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29 October
Small boat crews find a dock at sea
The waters off the east coast of Malaysia in mid-October were abuzz with small boats from the Royal Australian Navy, the United Kingdom and Malaysia, with HMAS Canberra’s dock central to the training.  The small-boat training was conducted during Exercise Bersama Gold 21 (BG21).  Canberra’s deputy amphibious operations officer Captain Ashley Busatto said the training was important.  “For us, the integration with foreign forces is always something worth exercising,” Captain Busatto said.  “In particular, the small boats were coming from vessels that don’t regularly train with amphibious ships with a well dock, so it was a positive learning experience for them.  More.....
29 October
Navy surgeon enjoying time in the sand
A deployment to Iraq is providing Navy neurosurgeon Lieutenant Commander Andrew Davidson with some unique challenges.  Lieutenant Commander Davidson is part of a highly specialised team of seven ADF medical professionals who are caring for US Military and Department of State personnel, Australian and coalition forces, and host-nation soldiers in Iraq from 23 outlying stations.  Lieutenant Commander Andrew Davidson is working with his triservice colleagues in the role 3 hospital at the Baghdad Diplomatic Support Centre (BDSC).  He is deployed on Operation Okra in the Middle East for four months.  More.....
29 October
Special Operations land on Sydney beaches
Australian Army Special Operations Force trainee commandos quietly dropped in on the Sydney beachside suburbs of Cronulla and Manly. The activities were part of a series of essential training to reinforce Army's Special Operations Force ranks.

29 October
New era in fleet maintenance
A call for tenders has been issued for a capability life-cycle manager (CLCM) to maintain Navy’s Hobart-class destroyers.  The Hobart-class destroyers will be the first major class of ship to be sustained through a CLCM arrangement, which has been timed to support the Hobart-class destroyer upgrade project.  This is a significant milestone for Plan Galileo, which is a response to the Australian Government’s National Naval Shipbuilding Enterprise that will provide the nation with its greatest naval capability regeneration since World War II.  Plan Galileo will ensure the significantly larger and more complex fleet that will result is effectively sustained.  More.....
28 October
New jamming tech proving successful
Defence Science and Technology Group (DSTG) is working with South Australian start-up, RFTEQ, to develop jammer technologies capable of defeating radio-controlled improvised explosive devices and other communication threats.  The partnership is already yielding promising results, with the development of the Complex Adaptive Threat Jammer Technology (CATJAT).  Integrating DSTG-designed and developed countermeasure techniques with RFTEQ’s cutting-edge digital signal processing algorithms, CATJAT is able to detect and identify advanced radio waveforms in real time, and then generate precise, targeted jamming responses to neutralise the threats.  More.....
28 October
Fisheries patrol strengthens relationship
HMAS Ararat recently completed Ausindo Corpat 2021, a five-day coordinated patrol with Indonesian Navy vessels KRI Sura and Kerapu along the shared maritime border.  Commanding Officer HMAS Ararat Lieutenant Commander David Martinussen said this, the 11th iteration of Ausindo Corpat, was a welcome opportunity to strengthen bilateral ties with Indonesia, while delivering a strong and coordinated response to illegal fisheries activity.  “The tactical manoeuvring of warships in close quarters is a tried and true means of developing self-confidence in our people,” Lieutenant Commander Martinussen said.  More.....
28 October
Agile, innovative and resilient in pandemic
The Royal Australian Navy Recruit School at HMAS Cerberus, Victoria, is responsible for providing the Navy with trained, confident sailors that can think for themselves and work as a team.  Staff and instructors are in charge of training up to 450 recruits at one time, with a new intake of up to 150 recruits arriving from all over Australia every four weeks.  Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the challenges faced have been wide-ranging. COVID-19 restrictions, lockdowns and border closures have threatened the ability to deliver the high-quality training that the school is well known for.  More.....
28 October

