance of such a large fleet was a drain on the Victorian economy and several of the ships were often held in reserve with only skeleton crews.

Treacy entered the service as a Paymaster’s Clerk (equivalent to a Midshipman) in what was then known as the Accountant Branch.  On entry he was described as 6 feet 1 inch tall with brown hair and blue eyes.

In March 1900 the Boxer Rebellion broke out in China and Britain found itself short of troops to deal with the uprising.  Britain was as that time fighting a significant war in South Africa against the Boer Republics.  Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and South Australia all offered naval forces to support the British cause and Victoria provided a 200 man naval brigade and Alfred Treacy became the units Paymaster responsible for not only pay but all provisions, stores, equipment and administration.
Continue reading this fascinating story in our Heroes Section.....
08 August
More Marines, sailors operating in Red Sea amid tensions with Iran
Thousands of sailors and Marines assigned to the Bataan Amphibious Ready Group and the 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit are operating in the Red Sea after transiting the Suez Canal, according to the U.S. 5th Fleet.  The announcement comes days after The Associated Press reported the military is contemplating placing armed personnel on commercial ships transiting through the Strait of Hormuz, in response to Iran seizing and harassing civilian vessels in the region.  The Associated Press reported that no final decisions were made on the matter, and officials said the Marines and Navy sailors would provide the security only at the request of the ships involved.  More.....
08 August
CO: In Australia, Marine Rotational Force-Darwin is at the ‘Cutting Edge’ of Force Design
What began with 250 American Marines and sailors at Australia’s “Top End” 12 years ago has grown into a Marine air-ground task force of 2,500 that spends its seven-month rotation spread across Australia and the western Pacific.  As U.S.-Australia military relations have grown closer, Marine Rotational Force-Darwin’s focus has evolved, too.  Lately it’s helping refine operational concepts – like Expeditionary Air Base Operations it conducted last year – the Marine Corps needs to have a more agile, lethal force positioned to win in the future fight, as outlined in its Force Design 2030 modernization strategy.  More.....
08 August
Government's response to the inquiry into international armed conflict decision making
The defence of Australia, its people and its interests is a government’s most important responsibility. Australians should be assured that their Parliament has an important role in debating matters of national importance, including Australia’s involvement in international armed conflict.  The most consequential decision for a government is to deploy the Australian Defence Force into an international armed conflict and is never taken lightly.  The Albanese Government has today released its response to the Joint Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade’s inquiry into international armed conflict decision making.  More.....
07 August
Finding people to serve
The ADF has more than 250 types of roles on offer and many benefits for people to stay in the service, but it’s 4000 personnel short.  This is the biggest challenge facing the first Chief of Personnel Lieutenant General Natasha Fox.  Creating a more attractive environment for people to join and modernising employment offers are some of the ideas she proposes.  “Defence has to be competitive in the employment market, with our culture, how we look after our people, the roles we have and the professional development we provide,” Lieutenant General Fox said.  More.....
07 August
Never too late for a new career path
Navy recruit Stephen Thompson once had a long, successful career in the automotive industry.  Over 20 years he went from being the guy sweeping the floors to the guy who owned the building. But after downsizing through the COVID-19 pandemic, Recruit Thompson, now 51, found himself standing in his workshop realising he didn’t want to be in the same place in a decade’s time.  Recruit Thompson wanted a new career path, where he would have a sense of purpose and be able to challenge himself, so late last year he decided to explore a career in the ADF.  More.....
07 August
Consultation on new mental health and wellbeing strategy underway
The Royal Commission into Defence and Veteran Suicide has made it abundantly clear that more needs to be done to support the mental health and wellbeing of Defence personnel, veterans and families.  We’re taking action.  Today I hosted a round-table meeting with mental health experts to hear their professional perspectives on the practical steps we need to take to improve the mental health and wellbeing of the broad Defence and veteran community.  More.....
07 August
Philippine military condemns Chinese coast guard’s use of water cannon
The Philippine military on Sunday condemned a Chinese coast guard ship’s “excessive and offensive” use of a water cannon to block a Filipino supply boat from delivering new troops, food, water and fuel to a Philippine-occupied shoal in the disputed South China Sea.  The tense confrontation on Saturday at the Second Thomas Shoal was the latest flare-up in the long-seething territorial conflicts involving China, the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Taiwan and Brunei.  More.....
