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30 September
Sirius marks final birthday in service
The crew of HMAS Sirius celebrated her 15th birthday on September 16 while at anchor in the beautiful bay of Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia, during Indo-Pacific Endeavour 21.  This is her final birthday in service with the Navy as Sirius will be decommissioned on December 18.  In her 15 years of service, Sirius has sailed more than 469,000 nautical miles and conducted 750 replenishments at sea.  More.....
30 September
German warship visits Fremantle
German warship FGS Bayern arrived in Fremantle on September 28 for a week-long goodwill visit during her seven-month Indo-Pacific deployment.  Germany last deployed warships to the Indo-Pacific region 20 years ago on a training voyage.  The last time a German Navy vessel visited Australia was in 1988, when sail training ship FGS Gorch Fock berthed in Sydney.  More.....
29 September
Annual AIHW report highlights need for veterans' support
The Australian Government has today received a report by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) into the rate of suicide among serving and former-serving members of the Australian Defence Force (ADF).  The Report outlines that of the almost 373,500 men and women who have served over the past 36 years, tragically 1,273 have taken their own lives in the last two decades.  This report builds on previous editions by expanding the cohort analysed from those with at least one day of ADF service since 2001 to those with at least one day of service since 1985.  Minister for Veterans’ Affairs and Defence Personnel Andrew Gee said the report highlights the long term nature of the issue of veteran suicide and re-affirms the need for Australia to give our veterans and their families the best support possible.  More.....
29 September
Program boosts cyber capability
Cyber students can further their skills through the Australian Defence Force Cyber Gap Program (ADFCGP) while also learning about career opportunities in Defence.  The Australian Government announced the program in 2019 as part of its cyber-resilience and workforce package.  The pilot intake began the program last year and the final intake will finish the program in 2023.  The 12-month online program is being delivered by the Joint Cyber Directorate and is open to Australian citizens undertaking tertiary cyber-related qualifications, from Certificate III level through to a Masters.  There is no obligation for participants to join the ADF.  More.....
29 September
Exchange strengthens regional partnerships
Cook Islands, Fiji and Singapore have become the first three nations to successfully complete the inaugural Sea Training Group – Defence Cooperation Program (STG-DCP) non-reciprocal exchange.  The exchange was established in 2018 primarily to support the introduction into service and training of the Guardian-class patrol boats as part of the Pacific Maritime Security Program (PMSP).  Beginning earlier this year, the three-month program at HMAS Stirling in Western Australia invited three partner nations from across the Indo-Pacific to send a participant to embed with the Australian STG-DCP team.  More.....
28 September
Naval deployment shows Germany’s commitment to the Indo-Pacific
In a week when Australia’s relationship with France was left hanging by a thread due to the cancellation of the Attack-class submarine project, Germany quietly doubled the number of upcoming port visits to Australia by the frigate Bayern during its six-month Indo-Pacific tour, the first mission to the region in more than 20 years.  While the timing was certainly coincidental, the significance is unmistakeable: China’s loss has been Australia’s gain.  Long before FGS Bayern departed Wilhelmshaven last month, Germany sought permission for a port visit to Shanghai.  The request arose not for operational reasons, but from dissent within Germany’s coalition government.  More.....
27 September
U.S. Navy Creates New Atlantic Destroyer Task Group to Hunt Russian Submarines
The U.S. Navy has created a new task group on the East Coast to ensure it has ready destroyers that can deploy on short notice to counter the Russian submarine threat in the Atlantic Ocean.  Task Group Greyhound – which officially declared initial operational capability on Sept. 1 – is a force-generation model for destroyers that is embedded within the Navy’s Optimized Fleet Response Plan.  The plan is to take destroyers that have recently completed deployments and are awaiting maintenance availabilities and make them ready for training and operations in the Atlantic.  More.....
27 September
No room for delay in Australia’s transition to nuclear-powered submarines
When journalists used to ask me whether I thought we should continue with the Attack-class submarine program, I’d answer with the old joke about the American tourist lost in the back blocks of Ireland.  After struggling with his map, he finally sees a shepherd and asks for directions.  ‘How do I get to Dublin?’  The wizened local ponders, then answers:  ‘Well, I wouldn’t start from here.’  And that was the issue.  I wouldn’t have started our transition from the Collins class with the Attack class, but once we were five years into that journey, was there an alternative?  Well, the government has now chosen a new path, but as we ponder the road ahead of us, we have to admit we’re even further from Dublin.  More.....
25 September