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27 October
Making the shift to nuclear-powered submarines: training and recruiting
by Peter Briggs
In the first post in this series, I considered the structure of the safety regimes needed to independently audit the Royal Australian Navy’s procedures and training to operate a nuclear-powered submarine (SSN), along with the personnel required to do this work.  The crew and naval organisations needed to support and oversee the SSN were considered in my second post.  Here, I review some of the training and education structures, before summarising the total personnel requirement for phase 1, the starting point for a transition to SSNs.  It is assumed that the RAN will be given the requisite access to the training schools of the navy that supplies our submarines and access to their boats for at-sea training until it has established sufficient capacity in Australia. This is a significant undertaking for the supplier navy. At-sea training billets are always in high demand, so adding the conversion and ab initio training required for the RAN will be a significant imposition even without considering the security and other national issues that could arise.   More.....
26 October
Op-ed for AFR Defence special
Australians are rightly concerned about tensions in the Indo-Pacific.  As we confront a more uncertain region than we have known in decades, new energy and determination is flowing through Australia’s defence ecosystem. Defence is getting on with its core business.  That business is about making the right capability decisions and ensuring the Australian Defence Force is properly equipped to defend our nation’s interests and keep Australians safe.  That business also involves Australia working with like-minded countries in a network of complementary partnerships.  Nations which are equally committed to deterring aggression, preventing military conflict and preserving the peace which has, and continues to benefit all humanity.  More.....
26 October
NUSHIP Stalwart to call Geraldton home
The City of Greater Geraldton can today be confirmed as the ceremonial homeport of a supply ship set to be commissioned into the Royal Australian Navy Fleet next month.  Minister for Defence Industry and Member for Durack Melissa Price said NUSHIP Stalwart’s formalised partnership with the City of Greater Geraldton and the local Yamatji People would strengthen Geraldton’s enduring connection with the Navy.  “Navy and Geraldton have a long, shared history,” Minister Price said.  “Geraldton is home to a memorial acknowledging that HMAS Sydney II was sunk off the coast in 1941, and two ships have previously been named after the City.  More.....
26 October
Making the shift to nuclear-powered submarines: technical skills and oversight
by Peter Briggs
In my last post, I explained the need for dual lines of responsibility for nuclear safety, with civilian authorities answerable to a minister other than the minister for defence to provide a degree of independence in discharging the government’s nuclear safety obligations.  The Royal Australian Navy and Department of Defence are answerable to the defence minister.  The submarine’s crew is the obvious starting point.  A British Astute-class nuclear-powered attack submarine (SSN) crew of 98 is almost double that of Australia’s Collins-class conventional submarines.  We will need to train about 30 relief crew members to ensure we can sustain each submarine with a complement of at least 130 nuclear-qualified personnel.  New skills are required for the nuclear technicians operating the reactor and for steam plant operators.  More.....
26 October
Team an anaesthesia to challenges
Navy medical officer Lieutenant Commander Lin Hu is currently deployed with his triservice colleagues to the only role 3 hospital in the Iraq area of operations.  He is embedded with the US Army’s Task Force Med 9 at the Baghdad Diplomatic Support Centre.  Born and raised in Fairfield Western Sydney, Lieutenant Commander Hu, an anaesthetist, is providing specialist surgical and medical support to US, coalition, Iraqi Security Forces, Department of State personnel and 23 outlying stations within the region.  “Our team is responsible for neurosurgical, head and neck, orthopaedic and trauma surgical care, as well as the management of critically unwell COVID-19 patients,” Lieutenant Commander Hu said.  More.....
25 October
So close, but so far...
Sailing into Manila Bay during Indo-Pacific Endeavour 2021 (IPE21) was a slightly bittersweet moment for two Navy officers who longed to visit the country of their birth.  With no port visits during IPE21 because of COVID-19 restrictions, Lieutenant Christian Aca-Ac and Lieutenant Maria Hondrade, along with other members of the crews of HMA Ships Canberra, Sirius and Anzac, could only look at the Philippines.  Instead, IPE21 conducted a number of virtual engagements on topics of interest to Australia and regional partners, and commanders participated by video in an official reception welcoming the Australian deployment.  More.....
25 October
Making the shift to nuclear-powered submarines: safety first
by Peter Briggs
The agreement for Australia to acquire nuclear-powered attack submarines (SSNs) is the most significant part of the recent AUKUS announcement.  The offer of assistance from the United Kingdom and the United States to acquire this capability places us at an excellent starting point for what will be a challenging national journey.  Such a combination of support was inconceivable five years ago when I began publicly agitating for SSNs.  Today it is the right strategic decision to meet the changing circumstances facing Australia and its Western allies.  It will ensure that our submarine crews have safer, more survivable and hugely more effective submarines.  More.....
25 October
Mine hunters put to the test
The Port of Fremantle and its Indian Ocean accesses have been blocked by an adversary’s offensive mining tactics. This is the scenario Exercise Dugong 2021 participants face over the coming weeks. Exercise Dugong 2021 (DG21) has kicked off in Western Australia and will run until November 5. Partnering with the United States Navy’s Explosive Ordnance Disposal Team Five (EODMU5), mine warfare and maritime geospatial specialists from across the Royal Australian Navy have come together to integrate existing and emerging mine warfare systems, technologies and practices. DG21 Exercise Director Captain Pete Bartlett said the importance of Navy’s mine warfare capability should not be underestimated.  More.....
25 October
Library's new chapter has positive sub-plot
A new ship’s library in HMAS Warramunga is not only providing the crew with a wide range of reading options, it has forged a strong partnership with a bookseller near the ship's home port in Western Australia.  Leading Seaman James McPhail, a member of the Anzac-class frigate’s welfare committee, decided to establish a ship’s library after developing a strong reading habit on a deployment last year.  More.....
25 October
Tinkering drives Navy career
Growing up on a farm outside the regional NSW town of Trangie, Able Seaman Maddison Hohnberg would spend hours tinkering with farm machinery and trying to understand how things work.  That tinkering and curiosity now serves her well in her role as a propulsion maintainer in HMAS Warramunga, specialising in diesel mechanics.  The Anzac-class frigate is currently on a regional presence deployment to South-East and north-east Asia with HMA Ships Ballarat and Brisbane.  Able Seaman Hohnberg is part of the team responsible for maintaining the ship’s two propulsion diesel engines, four diesel generators and gas turbine.  More.....
22 October
October Update on HMAS Cerberus Redevelopment
HMAS Cerberus Redevelopment Project Officer, Commander Cameron Eastman OAM RAN provides the latest video update on the progress of works currently underway.

