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26 March
Navy finalizes plans for next Rim of the Pacific exercise
The U.S. Navy and 26 partners and allies have concluded a final planning conference for this year’s Rim of the Pacific exercise, the largest international maritime exercise.  The biennial RIMPAC exercise was scaled down in 2020 due to COVID-19 restrictions. The event is meant to convene navies and armed forces from the Pacific region as well as others interested in operating in the area.  It includes anti-submarine warfare exercises, amphibious operations, humanitarian assistance training, missile shots, ground forces drills and much more, with a focus on interoperability among forces that might work together in the future.  More.....
25 March
Like ships in the night
When the Royal Australian Navy’s biggest ships rendezvoused in Nuku`alofa Harbour in Tonga in early March as part of Operation Tonga Assist 2022, two Defence families had instant family reunions.  HMAS Canberra-based aeronautical engineer Lieutenant Commander Stephen ‘Smokey’ Cole was able to catch up with his son Able Seaman Aaron Cole, an aircraft handler in HMAS Adelaide.  Separately, Australian Army soldier Private Timothy Melvin, who manages requests for tools and equipment in Adelaide, was reunited with his daughter, Leading Seaman Esther Melvin, a senior weapons maintainer in Canberra.  More.....
25 March
Kuttabul galley offers diverse choice
As a child, Leading Seaman Tae Goh remembered hours in the car with his father driving to their favourite Korean barbecue restaurant far from their home in Seoul.  His chef’s mindset started with his father’s love of food and developed in ship’s galleys and Sydney restaurants, where he sharpened his skills after emigrating to Australia in 2003.  Joining Navy to see the world and develop his craft, a high-profile posting as chef to the fleet commander after time at sea was an opportunity to create bespoke Western dishes with a Korean twist for VIPs.  More.....
24 March
Sailor brings harmony to the galley
Unlike most of us, Able Seaman Su Lee makes sticky rice on purpose.  “I can say I’m the best rice cook in Navy,” the chef said.  “I don’t even need to measure, I just pour in and it always comes out perfect.”  Emigrating from South Korea in 2004, Able Seaman Lee brings a Korean flavour to the galley of HMAS Kuttabul.  She said she was the go-to chef for Asian cuisine, with galley menus frequently featuring dishes from China, Korea, India and Thailand.  More.....
24 March
Defence's Lismore flood response
Australian Defence Force personnel were on the ground (and in the air) supporting Lismore in northern New South Wales from the beginning, working alongside council, SES, police, firefighters, utilities providers and the locals themselves in responding to the devastating floods.

24 March
Russian Landing Ship Destroyed in Ukrainian Port
The Ukrainian military destroyed a Russian Alligator-class landing ship in the port city of Berdyansk on Thursday, Ukrainian officials claimed.  Ship spotters reported a burning ship, which the Kyiv Independent identified as Russian Navy ship Orsk, with two other landing ships seen with some fire damage.