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24 September
Fourth Astute-class submarine formally commissioned
ASTUTE-Class attack submarine, HMS Audacious, was formally commissioned today during a ceremony at HM Naval Base Clyde.  Equipped with sophisticated sensors, the Astute-Class submarines carry both Tomahawk Land Attack Cruise Missiles (TLAM) and Spearfish heavyweight torpedoes.  The vessels are capable of circumnavigating the globe while submerged, producing their own oxygen and drinking water.  More.....
24 September
Nuclear submarines increase Australia’s need for speed
The world’s gotten more dangerous—and quickly.  And while nuclear submarines from the new AUKUS partnership will give Australia a powerful long-term deterrent, this won’t be a fast program that delivers inside 15 years.  It’s becoming even more essential that Defence matches the speed of change in the strategic environment in areas that can deliver well before then.  That will require very different approaches to defence development and acquisition than we see now, with current and historical lessons.  More.....
24 September
Australian and India maritime warfare exercise - AUSINDEX 21
Royal Australian Navy Anzac class frigate HMAS Warramunga trained alongside the Indian Navy warships INS Shivalik and Kadmaat and later joined by Royal Australian Navy submarine HMAS Rankin. Royal Australian Air Force P-8A maritime patrol aircraft and F/A18 Hornets also took part, as well as embarked helicopters from both navies.
24 September
Australian and Thai navies team up for AUSTHAI during Indo-Pacific 2021
As part of Indo-Pacific Endeavour 2021 (IPE21), HMA Ships Canberra and Anzac took part in exercise AUSTHAI, Australia's biennial maritime interoperability activity with the Royal Thai Navy ships HTMS Bhumibol Adulyadej and HTMS Ratanakosin.
24 September
Ship's workhorse of the skies marks 2000 hours
HMAS Anzac’s embarked MH-60R Seahawk ‘Berserker’ has reached a milestone of 2000 flight hours while deployed in Southeast Asia.  The helicopter and ship are in company with HMA Ships Canberra and Sirius as part of Indo-Pacific Endeavour 2021 (IPE21), Australia’s flagship regional engagement activity.  The MH-60R Seahawk, from 816 SQN, has been attached to Anzac since August 2020, and recently supported the ship’s three-month regional presence deployment, as well as the rescue of 20 Indonesian fishermen who had become stranded 670 nautical miles off the coast of Western Australia.  More.....
24 September
Gilday: Australian sub deal ‘brilliant,’ partnership with French Navy remains strong
The U.S. Navy’s chief of naval operations is committed to helping Australia with its newly announced nuclear-powered submarine program and equally committed to operating seamlessly alongside the French Navy, after the recent Australia-U.K.-U.S. submarine agreement caused a political fallout between the triad and France.  Adm. Mike Gilday called the so-called AUKUS agreement, in which the U.S. Navy and U.K. Royal Navy would help Australia design, build and support a nuclear-powered attack submarine program of its own, “strategically … very important and, I think, a brilliant stroke with respect to our posture in the Pacific, particularly vis a vis China.”  More.....
23 September
Check Out the Futuristic ‘Naval Cockpit’ of the Italian Navy’s PPA
The Italian Navy released the first cleared photos of the bridge of its latest class of surface combatant, the Multipurpose Offshore Patrol ship (PPA), and it looks like something out of a sci-fi movie.  According to the Italian Navy release (which announced the qualification of the first bridge officers for the first-in-class ship, ITS Thaon di Revel), the Naval Cockpit is:
an integrated station that allows the conduct of the ship as well as sea and air operations by only two operators, the Pilot and the Copilot, who fulfill the duties of Officer of the Watch on the bridge and Commander. From this location it is in fact possible to manage both the machines, the rudders, the platform systems and the combat system at the highest level”.  More.....
23 September
Deployment starts with a bang
Huon-class minehunter coastal HMAS Gascoyne started its latest deployment with a bang, conducting a live mine disposal activity off the coast of northern NSW.  The live firing came just days into a deployment during which the ship will circumnavigate Australia to conduct vital route surveys of Australia’s most important and strategic waterways.  Minehunter coastals regularly conduct simulated mine disposal firings to prove their skills and drills to neutralise maritime mine threats.  More.....
23 September
Media statement — Shrine of Remembrance sanctity restored
I wish to extend my sincere appreciation to all those who have come together to restore the sanctity of Melbourne’s Shrine of Remembrance following its appalling use as a protest site yesterday.