22 October
Royal Navy tests Martlet Missile System for Defense Against Swarm Attacks
A new missile system meant to protect the UK’s new aircraft carriers from attacks by swarms of small boats has been successfully tested by the Royal Navy.  HMS Defender’s Wildcat helicopter launched the Martlet lightweight missile against an inflatable target in the sea during operations in the Pacific Ocean with the UK Carrier Strike Group.  It is the first time this type of missile has been launched on frontline operations by the Royal Navy after rigorous testing at ranges off the UK coast by the Yeovilton-based Wildcat Maritime Force last year.  In 0.3 seconds, the missile detached from the Wildcat HMA Mk2 helicopter, accelerating to one and a half times the speed of sound towards its target.  More.....
22 October
U.S. and German navies sail at sea together
Independence-variant littoral combat ships USS Jackson (LCS 6) and USS Tulsa (LCS 16) sailed with Germany Navy frigate FGS Bayern (F 217) in the Philippine Sea, and Tulsa hosted Bayern crew members for ship tours while moored at Naval Base Guam, Oct. 18 and 21, the U.S. Navy Pacific Fleet announced.  At sea, the ships practiced communications, tactical maneuvers, division tactics, and bilateral flight operations with Jackson’s embarked MH-60S Seahawk helicopter from Helicopter Sea Combat (HSC) Squadron 23 and two German Super Lynx Mk88A helicopter from Bayern.  More.....
22 October
Guests back on the upper deck for Trafalgar Day ceremony
Second Sea Lord Vice Admiral Nick Hine led Trafalgar Day commemorations on board HMS Victory marking today’s 216th anniversary of the battle.  The day started at HM Naval Base Portsmouth, as always, with the daily naval ceremony of Colours at 8am; the White Ensign and the Union Flag hauled up, followed shortly afterwards by the flag sequence indicating Nelson’s famous battle message to the fleet: “England expects that every man will do his duty”.  The private ceremony followed shortly after on the upper deck.  About 70 officers, ratings cadets and guests, including the Lord Mayor of Portsmouth and representatives of the United States, Polish, Turkish and New Zealand militaries, watched as VAdm Hine laid a wreath on the spot Lord Nelson fell during the battle.  More.....
22 October
Austal Australia delivers 13th Guardian-class Patrol Boat
Austal Limited (Austal) (ASX: ASB) is pleased to announce Austal Australia has delivered the 13th Guardian-class Patrol Boat (GCPB) to the Australian Department of Defence.  The vessel, NUSHIP Francis Agwi, was then gifted by the Australian Government to the Papua New Guinea Defence Force at a certificate signing ceremony held at Austal’s shipyard in Henderson, Western Australia.  The vessel is the third of four Guardian-class Patrol Boats to be delivered to Papua New Guinea under the Pacific Patrol Boat Replacement Project (SEA3036-1), part of the Australian Government’s Pacific Maritime Security Program.  More.....
22 October
HMAS Ballarat partners with USS Carl Vinson on Maritime Partnership Exercise
HMAS Ballarat supported the joined the USS Carl Vinson carrier strike group conducting flight operations during the Maritime Partnership Exercise 2021 (MPX21) in the Indian Ocean.

22 October
HMAS Ballarat and JS Kaga bid farewell after Maritime Partnership Exercise
HMAS Ballarat and Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force ship JS Kaga concluded their participation in the Maritime Partnership Exercise with a special farewell message to each other in both English and Japanese.

22 October
HMA Ships Ballarat and Sirius take part in Exercise Malabar
HMA Ships Ballarat and Sirius participated in the second phase of Exercise Malabar in the Indian Ocean.

22 October
HMAS Sirius conducts dual replenishment at sea for US Navy
While taking part in Indo-Pacific Endeavour 2021 (IPE21), HMAS Sirius conducted a dual replenishment at sea with US Navy Ships USS Stockdale and USS Chafee.

22 October
Army boosts ship's health capability
Six Army health personnel are working on board HMAS Canberra during Indo-Pacific Endeavour 2021 (IPE21), lending a green hue to the maritime-focused deployment.  It’s not unusual for Army medical staff to work in landing helicopter dock ships such as Canberra as the Royal Australian Navy doesn’t employ pharmacists, scientific officers, radiographers or physiotherapists.  The Army team – two members of the ship’s company and four IPE21 embarked staff – is on board to ensure the crew’s health is maintained.  Army radiographer Lieutenant John Langley, of the Maritime Operational Health Unit (MOHU), provides the IPE21 Task Group with a diagnostic medical imaging capability.  More.....
20 October
Maritime partnerships strengthened
The Royal Australian Navy this month joined key partners Japan, the United States and the United Kingdom for the Maritime Partnership Exercise in the Indian Ocean.  Anzac-class frigate HMAS Ballarat took part in the complex multi-domain training, held in the Bay of Bengal from October 15-18, with ships and aircraft from the participating nations.  Commander of the Australian Fleet Rear Admiral Mark Hammond said the Maritime Partnership Exercise reinforced effective habits of cooperation between participating forces.  “The Maritime Partnership Exercise demonstrated our capacity to work together to support the security and resilience of the Indo-Pacific,” Rear Admiral Hammond said.  More.....
20 October
HMAS Glenelg conduct an in-company sail with German Navy ship FGS Bayern
The Armidale class patrol boat and Brandenburg class frigate operated together north of Darwin as part of Bayern's deployment to the Indo-pacific.