24 March
US Navy Clear to Decommission 5 Cruisers, Unclear Which Ships Will Leave the Fleet
The Navy is clear to decommission five Ticonderoga-class guided-missile cruisers following the passage of the Fiscal Year 2022 defense appropriations bill, USNI News understands.  The overdue spending bill follows the FY 2022 defense policy bill and allows the Navy to decommission five of the seven cruisers originally requested as part of the White House’s budget request.  Congress didn’t spell out which five cruisers will leave the fleet, according to the FY 2022 defense authorization bill that was signed into law in December, and the Navy isn’t sure which ones will go.  More.....
24 March
US crew members thanked for their help
Crew members of visiting United States Navy ship USS Frank Cable were presented with the flag of Brisbane in recognition of their efforts in the post-flood clean-up.  On an operational tour of Australia, the vessel serves in the US Seventh Fleet, based out of Guam.  Upon hearing of the devastation caused by the floods, a large proportion of the crew volunteered to assist in the clean-up while berthed in Brisbane.  More.....
24 March
ADF helps tackle illegal fishing in the Pacific through Operation Solania
The Australian Defence Force (ADF) has been patrolling waters in Palau and the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM) to help Australia’s partners detect and deter illegal fishing activity.  The efforts are a part of Operation Solania, the ADF support to regional maritime security, including Pacific Islands Forum Fisheries Agency (FFA) operations.  This iteration of Operation Solania saw the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) and Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) contribute to the FFA’s first operation of 2022 – Operation Rai Balang. This operation was a major maritime surveillance patrol in collaboration with partners across Micronesia and Melanesia.  More.....
24 March
Navy surges into Murwillumbah
With clean up efforts in south-east Queensland drawing to a close, Commander of Operation Flood Assist, Major General David Thomae, visited Murwillumbah as part of a tour of northern New South Wales.   Major General Thomae met with Byron Shire Council Mayor Michael Lyon and Tweed Shire Council Mayor Chris Cherry to discuss the Australian Defence Force (ADF) contribution to their communities.  At Knox Park in Murwillumbah, Major General Thomae met with Royal Australian Navy personnel helping remove spoilt soil in the park and replacing it with fresh wood chips.  More.....
24 March
HMAS Canberra returns from Tonga
The Royal Australian Navy’s HMAS Canberra, her crew and embarked forces have arrived in Townsville following their deployment on Operation Tonga Assist 2022.  HMAS Canberra arrived in the Tongan capital of Nuku’alofa on March 1, to contribute to the Australian Government’s disaster relief and recovery mission following the devastating undersea volcanic eruption and subsequent tsunami.  During its mission, HMAS Canberra delivered humanitarian and disaster relief (HADR) stores and relieved HMAS Adelaide, which arrived in Tonga on 26 January 2022.  More.....
23 March
Defence needs to change its approach to equip the ADF better and faster
During the 2020 Nagarno-Karabakh conflict, Azerbaijani forces used expendable drones to target Armenia’s conventional forces and destroy their tanks, artillery and air-defence systems. The conflict provides a broad example of how a competent irregular or asymmetric force being targeted by a conventional force can disrupt the classical doctrinal roles of branches of the military.  In the face of such innovative approaches to force structure, Australia’s defence organisation needs to consider adopting a different methodology for its acquisition and contracting processes.  More.....
23 March
Acceptance of first evolved Cape class patrol boat
Defence has formally accepted its first evolved Cape class patrol boat. This will strengthen Australia’s naval capability while providing greater reliability and effectiveness to the Royal Australian Navy’s patrol force to keep our borders safe.  Minister for Defence, the Hon Peter Dutton MP said this is another significant milestone in the overall contract with Austal Ships to deliver a total of six evolved Cape class patrol boats to the Royal Australian Navy.  “The six vessels will boost Navy’s current patrol boat capability as we await the introduction into service of the newer and larger Arafura class offshore patrol vessels. We are now one boat closer to establishing that vital capability.  More.....
23 March
Navy team thanked for Brisbane River work
Royal Australian Navy personnel who helped clear flood material from the Brisbane River and Moreton Bay were given a big thank you recently in Brisbane.  Maritime Safety Queensland expressed its gratitude to the Task Unit Orca personnel from HMA Ships Shepparton and Yarra, Clearance Diving Team Four and a Maritime Geospatial Warfare Unit deployable geospatial team.  The Navy team responded to a Queensland Government request for Brisbane River underwater inspections and debris surveys.  More.....
23 March
Defence squares away Ipswich recreation area
Australian Defence Force personnel from Navy, Army and Air Force are assisting Ipswich City Council clear flood debris and rehabilitate Colleges Crossing recreation reserve on the banks of the Brisbane River in north Ipswich.

23 March
Defence soars into space
As Defence enters into a new space era with the establishment of Defence Space Command, the release of the Defence Space Strategy sets a vector to assure Australia’s access to space for civilian and military uses.  Chief of the Defence Force General Angus Campbell said space was critical to ADF warfighting effectiveness, situational awareness, and the delivery of real-time communications in the current geostrategic environment.  More.....
22 March
New Videos Show Russian Navy Firing 8 Naval Cruise Missiles From the Black Sea
The Russian Navy fired eight long-range naval cruise missiles from a guided-missile warship near the Black Sea port of Sevastopol, according to multiple videos of the launch on several posts on social media.  Several posts on Instagram and Telegram show a video of eight missiles launching from a ship operating off the coast of Crimea that bear the same characteristics of a Kalibr NK SS-N-30 naval guided cruise missile, which launches vertically and then quickly pivots 90 degrees to travel parallel to the ground.  More.....
22 March
Japan spots Russian amphibious ships traveling between its islands
Japan says Russian amphibious ships transiting through a narrow strait between its islands could be moving fresh forces from Russia’s far east to Ukraine.  Four landing ship tanks, including one with its deck full of military trucks, were seen sailing in the Pacific Ocean westbound in the middle of last week, according to a news release from the Joint Staff’s Public Affairs office within Japan’s Defense Ministry.  More.....
22 March
Australian-built evolved Collins needed to bridge the gap to nuclear subs
by Peter Briggs
I should start by affirming my support for Australia’s transition to nuclear-propelled attack submarines, or SSNs, as my detailed study, delivered to the Department of Defence in 2013, and my public advocacy implies.  I think it is an essential, if challenging, transition that should have started years ago.  In my recent Strategist article, I discussed the workforce needed before Australia owns its first SSN.  This is but a portion of the big picture, and I think the media and political focus on when we might commission our first SSN, be it new or a leased second-hand submarine, is misplaced.  More.....
22 March
ASD unveils new facility in the face of tomorrow's threats
The Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) has unveiled a new world-class cyber and foreign intelligence facility, as the agency prepares to mark 75 years defending Australia from global threats.  The new facility, located at Majura Park, Canberra, will further boost ASD’s capabilities as Australia’s leading agency for signals intelligence, cyber security and offensive cyber operations, as well as offering unique employment opportunities for the next generation of intelligence analysts, cyber operators, technology researchers, and corporate enablers.  More.....
21 March
China fully militarized isles, Indo-Pacific commander says
China has fully militarized at least three of several islands it built in the disputed South China Sea, arming them with anti-ship and anti-aircraft missile systems, laser and jamming equipment and fighter jets in an increasingly aggressive move that threatens all nations operating nearby, a top U.S. military commander said Sunday.  U.S. Indo-Pacific commander Adm. John C. Aquilino said the hostile actions were in stark contrast to Chinese President Xi Jinping’s past assurances that Beijing would not transform the artificial islands in contested waters into military bases.  The efforts were part of China’s flexing its military muscle, he said.  More.....
21 March
US Navy sailors join flood clean-up crew
Australian Defence Force personnel clearing flood debris from Kedron Brook in Mitchelton, Brisbane, as part of Operation Flood Assist 2022 were joined by dozens of United States Navy personnel from the USS Frank Cable this week.