04 August
WWII paratrooper famous for bringing beer to wounded troops dies at 98
Vincent Speranza, the American paratrooper who became known as the soldier who doled out beer to his wounded comrades during the Battle of the Bulge, died Wednesday at the age of 98, the 18th Airborne Corps announced on Twitter.  The New York native was drafted out of high school in 1943 to Company H, 501st Parachutist Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division, and slotted in as an incredibly green replacement in November 1944 as the unit regrouped following the failure of Operation Market Garden earlier that fall.  Within weeks, Speranza found himself among 600,000 GIs engaged in the bitter, nearly six-week campaign against approximately 500,000 Nazis.  More.....
04 August
Largest Ever Talisman Sabre Exercise Wraps in Australia
The largest iteration of Exercise Talisman Sabre, with more than 33,000 troops from 13 countries, concluded on Friday.  As part of the exercise, the U.S. Army established a Joint Logistics Over The Shore (JLOTS) facility in Australia for the first time. This floating pier permitted equipment to be unloaded onto a beach in Bowen, on the Queensland coast. Establishing expeditionary advanced bases was an important element of the exercise too, similar to how the U.S. is interested in prepositioning equipment in Australia and the Philippines.  “In the event of crisis or contingency, the thought of having to move so many troops, so much logistical support, from Camp Pendleton is a daunting task because of the tyranny of geography,” said Brig. Gen. Kevin Jarrard, assistant division commander, 1st Marine Division.  More.....
04 August
U.S. Nuclear-Powered Submarine Visits Western Australia, First Since AUKUS Announcement
USS North Carolina (SSN 777) docked at HMAS Stirling, a naval base in Western Australia, today following participation in Talisman Sabre 2023.  This marks the first visit by a Virginia-class submarine to the country since the leaders’ announcement of the Australia, United Kingdom, and United States (AUKUS) Optimal Pathway.  “North Carolina’s presence in HMAS Stirling is an example of the United States’ full commitment to the AUKUS partnership starting with a promised increase in SSN port visits to Australia in 2023,” said Mr. Abe Denmark, Senior Advisor for AUKUS to the Secretary of Defense.  More.....
04 August
Indo-Pacific Endeavour 2023 - Timor Leste
Indo-Pacific Endeavour (IPE) is Australia’s flagship regional engagement activity, supporting the Australian Government’s commitment to investing in our regional diplomatic and defence partnerships.

04 August
USS Ronald Reagan Carrier Strike Group joins Royal Australian Navy for Sea, Air and Intelligence Integration during Talisman Sabre 23
Carrier Strike Group (CSG) 5 hosted a team of Royal Australian Navy intelligence leaders aboard the flagship Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76) during Talisman Sabre 23 off the northwestern coast of Australia.  The intelligence integration coincided with the carrier strike group’s maritime exercises in the Indian Ocean with the Virginia-class fast-attack submarine USS North Carolina (SSN 777) and Royal Australian Navy’s HMAS Perth (FFH 157).  More.....
04 August
Planning defence projects for a new submarine era
Despite negative perceptions about the Collins-class submarine project, the six boats now in service with the Royal Australian Navy are regarded as among the world’s best diesel-electric submarines.  While the project faced major delays and cost overruns, it ultimately became a significant sovereign defence industry capability and provides an excellent basis for the challenging AUKUS nuclear-powered submarine (SSN) program.  More.....
04 August
Applications for Veterans' Health Week 2023 funding now open
Veterans' Health week is an important opportunity for Australians to reflect on the service and sacrifices of veterans and veteran families, and acknowledge that sometimes, this service can take its toll on their health and wellbeing.  This year, Veterans’ Health Week 2023 is focused on “Mental Wellness Matters”, encouraging veterans and veteran families to renew their focus on maintaining good mental health and seeking support when it’s needed.  More.....