20 October
HMA Ships conduct Replenishment At Sea with US Navy
HMA Ships Warramunga and Brisbane have undergone a Replenishment At Sea while on deployment. Each ship docked with the US Navy's replenishment oiler, USNS Big Horn.

19 October
10 Chinese, Russian Warships Sail Through Japanese Islands
A combination of 10 Russian Navy and Chinese People’s Liberation Army Navy ships sailed from the Sea of Japan to the Pacific Ocean through the Tsugaru Strait between Japanese home islands of Honshu and Hokkaido, Joint Staff of the Japan Self Defense Force said in a press statement.  The Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force spotted the ships at on Monday, in waters about 70 miles southwest of Okushiri Island in Hokkaido.  The ships sailed east through the strait into the Pacific Ocean.  The release noted that it was the first time naval vessels from both countries had sailed jointly through the strait.  The JMSDF monitored the passage of the ships via P-3C Orions of Fleet Air Wing 2 stationed at Hachinohe Air Base, Honshu and the minesweepers JS Izushima (MSC-687) and JS Aoshima (MSC-689), the statement said.  More.....
19 October
ADF prepared for season's challenges
As the high-risk weather season begins, the ADF and the Australian Civil-Military Centre (ACMC) are well-prepared.  Commander of the ADF’s Joint Task Force 629 Brigadier Mick Garraway said a recent two-day online seminar was designed to help increase readiness for domestic operations.  “Having highly experienced Defence representatives, and senior emergency services leaders come together to share knowledge is essential for the ADF and partner organisations to better understand the threats and opportunities for the 2021-22 high-risk weather season,” Brigadier Garraway said.  More.....
19 October
Australian and Canadian Navy-to-Navy Exercises
HMA Ships Warramunga and Brisbane rendezvous with Canadian Navy frigate HMCS Winnipeg to conduct a number of navy-to-navy engagements. The activities further enhanced the ADF's partnership with the Canadian Navy, which shares a common commitment to maritime security in the Indo-Pacific region.

19 October
Australian small boat with US comms package in testing for Marine Corps urgent need
The mashup of an Australian small boat designed for safety and an American sensors and communications suite that helped Marines secure the Kabul airport during the August evacuation may help fill a capability gap as the U.S. Marine Corps eyes distributed operations in the Pacific.  Australia-based company the Whiskey Project is pitching its multimission reconnaissance craft (MMRC) as a way to meet the Marines’ needs to “sense first, see first and strike first” — in a craft with a low enough signature that it’s hard to detect, but has powerful organic and remote sensors and a communications package that can report back to decision-makers, company officials say.  More.....
19 October
New patrol boat launched
The first of six Evolved Cape-class patrol boats was recently launched at the Austal Ships' shipyard in Henderson, Western Australia.  Head Maritime Systems Rear Admiral Wendy Malcolm said the vessels would replace the Navy’s Armidale-class patrol boats and would be used as interim patrol platforms until the commissioning of the Arafura-class offshore patrol vessels.  “The Evolved Cape-class patrol boats will ensure the Royal Australian Navy is well-equipped to keep Australia’s borders safe,” Rear Admiral Malcolm said.  “With all six Evolved Cape-class patrol boats to be built in WA, we are continuing to strengthen Australia’s naval capability while supporting local jobs.”  More.....
19 October
Learning new skills to take home
As her friends and family were celebrating Vanuatu’s 41st anniversary of independence in late July, Vanuatu Police Force Maritime Wing (PMW) PC Merwel Vocor was leaving Vanuatu for Australia.  Supported by the Vanuatu-Australia Defence Cooperation Program, PC Vocor was selected to complete the New Entry Officers Course (NEOC) at HMAS Creswell.  PC Vocor is the second PMW member to attend NEOC, with her colleague PC Rachel Amkori completing the naval junior officer course last year.  Coming from Vanuatu’s subtropical climate, it took PC Vocor a while to get used to Canberra’s sub-zero temperatures when she first arrived.  More.....
18 October
New uniform being rolled out
Navy personnel in North Queensland and the Northern Territory are the first to be issued the new maritime multi-cam pattern uniform (MMPU).  The MMPU uniform replaces the disruptive pattern Navy uniform (DPNU), which has been in service for the past 12 years.  Chief of Navy Vice Admiral Michael Noonan said it was great to see the roll-out of the new uniform.  “Our people are at the forefront of what our Navy achieves, and we rely on our people to be able to perform at their best in a variety of challenging environments,” Vice Admiral Noonan said.  “It’s important that their kit is fit-for-purpose and evolves to meet the needs of our fleet and the environments that we operate in.  More.....
16 October
Veterans claims system to be overhauled
The Minister for Veterans’ Affairs and Defence Personnel Andrew Gee has announced the appointment of independent consultants to overhaul the Department of Veterans’ Affairs’ claims processing system.  Consultants McKinsey & Company will work with families who have lost loved ones to suicide, to formulate recommendations that will overhaul the system to better serve our veterans.  Minister Gee said the backlog of claims is unacceptably high which is delaying veterans and their families access to vital services and funding.  “One of my top priorities is to improve the claims processing system and cut waiting times for veterans and their loved ones, and as such, I have directed that this rebuild takes place as a matter of urgency,” Minister Gee said.