21 March
ADF support to south-east Queensland flood response nears completion
Australian Defence Force (ADF) personnel assisting flood-affected communities in south-east Queensland have begun returning home, with state requests for emergency and recovery assistance concluding on Friday, 25 March 2022.  Defence has been supporting Queensland and New South Wales governments under Operation Flood Assist 2022 since 25 February.  At the peak of the operation, more than 1600 ADF personnel were available for tasking to provide community assistance to south-east Queensland.  Visiting US navy ship USS Frank Cable personnel also served alongside the ADF.  More.....
20 March
Navy’s Antarctic research ship highlights impact of climate change as glacier vanishes
Sailors on the Royal Navy’s polar research ship found an enormous Antarctic glacier vanishing at an alarming rate.  The mighty Sunshine Glacier has shrunk by one seventh in 20 years – an area the size of more than 130 football pitches has melted away.  Where HMS Protector’s small hi-tech survey boat sailed was a towering wall of ice some 700 metres from the glacier’s snout – or end – just two decades ago.  More.....
20 March
USS Harry S. Truman's Russian Deterrence Mission
USNI News visited USS Harry S. Truman (CVN-75) underway in the Mediterranean Sea on March 17, 2022. The embarked carrier and Carrier Air Wing 1 have flown hundreds of deterrence missions since the invasion of Ukraine by Russia.

20 March
Bravo Zulu To Our Newest Chefs
Well done to the ADF's newest chefs graduates from No. 227 Initial Cooks Course at Holmesglen TAFE in Glen Waverley, Victoria.  The Graduates prepared their final meals at Zest Restaurant before being awarded their Certificate III in commercial cookery. After completing 19 weeks of training, they are now registered as Defence apprentices with the NSW Government's State Training Services.
18 March
Street Names of HMAS Cerberus
HMAS Cerberus has a rich history with extensive links to notable personnel and ships from the past. Many of the streets and roads within the base have been named in recognition of individuals who have strong links to the base or ships with geographical connections to Victoria.  More.....
18 March
US Navy crew helps clean up
USS Frank Cable recently arrived in Brisbane, and some of the ship’s company stepped ashore to help Australian Defence Force personnel deployed on Operation Flood Assist with clean-up tasks.  The ship, attached to the US Seventh Fleet and based in Guam, is visiting Brisbane as part of its current deployment.  The visit has been coordinated with the support of the relevant state governments and Australian Border Force.  Commanding Officer Frank Cable, Captain Albert Alarcon, said he was proud his crew was able to lend assistance.  More.....
18 March
Trilateral training boosts regional security
The Royal Australian Navy frigate HMAS Arunta and a Royal Australian Air Force P-8A Poseidon maritime patrol aircraft recently joined US Navy destroyer USS Momsen and Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force destroyer JS Yudachi for training in the South China Sea.  The trilateral training, which concluded on March 15, was designed to enhance interoperability and communications between all three partners, and deepen mutually beneficial relationships while promoting an open, inclusive and resilient Indo-Pacific region.  More.....
18 March
As many would know, the 1st of March this year was a commemorative point for HMAS PERTH (I) for on that day 80 years ago HMAS PERTH along with USS HOUSTON the ship was lost in the Battle of Sunda Strait.

And many of you will also be aware that in Western Australia, the HMAS PERTH(I) MEMORIAL FOUNDATION is well advanced in the construction of a formal memorial for HMAS PERTH(I) and an update on the progress of the construction will be forwarded soon.

Among other things being prepared for display at the Memorial site is a photographic and information site detailing all of the crew who were serving in HMAS PERTH on that fateful night.  Lucy Bromell of Nedlands Yacht Club has been tasked by the Club to put this display together and to date she has collected the required information on over 230 of the crew members.  So you can see that she still has much still to accomplish, and your HELP is needed.

Frank McGovern is the sole remaining HMAS PERTH (I) survivor, and this presents Lucy with a tremendous challenge in chasing down crew relatives and friends to gain the required information.