03 August
Human remains found near wreckage of MRH90 Taipan helicopter in Queensland's Whitsundays
Australian Defence Force Chief of Joint Operations Lieutenant General Greg Bilton said unidentified human remains had been found, but positive identification was unlikely to happen until more of the wreckage had been located.  He said a remotely operated underwater vehicle had located a debris field that included parts of the cockpit about 40 metres below the surface.  "The debris field is consistent with a catastrophic, high impact [crash].  Sadly I can confirm unidentified human remains have also been observed in this location by the remote operated underwater vehicle.  More.....
03 August
USS Zumwalt prepares for hypersonic weapon integration
US Navy guided-missile destroyer USS Zumwalt is underway to a new homeport in Pascagoula as it prepares for upgrades to carry a new hypersonic weapon system.  The Zumwalt Class lead ship left its former homeport of San Diego earlier this week on 1 August as it makes its way to Mississippi.  The ship will enter a modernisation period and receive technology upgrades for the integration of the boost-glide Conventional Prompt Strike (CPS) weapons system.  The CPS consists of a two-stage solid rocket motor booster and a common hypersonic glide body containing a kinetic energy projectile warhead.  More.....
03 August
Corvettes are not an option for Australia
Several recent articles, including one last week by the US Studies Centre’s Peter Dean, have promoted the need for corvettes for the Royal Australian Navy.  They merit a response.  Dean writes that the defence strategic review calls for an enhanced lethality surface fleet and a greater number of Tier 2 surface combatants.  What is a Tier 2 surface combatant?  It’s not a naval term.  It defines nothing and means nothing, except relatively.  Paul Dibb’s defence capability review almost 40 years ago used the concept of tiered naval capability for the first time.  Eight Anzac-class frigates were the result.  More.....
01 August
Medal of Honor recipient watches as ship bearing his name is christened
Marine 1st Lt. Harvey “Barney” Barnum jumped to the ground when he came under fire during an ambush in Vietnam that killed his radio operator and commander.  Collecting himself, Barnum realized he was now the highest-ranking officer of a rifle company he’d just joined. He called in artillery and, amid gunfire, dragged the commander to safety, where he died in Barnum’s arms.  Then he proceeded to mount a counterattack, oversee evacuation of the wounded and lead the unit’s eventual break out to rejoin the battalion.  The Medal of Honor recipient, now 83, watched Saturday as his wife smashed a bottle of sparkling wine against the bow to christen the future U.S. Navy destroyer that’ll bear the name Harvey C. Barnum Jr.  More.....
01 August
RSL Victoria to lead new veteran hub in Surf coast
Following a successful grant application, the Australian Government has today announced that RSL Victoria has been awarded a $50,000 grant to develop a business case to establish a Veterans’ and Families’ Hub in the Surf Coast / Geelong region.  This expansion of the Veterans’ and Families’ Hub network will see the more than 6,600 veterans and their families in the Surf Coast and Geelong region access improved specialist services close to home.  The current high level proposition will likely see an expansion of the Geelong RSL to accommodate the Hub, with an additional satellite site at Torquay in the Surf Coast Shire, as well as leveraging other RSL sub-branch sites. This model follows feedback from community consultation that identified the need for services to be available and easily accessible across the Surf Coast, rather than in just one location.  More.....
01 August
Aussies, US agree to joint intel center, co-production of GMLRS
Adding a new layer to their already extensive intelligence cooperation, Australia and the United States will create a new Combined Intelligence Center–Australia within Australia’s Defense Intelligence Organization by 2024.  The news was tucked into the joint statement issued at the end of the annual AUSMIN talks, where a new agreement to allow Australia to produce American-designed munitions in country was also announced.  More.....
01 August
Keeping Australia safe in space
The joint statement issued after Saturday’s AUSMIN meeting in Brisbane declared enhanced space cooperation as a new force posture initiative for the United States and Australia in ‘this critical operational domain’.  The two governments also announced an intention to increase space integration and cooperation in operations and exercises.  These are important steps, but there are challenges ahead, particularly in terms of how the Australian Defence Force ensures access to space in the face of growing threats from adversary counterspace capabilities.  That’s the ‘contested’ part of the oft-quoted observation about space being ‘congested, contested and competitive’.  More.....
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