“This is not another review.

“McKinsey will immediately examine how the Department can simplify the claims process, how it is currently processing claims, and identify how we can have a faster, more efficient and effective system for all veterans and their families.  More.....
16 October
New Memorial for Afghanistan veterans unveiled in Brisbane
A memorial honouring the selfless service and sacrifice of Australia’s Afghanistan veterans has been officially opened at Brisbane’s Suncorp Stadium today.  Minister for Veterans’ Affairs and Defence Personnel Andrew Gee said the newly unveiled 42 for 42 Afghanistan War Memorial Gardens is a timeless tribute to all our veterans lost in the conflict and to suicide.  “Veterans who served in Afghanistan fought to defend our freedoms and values and to make Australia, Afghanistan and the world safer and more secure,” Minister Gee said.  “Australia owes all those who served a great debt of gratitude and this memorial is an important acknowledgement of their service to our nation.  More.....
16 October
China, Russia conducts Joint Sea-2021 Naval Exercise in the Sea of Japan
Joint Sea-2021, a joint naval exercise between China and Russia, has begun with a ceremony on October 14 in waters near Russia’s Peter the Great Bay.  The warships participating from the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) are Type 055 destroyer Nanchang, Type 052D destroyer Kunming, Type 054A frigates Binzhou and Liuzhou, and Type 903A comprehensive supply ship Dongpinghu.  The Type 055 destroyer Nanchang 101 is joining an exercise with a foreign navy for the first time. Also Type 055 destroyer is the command ship of the Chinese fleet during the exercise.  The Russian Navy is represented by warships and support vessels of the Pacific Fleet: the large anti-submarine ship Admiral Panteleev, the corvettes of the project 20380 Hero of the Russian Federation Aldar Tsydenzhapov and Gromkiy, two base minesweepers, a submarine Ust- Bolsheretsk, as well as a missile boat and a rescue tug.  More.....
16 October
The Royal Australian Navy has lifted temporary restrictions on MH-60R flying operations.

A suspension was enacted as a precaution after an MH-60R helicopter attached to HMAS Brisbane ditched in the Philippine Sea on 13 October during a routine flight.

“Initial evidence indicates that the incident is not an issue impacting the rest of the MH-60R fleet,” Commander Australian Fleet, Rear Admiral Hammond said.

“The MH-60R is a reliable platform with over 300 operating worldwide. Navy has a rigorous and regular maintenance schedule to ensure they remain both safe and effective.”

The three air-crew on board the helicopter at the time of the incident were safely recovered and are continuing deployed operations in HMAS Brisbane.
16 October

15 October
Join in and 'get moving' during Veterans' Health Week
More than 720 events that focus on veteran wellbeing will kick off across Australia on 16 October as part of our country’s largest Veterans’ Health Week to date.  The Australian Government has provided a record $540,000 funding for Veterans’ Health Week activities that focus on enhancing the overall health of our veterans and their families.  Minister for Veterans’ Affairs and Defence Personnel Andrew Gee said this year’s theme, Get Moving, will promote physical health and encourage veterans and their families to stay active.  More.....
15 October
Exercise Malabar wraps up
Australia and key partners India, Japan and the United States have completed the second phase of Exercise Malabar 2021, held in the Indian Ocean.  Anzac-class frigate HMAS Ballarat and replenishment oiler HMAS Sirius, with ships and aircraft from the other participating nations, engaged in complex multi-domain training in the Bay of Bengal from October 11-14.  This followed the first phase of the exercise, held in August near Guam.  Commander of the Australian Fleet, Rear Admiral Mark Hammond, said the exercise further strengthened Australia’s ties with partners.  More.....
15 October
Nuclear-powered submarines welcomed
Former Royal Navy (RN) nuclear submarine executive officer, Captain Henry Finnis (retd), sees the benefits of Australia acquiring the vessels as he reflects on his career as a submariner.  On September 16, the Prime Minister announced a new trilateral security partnership between Australia, the United Kingdom and United States, called AUKUS.  Despite being surprised by the Australian Government’s announcement to acquire at least eight nuclear-powered submarines for the RAN, Captain Finnis welcomed the announcement.  More.....
14 October
Three aircrew safe after helicopter ditched in the Philippine Sea
Three crewmembers of a Royal Australian Navy MH-60R Seahawk helicopter are safe after ditching their helicopter in the Philippine Sea during a routine flight overnight.  The aircraft was operating from HMAS Brisbane as part of a Regional Presence Deployment with HMAS Warramunga, when the crew conducted an emergency landing in the water.  HMAS Brisbane deployed sea boats and rescued the crew approximately 20 minutes later.  The crew received first aid for minor injuries upon their return to HMAS Brisbane.  Commander of the Australian Fleet, Rear Admiral Mark Hammond, commended the crews of both ships involved for their quick response to the emergency.  More.....
13 October
HMAS Gascoyne granted Freedom of Entry to Exmouth, Western Australia
HMAS Gascoyne was granted Freedom of Entry to the town of Exmouth, Western Australia. The ship's company then conducted a parade through the streets to reinforce the close relationship the Huon Class Minehunter has with the town and WA's Gascoyne region.