CAN YOU ASSIST?  If you can assist the Foundation with some information on crew members then, the Foundation, the Nedlands Yacht Club and Lucy Bromell will all be most grateful.  There is no set format to follow however the type of information being sought can be seen from the attached photos.

Come on shipmates, lend a hand.

If you do have any information the point of contact in Western Australia is:
Bob Mummery
Mobile:  0408 811 201
17 March
UK plans to test laser weapon on Type 23 frigate for the first time
The Royal Navy plans to test a laser weapon for the first time onboard a Type 23 frigate, which will be used to detect, track, engage, and counter unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV).  The UK Ministry of Defence has awarded three contracts worth around £72.5-million to the UK industry to produce advanced laser and radio frequency demonstrators as part of the Novel Weapons Programme (NWP).  The systems are powered by electricity and operate without ammunition, “significantly reducing operating costs, increasing platform endurance and providing unprecedented offensive and defensive flexibility to personnel on the frontline.”  More.....
17 March
Forces unite to make park safe
Navy, Army and Air Force personnel converged on flood-ravaged recreation areas in Kedron Brook in Mitchelton, Brisbane, to ensure they're safe for the public.  The triservice clean-up team not only came from different services, but different states.  Navy personnel from the Northern Territory and Air Force aviators from South Australia pitched in to assist an Army contingent from Gallipoli Barracks in Brisbane with the clean-up.  The assigned area they were tasked to had not seen flooding of this level in living memory.  More.....
17 March
Cancer battle motivates marathon effort
Instead of hanging out with mates and playing sport, at 16, Jack Cummins was fighting for his life in hospital.  He had suffered headaches, which led to doctors discovering cancer growing inside his skull.  He soon couldn’t walk, lost his fine motor skills, and most of his friends could not deal with being confronted by his condition.  It was 2019 and Jack was diagnosed with medulloblastoma, a type of brain cancer.  Jack’s father, Warrant Officer Tim Cummins, and five other submariners are banding together to raise money for brain cancer research by completing a 19.7km swim from Fremantle to Rottnest Island in Western Australia on March 19.  More.....
16 March
RAN Naval Attaché Visits Naval Undersea Warfare Center Division Newport
Commodore Darren Grogan, Royal Australian Navy (RAN) attaché to the United States, visited NUWC Division Newport on March 3 to gain insight into the work being done by Australian personnel as they contribute to the Heavyweight Torpedo and Submarine Combat Control System Armament Cooperative programs. These programs are jointly funded by the U.S. Navy and RAN.  Also during his visit, Grogan met Division Newport Commanding Officer Capt. Chad Hennings and toured the Combat Control Systems Laboratory.
16 March
Ukraine, Israel, Turkey & Iran show how pesky drones are
the ‘guerrillas’ of today’s warfare

Ukraine has sustained Russian invasion for nearly two weeks, in episode 954 of #CutTheClutter Shekhar Gupta looks at how and what made a weak military nation stand up to Russia’s military might. What are the Bayraktar drones-aiding Ukraine’s guerrilla war & how the unmanned vehicles are redefining the rules of battlefield.