We have witnessed our veterans and community members volunteering their time to remove discarded glass, bottles and other debris abandoned during the protest.

I would like to recognise and congratulate their community spirit in undertaking this clean up.

They shouldn’t have had to do it.

Further, I extend a special thank you to all our veterans who have taken the time to visit the Shrine and assist with this important work. I know for many veterans this would have been heartbreaking and caused enormous distress.

Yesterday’s events were shameful and denigrated our service men and women, veterans and their families. I hope none of us will ever see this sort of disrespect again.

All of our memorials should be above any form of protest as they stand timelessly to remind all Australians of those who have served and sacrificed for our nation.

The Shrine of Remembrance is a solemn place of reflection and commemoration and is recognised as such around Australia and the world.

All those who have given their time to restore the Shrine have done Victoria and Australia proud.
22 September
Media statement — Shrine of Remembrance
Today’s protest at Melbourne’s Shrine of Remembrance was disgraceful and those who participated in it are to be condemned in the strongest possible terms.

They should be ashamed of themselves.

The Shrine of Remembrance is one of our country’s most significant memorials and holy places.

That the Shrine is sacred was made clear to all Australians by Sir John Monash, who ensured that the inscription on the west wall declares that it is “HOLY GROUND”.

It is a place of solemnity and quiet reflection. To use it as a protest site violates this sanctity and denigrates and disrespects the memory of those who have served and sacrificed so much for our nation.

There can be no justification for this outrage. Those who organised and attended the protest at the Shrine of Remembrance should acknowledge the hurt that their actions have caused and apologise to all Australians.

I hope we never live to see a repeat of it.
21 September
Decommissioning of HMA Ships Paluma and Mermaid

21 September
Japanese ships farewelled
HMA Ships Maitland and Maryborough farewelled Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF) helicopter carrier JS Kaga and destroyer JS Murasame with a formation sail in the waters just off Darwin this week.  Kaga and Murasame are deployed together to train and exercise with partners in the region.  After taking part in Exercises Talisman Sabre, Pacific Vanguard, ARC-21 and La Perouse, they joined the two RAN Armidale-class patrol boats during Exercise Malabar.  More.....
21 September
Navy medic joins jab team in western NSW
Seaman Alexis Tavener describes supporting NSW Health at vaccination pop-up clinics in western NSW as an incredible experience.  The Australian Defence Force has deployed five vaccine outreach teams, comprising about 70 personnel.  They have visited towns and cities ranging from Lithgow, Bathurst, Orange and Dubbo, to Trangie and Lightning Ridge.  Seaman Tavener, an advanced medic, said it had been been a fulfilling opportunity.  More.....
20 September
Value of ships' long service acknowledged
The Navy’s oldest vessels, HMA Ships Paluma and Mermaid, were farewelled from service during a ceremony at HMAS Cairns at the weekend.  For more than 30 years, the survey motor launches collected hydrographic data necessary for creating products used by military, commercial and private vessels to safely navigate the waters around Australia.  In addition to their critically important survey function, Commanding Officer Mermaid Lieutenant Commander Christopher Voysey said the ships also moved into operational support roles over the years.   More.....
18 September
Australia’s credibility rests on subs success
What a difference a day makes.  On Wednesday, Australians wouldn’t agree to host storage facilities for low-grade medical nuclear waste anywhere in their states.  On Thursday, they found out they were going to have nuclear reactors based in their ports.  That shows how much the world has changed.  In 2015, when Australia went looking for a design for its new submarine fleet it didn’t even consider asking for nuclear-powered boats, and no country would have provided them anyway.  Now we have asked, and we shall receive them from our US and UK partners.  We all know that change is being driven by the actions of a country that wasn’t named by any of the three leaders in Thursday’s announcement.   More.....
17 September
Policy, Guns and Money: AUKUS, climate change and Afghan opium trade