13 October
Resources to help schools commemorate Remembrance Day
A range of commemorative and educational resources will help young Australians understand the history and significance of one of the most important days on the nation’s calendar, ahead of next month’s Remembrance Day commemorations.  Remembrance Day marks the anniversary of guns falling silent on the Western Front in the First World War: the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month.  Our nation stands in silent reflection for one minute each year to commemorate and honour those Australians who have died or suffered in wars, conflicts and peacekeeping operations.  To assist schools, ex-service organisations and community groups plan for 11 November, the Department of Veterans’ Affairs has prepared a Remembrance Day educational resources pack or ‘digital kitbag’ to highlight the importance of honouring Australia’s veterans and servicemen and women.  More.....
13 October
Russian warships hold missile firings in the Sea of Japan
The Russian Pacific Fleet’s Varyag missile cruiser and the Admiral Tributs large anti-submarine ship conducted anti-aircraft missile firings in the Sea of Japan on Monday, TASS agency reported.  “The crews of the Russian Fleet’s Guards Order of Nakhimov Missile Cruiser Flagship Varyag and the Admiral Tributs large anti-submarine warship held planned drills in the Sea of Japan, where air defence launches of the Fort, Klinok and Osa anti-aircraft missile systems against high-speed flying targets as part of the final inspection for the summer training period were carried out,” the report says.  More.....
13 October
Navy Recovers Helicopter, 5 Sailors Killed in Crash that Prompted Pause in Flight Operations
A search-and-salvage team has located and recovered – from a depth of 5,300 feet – the five crewmembers and MH-60S helicopter that crashed while operating on the flight deck of aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72) on Aug. 31, the Navy announced Tuesday.  Five crew members of the “Eightballers” of HSC-8 were lost when the helicopter sank before search-and-rescue crews could find them.  The Navy later declared them deceased: Pilot Lt. Bradley A. Foster, 29, of Oakhurst, Calif.; pilot Lt. Paul R. Fridley, 28, of Annandale, Va.; Naval Air Crewman (Helicopter) 2nd Class James P. Buriak, 31, of Salem, Va.; HM2 Class Sarah F. Burns, 31, of Severna Park, Md.; and HM3 Bailey J. Tucker, 21, of St. Louis, Mo.  More.....
13 October
Mates shouted a drink at sea
Replenishment ships such as HMAS Sirius play a vital role in the maritime theatre, providing supplies such as fuel, food, provisions and cargo at sea to the fleet, enabling the ships to sail for extended periods of time.  Commanding Officer Sirius Commander Christopher Doherty said he was proud of the capability that he and his ship offered, especially during Indo-Pacific Endeavour 2021 (IPE21).  “Sirius is a really important capability for conducting IPE21, because she supplies logistical support to the task group and partner nations,” Commander Doherty said.  More.....
13 October
Philippines supported in milestone year
Celebrating 75 years of diplomatic relations, Australia and the Philippines strengthened their defence and whole-of-government ties with a number of activities as part of Indo-Pacific Endeavour 2021 (IPE21).  As they transited to Manila, HMA Ships Canberra and Anzac last month joined the Philippine Navy Ship Antonio Luna in the annual Exercise Lumbas, which focused on training and interoperability.  Deputy Commander IPE21 Captain Constancio Reyes, Philippine Navy, was embarked in Canberra for the first five weeks of the trip and said he was pleased by the success of the exercise.  More.....
13 October
Pair aboard at start and end of ship's service
Two sailors in HMAS Sirius on the ship’s final deployment before being decommissioned were part of the ship's commissioning crew in 2006.  Leading Seamen Boatswain’s Mate Terance Wilson-Mitchell and Leading Seaman Maritime Logistics – Chef Esler Cartledge are on board for Indo-Pacific Endeavour 2021.  Leading Seamen Wilson-Mitchell, who joined the Navy in 2004, said he doesn’t recall too much about his first posting to Sirius, but could remember the sense of occasion of the commissioning.  More.....
12 October
Old salt never says never
As HMAS Sirius undertakes her last operational deployment during Indo-Pacific Endeavour 2021 (IPE21), it could also be the end of the seagoing career of Lieutenant Commander Ric Mingramm.  At age 60, Sirius’ maritime logistics officer is content knowing his seafaring days might be over, but is open to the chance to sail again, should the opportunity arise.  “I have an extension to work until 65, so I have another five years to serve, and I’ve made it clear that, in that time, I want to work operational jobs or go overseas, but we’ll see,” Lieutenant Commander Mingramm said.  More.....
12 October 
Sea exchange filled with benefits
As Indo-Pacific Endeavour 2021 (IPE21) made its way through the Java Sea, foreign personnel from partner nations were given the opportunity to visit HMAS Anzac.  Four officers from the UK, Malaysia and Philippines transferred from the task group’s flagship HMAS Canberra for tours and capability demonstrations of Anzac as part of the deployment’s focus on fostering regional and international naval cooperation.  Royal Navy Sub Lieutenant Bethany Blount was appreciative of the opportunity to experience life in the long-range frigate.  More.....
12 October
Saving Taiwan
China’s coercive expansionism may be taking its most dangerous turn yet.  Recently, record-breaking numbers of Chinese military planes have entered Taiwan’s air defence identification zone, where the island’s authorities assert the right to demand that aircraft identify themselves.  China’s muscle-flexing sends a clear message: it is serious about incorporating the island—and ‘reunifying’ China—potentially by force.  Though the international community has been reluctant to challenge the Chinese claim that Taiwan has ‘always been’ part of China, the claim is dubious, at best, and based on revisionist history.  For most of its history, Taiwan was inhabited by non-Chinese peoples—Malayo-Polynesian tribes—and had no relationship with China.  Geographically, Taiwan is closer to the Philippines than to the Chinese mainland.  More.....
11 October
Chinese Testing Experimental Armed Drone Ships at Secret Naval Base
In front of scenic cliffs and an ornamental European-style windmill is a secret People’s Liberation Army Navy pier.  Here, at a former tourist resort on China’s northern coast, is where the PLAN is developing some of its most secretive, and previously unreported, naval programs, USNI News has learned.  The pier near Dalian is where China is testing its large uncrewed surface vessels (USVs), according to satellite photos provided to USNI News by Maxar and an analysis of open-source intelligence.  Construction of the new pier started in early 2016 and took about a year, according to satellite photos.  Since then it has been used intermittently by the PLAN.  When in use, two large work barges are moored alongside to provide basic facilities for crews and support staff.  The facility itself has only the most basic semblance of a military base.  Taken together this suggests that it is an auxiliary facility, used to support short-term trials and exercises.  More.....
11 October
Australian and German Navies pay tribute to fallen servicemen
During a weeklong visit to Western Australia, the ship's company of German Navy frigate FGS Bayern participated in a wreath-laying ceremony at the State War Memorial in Perth's Kings Park. The occasion which also took place on Germany's National Day to mark the anniversary of German unification in 1990, October 3, was to honour those who perished in previous conflicts.