16 March
Exercise provides plenty of action for crew
The ship’s company of HMAS Arunta recently spent an action-packed week at sea testing their warfighting skills with other regional navies on Exercise Milan 2022.  Conducted in the Bay of Bengal, the four-day sea phase saw warships from 15 nations participate in a series of high-end warfighting exercises.  The action began with the exercise fleet encountering an Indian Navy Kilo-class submarine lying in wait as the warships exited the Indian port of Visakhapatnam.  More.....
16 March
Base visit inspires
As the Navy Indigenous Development Program (NIDP) enters its eighth year, 13 current participants and their instructors headed to HMAS Cerberus for a taste of recruit school life.  Three weeks into their five-month program, the trip gave the NIDP course 17 participants the opportunity to not only see the recruit school, but meet others who have gone before them.  NIDP instructor Chief Petty Officer Michael Turner said it was great to see recruits from NIDP course15, who he watched graduate, now almost finishing their category training at Cerberus.  More.....
15 March
U.S. Carrier Fighters Overfly Yellow Sea in Response to North Korean Missile Launch
The U.S. Navy conducted an air demonstration with carrier aircraft on Tuesday in the Yellow Sea following the recent launches of North Korea intercontinental ballistic missiles, according to U.S. 7th Fleet.  The demonstration was carried out in international airspace by Navy F/A-18E/F Super Hornets and Marine F-35C Lightning II Joint Strike Fighters aircraft from USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72), along with regionally-based U.S. Air Force aircraft.  The statement said the launches of the ICBM North Korea on Feb. 27 and March 5 are a brazen violation of multiple U.N. Security Council resolutions as well as its international commitments and pose a threat to regional neighbors and the international community.  More.....
15 Marcch
Multi-billion dollar large ship infrastructure for Henderson, Western Australia
The Morrison Government will invest up to $4.3 billion to deliver Western Australia’s first large-vessel dry berth, creating a world-class precinct at the Henderson shipyard and supporting thousands of local jobs.  The Henderson dry-dock will enable the construction and sustainment of large naval vessels in Australia and support an even stronger commercial shipbuilding and sustainment market in Western Australia.  Government-owned Australian Naval Infrastructure will oversee the design and build of this nation building infrastructure, with work to start in 2023 and initial operations to commence in 2028.  More.....
11 March
U.S. Forces Prepare to Join Norway’s Biennial Exercise Cold Response 22
Thousands of U.S. Marines and Sailors are scheduled to participate in Norway’s Exercise Cold Response 22, the ninth iteration of this exercise, occurring from March 14 – April 1, 2022.  The exercise is designed to enhance military capabilities and allied cooperation during a high-intensity warfighting scenario in a challenging Arctic environment with rugged terrain and extreme cold weather.  This iteration will emphasize and test critical activities ranging from the reception of allied and partner reinforcements and command and control interoperability, to combined joint operations, maritime prepositioning force logistics, integration with The Royal Netherlands Navy, and reacting against an adversary force in a dynamic training environment.  More.....
11 March
Navy finds Pacific island has been in wrong place for 85 years
Sailors on a Royal Navy warship have proved a remote Pacific island has been in the 'wrong place' for 85 years.  Henderson Island in the South Pacific is one mile south of the position marked on charts used by mariners the world over since 1937.  On the eve of British Science Week, patrol ship HMS Spey confirmed the error as part of efforts to check and update charts of waters around British Overseas Territories scattered around the globe.  More.....
11 March
Austal Australia delivers 14th Guardian Class Patrol Boat
Austal Limited (Austal) (ASX: ASB) is pleased to announce Austal Australia has delivered the 14th Guardian-class Patrol Boat (GCPB) to the Australian Department of Defence.  The vessel, FSS Tosiwo Nakayama, was then gifted by the Australian Government to the Federated States of Micronesia at a certificate signing ceremony held today at Austal’s shipyard in Henderson, Western Australia.  The vessel is the first of two Guardian-class Patrol Boats to be delivered to the Federated States of Micronesia under the Pacific Patrol Boat Replacement Project (SEA3036-1), part of the Australian Government’s Pacific Maritime Security Program.  More.....
11 March
Why does Australia need an east coast submarine base?
In a speech earlier this week, Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced that Brisbane, Newcastle and Port Kembla are the three possible sites for a new east coast base for Australia’s nuclear submarines under the AUKUS partnership.  Why is a new base needed for the nuclear submarines, given the navy’s existing submarine base in Western Australia south of Perth and the submarine construction and maintenance facilities in Adelaide?  Primary factors are the strategic and operational advantages of both east and west coast basing.  More.....
11 March
HMAS Hobart certification period
Royal Australian Navy destroyer HMAS Hobart put to sea in late-February to take part in this year's fleet certification period, where the ship's crew practised their warfighting skills by acquiring targets, firing the ship's weapons systems and conducting damage control exercises.
11 March
Anzac Day resources for our schools, ex-service organisations and community groups
More than 17,000 schools, ex-service organisations and community groups have been sent Anzac Day commemorative packs to help ensure Australians never forget the extraordinary sacrifice by our servicemen and women.  Minister for Veterans’ Affairs and Defence Personnel Andrew Gee said the annual materials are provided free by the Australian Government to support Anzac Day commemorations around the country.  “Anzac Day is one of our most significant and sacred national days and we are committed to ensuring schools and other groups in our community have easy access to resources to help mark it in an appropriate way,” Minister Gee said.  More.....
11 March
HMA Ships Adelaide and Supply return home
HMA Ships Adelaide and Supply have returned to their home port in Fleet Base East in Sydney after an important mission to assist the Tongan Government as part of Operation Tonga Assist.  After the eruption of Tonga’s Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai underwater volcano on January 15, Adelaide was deployed at short notice and arrived in the Tongan capital of Nuku’alofa on 26 January, delivering more than 250 pallets of humanitarian and disaster relief stores.  In her first overseas operation, replenishment ship Supply arrived in Tongan waters on February 12 loaded with more than half a million litres of fuel and a second batch of stores.  More.....
11 March
Cycling towards Invictus Games