17 September
Navy enters new era
Navy – and the Australian Defence Force – is about to undergo a major shift in military technology, in which it will enter a new era of sub-surface capabilities.  Prime Minister Scott Morrison has announced that Australia will acquire a fleet of at least eight nuclear-powered submarines, supported under an enhanced trilateral security partnership with the United Kingdom and the United States - AUKUS.   More.....
17 September
Establishing an ASPI Office in Washington DC
To mark the 70th Anniversary of the signing of the ANZUS Treaty, I am pleased to announce that the Government has decided to fund the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI) to establish an office in Washington DC.  ASPI has recently marked its 20th Anniversary, having been founded by the Howard Government in 2001.  Over this time ASPI has developed a highly successful business model, providing independent contestability in policy advice on defence and strategic policy issues, deepening public understanding of these issues and helping to shape the next generation of strategic policy thinkers.   More.....
17 September
Top up
HMAS Sirius (I) conducts a dual replenishment at sea with HMAS Canberra III and U.S. Coast Guard Pacific Area's USCGC Munro during Indo-Pacific Endeavour.
17 September
HMA Ships Canberra III and Anzac III depart Thailand
HMAS Canberra III and HMAS Anzac III departed Thailand after a busy and beneficial visit during Indo-Pacific Endeavour, with great ideas exchanged in an innovative contactless environment.  The ships participated in maritime training activities and virtual workshops to build on our understanding and engagement on common challenges.  YourADF looks forward to visiting our Thai friends in the future, when we are able to disembark.
17 September
AUKUS sets a better direction for Australia’s defence
Amid the flags and fine words announcing the arrival of AUKUS, no one should mistake the reality that the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia each have their own desperate need for this quasi alliance to succeed.  After the debacle of the withdrawal from Afghanistan, US President Joe Biden needs a vehicle to refocus the US on the biggest strategic challenge of our age: an angry and authoritarian communist China.  Britain needs a foreign-policy focus after Brexit and has decided that it needs a launching pad into the Indo-Pacific.  And Australia needs friends after several years of being punished by Beijing for the sheer rudeness of failing to subordinate our national interests to China.   More.....
16 September
Australia’s nuclear submarine deal negotiated in great secrecy
American officials have stressed the importance of Australia having nuclear-powered submarines that are fast, discreet, with extremely long range and able to operate closely with their own undersea fleet.  That’s a remarkable turnround in the very few years since United States representatives consistently declared that their naval nuclear technology would not be shared even with as close an ally as Australia.  In a White House briefing, two unnamed senior administration officials have provided detail behind the creation of a new trilateral security partnership—AUKUS—involving the US, United Kingdom and Australia as maritime nations focused on the Indo-Pacific region.   More.....
16 September
AUKUS nuclear submarine deal shows the world has changed
Australia is going to build nuclear submarines as part of a new broader defence technology pact with the US and the UK.  How much the world has changed since just April 2016.  Back then, Australia chose a conventional, diesel-powered submarine as its key undersea weapon, to be built in partnership with the French.  A nuclear submarine was ruled out then because of the sensitivity of military nuclear technologies, the complexity and cost, and because we were told our strategic needs would be met by the diesel submarine.  The sensitivity, complexity and cost remain. What’s changed is our security environment. That’s summed up in three words: China under Xi.   More.....
16 September
Should Australia’s navy have more Hobart-class air warfare destroyers?
A recent Strategist article by ASPI’s Marcus Hellyer highlighted issues becoming evident with the Hunter-class future frigate as the planned construction date slides another 18 months to mid-2024.  A lot of the delay is put down to modifications to the British Type 26 design to accommodate Royal Australian Navy requirements.  This has had negative impacts, including increasing the weight from 8,000 tonnes to 10,000 tonnes.  Contributors to The Strategist have previously discussed what makes a frigate a frigate or a destroyer a certain type of destroyer and whether they’re really cruisers.  One writer implied that this might be an insider trick to improve the RAN’s capability without the ‘bean counters’ realising it’s happening.   More.....
16 September
Key naval projects confirmed for South Australia
South Australia will spearhead a major expansion of Australia’s naval capabilities, supporting thousands of jobs and advancing the state’s shipbuilding expertise.  A number of naval projects have been confirmed for South Australia, following the announcement today of a new enhanced security partnership between Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States.  The first initiative under the partnership, known as AUKUS, is to acquire nuclear-powered submarines for Australia, which are intended to be built in South Australia.   More.....
16 September
Continued investment for Sovereign Guided Weapons Enterprise
The Morrison Government is responding to our rapidly changing strategic environment by investing in critical capability, securing supply chains, and enhancing Australia's self-reliance.  These investments reaffirm the Government's ongoing commitment to upgrading the capability and potency of the Australian Defence Force, while also bolstering Australia's defence industry expertise.   More.....
16 September
AUKUS Announcement
A message from Chief of Navy Vice Admiral Michael Noonan on the announcement.