10 October
Do U.S Admirals Have Reason to be Concerned About the Yasen-M Nuclear Submarine?
On July 30, a solemn ceremony was performed at the Sevmash Shipyard in Severodvinsk for the Yasen-M class nuclear-powered submarine “Krasnoyarsk.”  Admiral Nikolai Evmenov, Commander-in-Chief of the Navy, and other senior officials attended the ceremony.  The U.S. military is concerned about the Yasen submarine class.  Several months ago, the U.S. Navy’s top submarine officer, Rear Admiral Dave Johnson, remarked, “We’ll be facing against really formidable adversaries.”  One need look to Russia’s version of a nuclear-guided missile submarine, the Severodvinsk [first vessel of the Yasen class] (SSGN).  “He was so impressed with this ship that he made a replica using unclassified data to view it every day on his way to work.”  Krasnoyarsk is the third Project 885-M ship built by the Russian Navy.  Yasen M-class nuclear-powered multifunctional attack submarine.  More.....
10 October
FBI Arrests Navy Nuclear Engineer, Wife Accused of Selling Submarine Secrets
An Annapolis, Md., couple with U.S. Navy ties were arrested Saturday and charged with espionage-related charges after passing classified documents to FBI agents posing as members of an unspecified country, according to unsealed court documents.  Over the course of approximately eight months, Jonathan Toebbe communicated with the FBI agents who were posing as representatives of the unspecified country and passed classified documents via small SD memory cards, according to charging documents.  Toebbe would use dead drop locations arranged by the FBI, which included him hiding an SD card in a peanut butter sandwich, a BandAid wrapper and a pack of gum.  More.....
10 October
Progress with Melbourne Maritime Heritage Network (MMHN) October 2021
Melbourne Maritime Heritage Network is ALL about Advocacy and all about Networking in relation to matters maritime – past, present and future.  MMHN Updates try to report on any progress achieved by MMHN - all of which should be attributed to our expanding network of dedicated, enthusiastic and knowledgeable members. Generally, we need to influence and collaborate with the very many responsible authorities and agencies so that MMHN can create and enable change.  More.....
10 October

Navy League of Australia(Vic-Tas Div)
October newsletter is now available to download.....
09 October
Our October Navy Hero is:
Commander Edward Wilfred 'Jake' Linton BEM MCD RAN

Edward 'Jake' Linton was born on 31 January 1935 in Preston, Victoria. He joined the Navy on the 17th March 1952 and following completion of his initial training at HMAS Cerberus his first posting as a seaman was to HMAS Australia.

It was late 1954, Jake was 19 years old, married, an Able Seaman employed as a Main Gate Sentry at Naval Headquarters at Potts Point, not making enough money to pay his wife’s medical bills and short on answers to the situation. He spent every second night working in Playfairs freezers in The Rocks and life did not hold a lot of promise.