Former maritime warfare officer Scott Reynolds suffered from a range of medical conditions leading to his medical discharge from the Royal Australian Navy in 2016.  Post-discharge, Mr Reynolds has experienced ups and downs in his day-to-day life, yet he is determined to thrive at the upcoming Invictus Games being held from April 15-22 in the Hague, Netherlands.  Following the final cycling camp in Adelaide (March 3-6), Mr Reynolds said the team was in high spirits ahead of next month’s games.  More.....
10 March
Navy unites with partners in Exercise Milan
HMAS Arunta recently took part in the multilateral Exercise Milan 2022.  It was the first large-scale multilateral exercise on Navy’s calendar this year.  The Indian-led exercise was held in the port of Vishakhapatnam, India, and in the Bay of Bengal.  It aimed to enhance professional interaction between friendly navies and provide experience operating at sea in a multilateral large force.  Exercise Milan is an important biennial training activity for the Royal Australian Navy, and the region, and has been conducted since 1995, with Australia involved since 2003.  The 2022 iteration drew together ships and personnel from 16 navies from across the Indo-Pacific.  More.....
10 March
Defence workforce to grow above 100,000
The size and capability of the Australian Defence Force will be significantly increased by the Morrison Government to keep Australians safe in an increasingly uncertain global environment.  Under the plan, the number of ADF personnel will increase by around 30 per cent by 2040, taking the total permanent ADF to almost 80,000 personnel.  Overall, Defence’s total permanent workforce will increase to over 101,000 by 2040 – an increase of 18,500 over baseline growth already agreed in the 2020 Force Structure Plan.  More.....
10 March
Operation Flood Assist 2022 - updated 10 March 2022
Defence support to Queensland and NSW governments is being delivered under Operation Flood Assist 2022 and coordinated through Headquarters Joint Operations Command. Deployment of forces is in response to NSW Government and Queensland Government requirements coordinated and prioritised through State Emergency Operations Centres.  Currently there are 5748 personnel on task or available for tasking across NSW and Queensland.  More.....
09 March
Silentium Defence signs deal with RAN for radar trial
The Adelaide-based company has entered into an agreement with the Royal Australian Navy for the trial of the MAVERICK passive radar system.  Under the agreement, Silentium Defence has been contracted to design, install and trial its MAVERICK passive radar system under a gated process, hoping to deliver enhanced situational awareness to the RAN.  According to the company, the MAVERICK system comprises of a series of radars that use “existing energy in the environment” to facilitate radar transmissions, and can either supplement or substitute existing surveillance capabilities without needing allocated spectrum, licenses or emitting radiation hazard.  More.....
09 March
Divers start to clear debris from Brisbane River
Just a week ago, Royal Australian Navy Clearance Diving Team Four were training with their protective diving suits underneath choppy ocean waters off Western Australia.  This week, the underwater damage repair unit put on their surface-supplied breathing apparatus to clear debris from beneath the murky brown Brisbane River.  Clearance Diving Team Four Commanding Officer, Lieutenant Commander William Thomas, said it was exactly the kind of task the Perth-based team was training for when they got the call to help after some of the worst flooding for more than a decade.  More.....
09 March
Sinking of HMAS Yarra II remembered
Navy personnel recently commemorated the 80th anniversary of one of the darkest periods of WWII.  On March 4, 1942, the sloop HMAS Yarra II was sunk about 500 kilometres south of central Java by the Japanese navy.  Of the 151 crew members, only 13 survived after spending five days in a life raft.  Commanding Officer HMAS Cerberus, Captain Ainsley Morthorpe, joined descendants of the survivors and HMAS Yarra Association members at the memorial to the ship in Newport, Victoria, for the commemorative service.   More.....
09 March
Destroyer can’t deploy because CO won’t get COVID vaccine, US Navy says
An ongoing legal battle over whether the military can force troops to get vaccinated against COVID-19 has left the Navy with a warship they say they can’t deploy because it is commanded by an officer they cannot fire.  It’s a standoff the brass are calling a “manifest national security concern,” according to recent federal court filings.  The issues stem from a lawsuit filed in the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Florida late last year alleging servicemembers’ rights are being infringed upon by the COVID vaccine mandate because their religious beliefs prevent them from taking the vaccine.   More.....
08 March
Flying high over career choice
Sitting in the front seat of a helicopter, with its cutting-edge sensor and weapon systems, is a standard day at the office for a maritime aviation warfare officer.  The limitless opportunities in this challenging and rapidly evolving role are a major incentive for the female aviators who spoke about their experiences ahead of International Women’s Day on March 8.  Lieutenant Katie Scicluna was drawn to the aviation branch by the warfare and mission command aspects, and as a pathway to being an instructor in the future.   More.....
08 March
Potential realised in different uniforms
As a volunteer firefighter and a Navy marine engineer officer, Lieutenant Loretta Binder has achieved things far beyond what she thought possible.  International Women’s Day on March 8 has given her cause to reflect on her career adventure so far.  While at university, Lieutenant Binder was on the hunt for a dynamic career outside the box of a typical office job.  Not one to do things half-heartedly, she became a volunteer firefighter and was appointed as an officer in the Navy.   More.....
07 March
Endless possibilities in Navy career
Tinkering with V8 supercars or 3D printing firefighting equipment may seem like unusual projects for a Navy marine technician.  But the possibilities for current and future Navy technicians are limitless, according to Leading Seaman Sarah Battenally.  At school, Leading Seaman Battenally felt a natural affinity with machinery and electronics, immersing herself in every trade-related subject she could find.  After battling to secure an industry apprenticeship, she enlisted in the Navy as a diesel apprentice.   More.....
07 March
Nepal-born sailor's first time at sea rewarding
From the quiet and open plains of Chitwan in Nepal to the bustling streets of Melbourne, Australia, Seaman Dhan Khadka considers both to be his home.  Seaman Khadka was born in a small village 150 kilometres east of the Kathmandu Valley and followed his brother in migrating to Australia, arriving in Melbourne on Christmas Day 2008.  “I initially came to Australia on a study visa and studied automotive mechanic technology for two years,” Seaman Khadka said.   More.....
07 March
Antarctic Station Leaders
Captain Rebecca Jeffcoat has commenced her job as station leader at Australia’s oldest Antarctic research outpost, Mawson Station.