AUKUS: Trilateral security partnership — PDF (203.91 KB)

Nuclear-powered submarines — PDF (240.11 KB)

Nuclear technology in Australia — PDF (157.02 KB)

Shipbuilding in South Australia — PDF (198.79 KB)

Shipbuilding in Western Australia — PDF (388.07 KB)
16 September
Top End maritime war games a first
HMAS Warramunga and Indian Navy warships INS Shivalik and INS Kadmatt conducted high-end maritime warfare training off the coast of the Northern Territory during this month's AUSINDEX 21.  This was the fourth iteration of the biennial maritime series between Australia and India and the first to be held in the Top End. India hosted AUSINDEX in 2019.   More.....
15 September
ACSC annual cyber threat report released
The Assistant Minister for Defence released the second ACSC Annual Cyber Threat Report: July 2020 to June 2021 in Perth.  The ACSC Annual Cyber Threat Report details the key cyber threats Australians face, and provides critical advice on how to protect yourself online, jointly compiled by the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC), the Australian Federal Police and the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission.  As Australians in record numbers worked remotely in response to the coronavirus pandemic, the ACSC received over 67,500 cybercrime reports over the last financial year - or one every eight minutes. This is an increase of nearly 13 per cent from the previous year.   More.....
14 September
Minister Gee’s address on Australian Peacekeeper Day
Australia will never forget our peacekeepers and peacemakers or the sixteen Australians who have lost their lives on peacekeeping operations. Australia owes them all a great debt of gratitude. As we know, today is the 74th anniversary of Australia’s first deployment on a peacekeeping operation. Our history of peacekeeping is a very proud one. Australians were the world’s very first peacekeepers to be deployed into the field, and that was part of a mission to the Netherlands East Indies in 1947, and since that time, our military personnel, civilians and police officers have deployed to more than 60 countries on 70 operations.   More.....
14 September
ADF sends ship to rescue HMAS Diamantina stranded in Pacific
The ABC can reveal HMAS Diamantina, one of the Navy's Huon-Class Minehunter Coastal (MHC) vessels, is stuck in Vanuatu because of what Defence describes as a "maintenance issue".  In the past week another vessel contracted by Defence, the MV Sycamore, arrived in Port Vila to begin a repair effort that has been complicated by strict COVID-19 measures in the small island nation.   More.....
14 September
Come On Board HMAS Armidale

14 September
Yachties to defend title in iconic race
After the disappointment of the cancellation of the 2020 Rolex Sydney to Hobart yacht race, Navy One is returning to the water for this year’s race.  The Navy sailing team captain Commander Nathan Lockhart said he was excited about the team and said diversity was the key to a successful campaign.  “It is paramount that the team represents the majority of the Navy and a crew of 20 has been selected from current serving personnel across a diverse range of ranks and experience,” Commander Lockhart said.   More.....
13 September
Japanese Military Spots Chinese Sub Near Southern Islands
The Japanese Ministry of Defense detected a Chinese submarine operating in the contiguous zone of Japan’s southern islands, they announced in a Sept. 12 press release, and the Japan Maritime Self Defense Force (JMSDF) air and naval units are maintaining surveillance on the submarine.  The submarine had been spotted by the JMSDF in the morning of Sept. 10 moving in a northwest direction while in the eastern waters off Amami Oshima island, which lies between Kyushu and Okinawa, according to the Ministry of Defense statement.  More.....
13 September
Australian and Malaysian navies partner during Indo-Pacific Endeavour 21