07 March
Navy officer leads Antarctic expedition
Captain Rebecca Jeffcoat has commenced her job as station leader at Australia’s oldest Antarctic research outpost, Mawson Station.  Starting late last month, this is her second deployment to Antarctica. It is a civilian position which Captain Jeffcoat is filling as an inactive reservist.  “There are no polar bears, but the leopard seals are just as scary,” Captain Jeffcoat said.  Captain Jeffcoat and her team are on a 12-month posting, and will be isolated for up to eight months during the height of Antarctica’s winter.   More.....
07 March
Australia to build additional submarine base
A new submarine base will be built on the east coast of Australia to support the nation’s new nuclear-powered submarines, providing deployment opportunities in both the Indian and Pacific oceans.  The new Future Navy Base will add capacity and capability to Fleet Base West in Western Australia, home of the Navy’s Collins-class submarines, which will also receive significant funding to support Australia’s nuclear-powered submarines and enable regular visits from the United States and United Kingdom’s nuclear-powered submarines.  The Department of Defence estimates that more than $10 billion will be needed for facility and infrastructure requirements to transition from Collins to the future nuclear-powered submarines, including the new east coast submarine base.   More.....
07 March

A 100 year-old copper weathervane in the form of a galleon-style sailing ship has been stolen from its rightful place atop the historic Mission to Seafarers building in Docklands.

Local master craftsman Henry Alfred Saw crafted the weathervane in 1917, when copper was expensive due to World War I. After a century on the rooftop in high winds, the weathervane was in need of repair. In 2020 through grant from the Victorian Heritage Restoration Fund as well as private and public contributions it was restored and secured to the top of the building.

The weathervane is unusually intricate, and represents the high levels of both craftmanship and artistry,’ Sue Dight - CEO commented .‘The way the metal of the sails curve as though billowing in the wind, the bulging hull of the ship, and the delicate rigging details make it quite a special object for something that is also structurally robust, and was intended to serve use as a meteorological instrument.’

The historic weathervane is included as part of the Mission to Seafarers building’s heritage significance on the Victorian Heritage Register, along with its chapel, dome and archives, which is open everyday to the public.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, and of course if offered to you, please try to ask them to come back when you have the police on site.

Sue Dight
Mission to Seafarers Victoria Inc.
717 Flinders Street, Docklands VIC 3008
T: +61 3 9629 7083
06 March
Third Officer Frances Betty Provan

Frances Provan was one of the first 14 females posted to HMAS Harman, the communications station in Canberra, on 28 April 1941, making her one of the first members of the Women's Royal Australian Naval Service (WRANS).  After completing her education, Frances Provan worked as a trainee-teacher, nurse and governess.  She moved from Queensland to Sydney and trained as a wireless telegraphist with the Women's Emergency Signalling Corps, which had been established by Florence McKenzie.  Provan was one of the first 14 females posted to HMAS Harman, the communications station in Canberra, on 28 April 1941.  Her official number was WR/1.  In September 1941 Provan was promoted to leading telegraphist and then petty officer telegraphist in December 1942.  She attended the first WRANS officers' training course at Flinders Naval Depot, Victoria and was appointed Third Officer on 15 February 1943.  In June 1945 Provan was posted as officer-in-charge of the only draft of WRANS to serve in an operational zone, in Darwin.
Her full biography is in our hero's section:  
05 March
MMHN February 2022 Update
What an eventful month this has been – fire, wrecks, wind power, collisions, engine failures? Read on …
05 March
Second Evolved Cape Class Patrol Boat launches in WA
The Morrison Government continues to keep Australia’s borders safe while supporting jobs, with the second of six Evolved Cape Class Patrol Boats launched today at the Austal Ships shipyard in Henderson, Western Australia.  Minister for Defence Industry, the Hon. Melissa Price MP said the vessel’s launch was a demonstration of the Coalition Government’s ongoing commitment to its continuous naval shipbuilding program.  “I am proud to see Australian and in particular West Australian industry delivering our future naval capability,” Minister Price said.   More.....
03 March

Life at sea as a maritime warfare officer trainee
Royal Australian Navy officer trainee Sub Lieutenant Annabelle Wall is completing her stage two maritime warfare officer training on the guided-missile destroyer HMAS Hobart. On HMAS Hobart's bridge, Sub Lieutenant Wall assists the officer of the watch to maintain the navigational safety of the ship as she works to gain the knowledge and skills required to gain her officer of the watch certificate and, eventually, to become a navigator herself.
02 March
Second Virginia-Class Block IV Submarine Delivered to US Navy
The Submarine Force’s newest attack submarine, the future USS Oregon (SSN 793), was delivered to the U.S. Navy on Feb. 26. PCU Oregon is the twentieth Virginia Class submarine that is co-produced at General Dynamics Electric Boat and Huntington Ingalls Industries – Newport News Shipbuilding (HII-NNS) through a long-standing teaming agreement.  Oregon is the eleventh Virginia Class delivered by GDEB and the second Block IV configured submarine.  “Oregon is in excellent condition and the captain and crew have expertly taken the ship through her paces,” said CAPT Todd Weeks, the Virginia Class Program Manager who rode the boat during its sea trials.   More.....
02 March
‘Local’ Russian GPS jamming in Ukraine hasn’t affected US support ops, so far
Localized Russian jamming of GPS signals in Ukraine has been detected by US forces in the region, but so far has not interfered with US support operations, according to Pentagon officials.  One military source told Breaking Defense that jamming has been detected as far out as the Black Sea by US reconnaissance aircraft, but the source stressed it hasn’t had any impact on mission capability.  Similarly, when asked about Russian jamming, a US Space Command spokesperson said, “There are no impacts to U.S. and Allied forces in Europe at this time.”  More.....
02 March

HMAS Adelaide completes recovery efforts in Tonga
Royal Australian Navy ship HMAS Adelaide has been relieved by HMAS Canberra on her humanitarian assistance and disaster relief mission supporting the Government of Tonga.
02 March
Deployment enhances regional security
Training with partners, traversing vital shipping routes and visiting regional ports have all been part of HMAS Arunta’s latest regional presence deployment.  This is the Navy’s first regional presence deployment this year and it began late last month.  It has allowed Arunta’s crew to keep their skills sharp through training and provided opportunities for them to operate alongside allies and regional partners, including the United States Navy, Royal Malaysian Navy and Republic of Singapore Navy, while traversing regional shipping lanes.  More.....
02 March
HMAS Canberra arrives in Tonga
HMAS Canberra has arrived in Tonga to relieve HMAS Adelaide on Operation Tonga Assist 2022.  Canberra was guided into Nuku’alofa Harbour by His Majesty’s Armed Forces’ Guardian-class patrol boat VOEA Ngahau Siliva with Adelaide and Supply in company.  The harbour entry marked a handover of command between sister ships Adelaide and Canberra as the local ADF Joint Task Group for Operation Tonga Assist 2022, supporting the wider Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade-led effort.  Commanding Officer of Adelaide, Captain Stuart Watters, handed the Operation Tonga Assist Task Group over to Canberra’s Commanding Officer, Captain Jace Hutchison, to continue to coordinate Defence activities in Tonga.  More.....
02 March
Loss of HMAS Perth I remembered
HMAS Perth III visited Fremantle recently for events commemorating the 80th anniversary of the sinking of HMAS Perth I and USS Houston during WWII.  Fremantle was the last Australian port Perth I visited before it was sunk on March 1, 1942, during the Battle of Sunda Strait.  A number of relatives of Perth I crew members attended a remembrance afternoon tea on board Perth III during its visit, and were then given tours of the ship.  More.....
01 March
Card games are trumps in downtime
From the moment the last line has been cast, a ship becomes a sailor’s home.  Like COVID-19 isolation, you can’t pop out to the local café for a coffee with close friends, but you are surrounded by your shipmates.  As ship design and capability have evolved, so have the activities that sailors enjoy in their downtime.  More than 100 years ago, sailors lived in cramped quarters and enjoyed drinking, playing cards and perhaps singing sea shanties.  More.....
01 March

Pangaimotu Island clean up
The Australian Defence Force personnel have moved onto Pangaimotu Island in Tonga to begin clean-up operations ahead of Republic of Fiji Military Forces and Australian Army engineers arriving with heavy equipment.
01 March
A periodical of the Fleet Air Arm Association of Australia.
March Edition.....
01 March
Singapore Far East Moon Memorial Rose
A new memorial rose, Singapore Far East Moon, has been named for SS Vyner Brooke Australian Army Nurses. This rose is to commemorate the victims of the War in the Far East on the 80th anniversary - the servicemen and women, POW's and civilians.
The tragic massacre of 21 Australian Army Nurses, civilians from Singapore and 60 servicemen occurred on Radji Beach, near Muntok, Bangka Island, on February 16, 1942. Nurse Vivian Bullwinkel was the sole Nurse survivor of this massacre.  Details on purchasing.....
News Archives:  For all news articles prior to 01 March 2022 go to our News Archive page
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