12 September
U.K. Royal Marines Want to Acquire Autonomous Hybrid Surface, Subsurface Stealth Vessel
Britain’s Ministry of Defense (MoD) has issued a pre-procurement notice for a unique type of vessel to help the Royal Marine Commandos.  The document outlines an ‘uncrewed surface and subsurface vessel’ (USSV).  The vessel must be multi-payload, have a low signature, and long endurance, according to the notice.  The basic concept has the characteristics of an uncrewed submersible boat, one that can operate on the surface for long periods and can also run submerged. Such concepts are already familiar for special operations forces missions.   More.....
10 September
Taiwan commissions homemade ‘carrier killer’ warship
Taiwan’s president oversaw the commissioning of a new domestically made warship Thursday as part of the island’s plan to boost indigenous defense capacity amid heightened tensions with China.  President Tsai Ing-wen spoke at a naval base in Su’ao, on the island’s east coast, saying the ship “proves that on the path to becoming independent in national defense, no matter what difficulties arise, we can overcome them one by one.”   More.....
09 September
Patrol boats test warfighting skills
HMA Ships Childers, Launceston, Glenelg and Wollongong took the opportunity to practise the warfighting aspect of their roles in a recent exercise.  Held in and around their home port of Darwin at the end of August, the exercise also built on their ability to operate in-company.  The Armidale-class patrol boats conducted surface gunnery, close-quarters manoeuvring, degraded navigation, formation pilotages and anchorages with a focus on inshore manoeuvres and force protection as part of the Patrol Boat Concentration Period.    More.....
09 September
Exercise hones maritime warfighting skills
Ships deployed on Indo-Pacific Endeavour 2021 (IPE21) took part in the biennial maritime Malaysia-Australia Exercise (MASTEX) while transiting through Southeast Asia.  Conducted between the Malaysian Armed Forces and the Royal Australian Navy in early September, the exercise enhanced the interoperability and relationship between the navies across the full spectrum of maritime operations and warfighting competencies.    More.....
08 September
Navy Fleet Support Unit - Augmented Reality Program

08 September
Malaysian seariders on board HMAS Canberra for Indo-Pacific Endeavour 21

08 September
Australia accepts the delivery of the 2nd fleet oiler NUSHIP Stalwart
The Australian Department of Defence has signed the acceptance certificate of NUSHIP Stalwart, the second of the two Supply class Auxiliary Oiler Replenishment ships built by Navantia Ría de Ferrol for the Royal Australian Navy.  The acceptance of NUSHIP Stalwart on August 30 follows two months’ of fit-out activities carried out at HMAS Stirling in Western Australia. Before its formal acceptance, NUSHIP Stalwart completed its final sea trials. Verifications and demonstrations of the Combat, Communications and Navigation Systems conducted on August 22 reached a high degree of customer satisfaction in all areas.   More.....
07 September
Navy Posthumously Advances Sailor Killed in Afghanistan
As a result of his brave actions in support of fellow service members, the Navy posthumously advanced Navy Corpsman Maxton W. Soviak to the rank of Hospital Corpsman Third Class.  He was also awarded the Purple Heart and Fleet Marine Force Corpsman warfare badge.   More.....
07 September
US Navy declares 5 missing sailors dead after helicopter crash
The U.S. Navy has declared the five missing crewmembers of an MH-60S helicopter crash deceased.  The US Navy’s MH-60S helicopter, embarked aboard USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72), crashed into the sea while conducting routine flight operations off the San Diego coast.  The accident happened on 31 August, and the navy performed search and rescue operations in the last couple of days.   More.....
06 September
Exercise strengthens ties with Singapore
The longstanding bilateral defence partnership between Singapore and Australia was again on display during Indo-Pacific Endeavour 2021 (IPE21).  The cooperative activity, held on September 1, continued a long history of exercising together, which has built trust, precision and technical skill.  This year's activity combined elements from Mine Warfare Team 16, Defence Science and Technology Group (DSTG), air and marine capabilities.  More.....
1950's video: WOMEN IN THE NAVY
This video offers a unique insight into the embryonic Women's Royal Australian Naval Service (WRANS). Much has changed since then and today women are employed across the length and breadth of the Royal Australian Navy in a wide variety of roles both at sea and ashore.

03 September
Coast Guard Pauses Search Flights for Missing Helicopter Crew as the Navy Offers No Updates
The U.S. Coast Guard on Thursday called off its search for five missing crew members from a helicopter that fell off an aircraft carrier into the sea, while the Navy continued its search efforts as of Friday.  The incident occurred at about 4:30 p.m. Tuesday when an MH-60S Seahawk belonging to Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron 8, based at Naval Air Station North Island, California, was conducting routine operations on the USS Abraham Lincoln about 60 nautical miles off the coast of San Diego. Something caused the helicopter to fall off the deck of the ship and plummet into the water.  More.....
02 September
U.S. Navy’s 3rd Zumwalt-class destroyer conducts builder’s trials
U.S. Navy’s 3rd Zumwalt-class destroyer, the future USS Lyndon B. Johnson (DDG 1002), recently conducted Builder’s Trials, U.S. Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) announced.  Builder’s Trials consist of a series of in-port and at-sea demonstrations that allow the shipbuilder, General Dynamics Bath Iron Works and the U.S. Navy to assess the ship’s systems.  More.....
02 September
Long way from home to fight COVID
Able Seaman Dominic Turkalj, from Perth, and his ADF colleagues deployed on Operation COVID-19 Assist in Melbourne, have been working closely with the Victoria Police teams on the hotel quarantine program.  Two weeks into a six-week deployment, they provide support when hotels are changed from a “green zone” to a “red zone” when arrivals come from potential COVID hotspots or overseas.  More.....
02 September
Final opportunity to serve and provide
Navy replenishment vessel HMAS Sirius is living up to her motto of “serve and provide” one last time before decommissioning in December.  After 15 years of service, the ship has commenced her final deployment, which will take her to South-East Asia and the south-west Pacific.  More.....
02 September
Enrolments Open for the 2022 ADF Cyber Gap Program
Enrolments are now open for the 2022 Australian Defence Force (ADF) Cyber Gap Program, which will support students studying a cyber-qualification.  Assistant Minister for Defence, the Hon Andrew Hastie MP, said the ADF Cyber Gap Program, run in partnership with the Digital Transformation Agency, would continue to boost Australia’s sovereign cyber workforce capability.  “Cyber is the new battleground, and the important mission our service men and women undertake in cyberspace will be vital to keeping Australians safe and secure.” Assistant Minister Hastie said.  More.....
01 September
A periodical of the Fleet Air Arm Association of Australia.
01 September
On board with aim of building partnerships
A number of foreign military personnel are embarked in Royal Australian Navy ships taking part in Indo-Pacific Endeavour 2021 (IPE21), which continues to strengthen regional and global partnerships.  The international personnel join about 700 ADF and government personnel who have deployed in HMA Ships Canberra and Anzac for the regional engagement activity that will be held across South-East Asia and is aimed at sharing ideas, information and skills.

01 September
Capability put to the test in Exercise Malabar
HMAS Warramunga had her recently upgraded capability put to the test during Exercise Malabar 2021. Joined by ships from partner nations, it was the Warramunga's first major deployment since the completion of her Anzac Mid-life Capability Assurance Program upgrade.

01 September
Navy delivers solution to water problem
Navy has supported an Australian non-government organisation’s efforts to help an Indonesian community solve water supply and plastic pollution problems.  A Navy helicopter recently delivered a solar-powered desalination plant to the Balinese island of Nusa Lembongan.  The plant was purchased by Surfrider Foundation Australia, with funding and support from the Australian Government through the Australian Aid Friendship Grants program.  More.....
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