Then on the notice board at HMAS Kuttabul there was a message calling for volunteers to form the first Clearance Divers Course, and offering tuppence (two pence) or 1 cent a minute for diving time. This was the answer; tuppence a minute translated into 120 pence an hour or 10 shillings ($1). In short, if accepted, he could give up his job at Playfairs and meet his financial commitments. Naturally he volunteered and was accepted. However, there was just one hurdle and that was a test dive off the wharf at HMAS Rushcutter, using the Salvus Fire Fighting Apparatus rigged for diving, and wearing a suit aptly named ‘The Clammy Death’. Jake remembers surfacing and complaining that his throat was burning and was promptly persuaded to go down again by a push from the boot of the Supervisor.
Continued in our Hero section
08 October
Statement regarding USS Connecticut (SSN 22)
USS Connecticut (SSN 22) struck an object while submerged on the afternoon of Oct. 2, while operating in international waters in the Indo-Pacific region. There are no life threatening injuries.  The submarine remains in a safe and stable condition. USS Connecticut’s nuclear propulsion plant and spaces were not affected and remain fully operational. The extent of damage to the remainder of the submarine is being assessed. The U.S. Navy has not requested assistance. The incident will be investigated.
08 October
Keeping watch on wellbeing at sea
The ship’s company of HMAS Anzac has spent a lot of time at sea over the past 12 months, making keeping watch on their health and wellbeing important.  The crew has been involved in two regional presence deployments, the rescue and return of 20 Indonesian fishermen stranded off the West Coast of Australia, and Indo-Pacific Endeavour 2021 (IPE21).  While one of the key functions of IPE21 is to build relationships with regional partners, Commanding Officer Anzac Commander David McPherson said he first aims to maintain the health and wellbeing of his crew members so they function as an effective unit.  More.....
08 October
Unity celebrated in Perth
The crew of German Navy frigate FGS Bayern on October 3 celebrated Germany's national day while in Perth during their seven-month Indo-Pacific deployment. German Unity Day marks the anniversary of the country’s reunification in 1990.

08 October
Tuning in to new technology
A junior sailor serving in the submarine HMAS Sheean has developed a more reliable method of delivering radio communications that could bring major benefits to the fleet for years to come.  Able Seaman Nathan Mayfield took a fresh look at the current fleet-wide high frequency (HF) radio procedures used by the crews of ships to communicate with each other and realised they were not being used to their full potential.  Able Seaman Mayfield’s ideas revolved around a radio technology called 3G ALE (Third Generation Automatic Link Establishment), which provides more robust HF communications that could potentially be used when regular satellite communication links are down.  More.....
07 October
Building relationships at sea and virtually
Australia and Brunei have continued to develop their defence and whole-of-government relationship with a number of activities held at sea and virtually as part of Indo-Pacific Endeavour 2021 (IPE21).  Commander IPE21 Commodore Mal Wise said while the entire engagement was contactless because of COVID-19 restrictions, it had been beneficial to both countries.   “Australia’s defence relationship with Brunei has grown significantly in recent years,” Commodore Wise said.  More.....
06 October
Five Powers On Display
Australia’s commitment to regional security is on display during the Golden Jubilee (50th anniversary) of the Five Power Defence Arrangements (FPDA).  This week Australia joins FPDA nations, Malaysia, Singapore, the United Kingdom and New Zealand for Exercise BERSAMA GOLD 21 (BG21).  Conducted across Singapore, Malaysia and parts of the South China Sea, Australia’s involvement in the exercise includes HMA Ships Canberra and Anzac, a P-8A Poseidon and F/A-18F Super Hornets.  More.....
05 October
Cyber Security Awareness Month 2021
Australians are urged to take simple steps to better protect themselves from common online threats and cybercrime during Cyber Security Awareness Month this month.  The 2021 theme is: “Do your Part. #BeCyberSmart.”  Assistant Minister for Defence, the Hon Andrew Hastie MP, said the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) continues to make it easier for Australians to strengthen their cyber defences through new personal security guides available on  More.....
04 October
Russia launches Tsirkon hypersonic missile from nuc-submarine for the first time
The Severodvinsk nuclear-powered submarine of the Russian Northern Fleet has successfully performed its first test launch of the Tsirkon hypersonic missile in the Barents Sea, according to the Russian Defense Ministry.  “A second test launch of a hypersonic cruise missile Tsirkon was carried out by the crew of the nuclear-powered submarine The Severodvinsk for the first time beneath the sea surface from a depth of 40 meters in the White Sea at a target in the Barents Sea.  According to the objective monitoring means, the missile’s flight from the moment of surfacing and to hitting the target totally matched the expected parameters,” the Defense Ministry said.  More.....
04 October
French frigate seizes 3.6 tons of drugs in the Indian Ocean
The French frigate FS Languedoc has made its second drug seizure in the Indian Ocean in less than a week, seizing more than 3.6 tons of illegal substances during a maritime counter-narcotics operation in the Indian Ocean on Monday.  The hashish was recovered from a dhow by the warship, which was operating in support of the Combined Maritime Forces (CMF) on September 27. The medications have a total value of $1.86 million.  More.....
02 October
HMS Prince of Wales Ready for Global Missions
HMS Prince of Wales, Britain’s second aircraft carrier was declared fully operational and ready for any kind of global missions on Oct.1.  A fortnight-long international exercise off the coast of Scotland putting the final touches on two years of intensive training for the Portsmouth-based warship, its 700-plus crew, the Royal Navy and RAF squadrons that will operate aircraft from her flight deck – including the fifth-generation F-35 Lightning stealth fighter – and the thousands of military personnel and civilians who will support and maintain the endeavour.  More.....
01 October
Shepparton the First Lady of the Fleet
Paluma-class survey motor launch HMAS Shepparton II is the new First Lady of the Fleet.  The title, recognising the longest-serving commissioned ship in the fleet, was handed over to Shepparton at a ceremony at HMAS Cairns following the decommissioning of HMA Ships Paluma and Mermaid in September.  Commanding Officer Shepparton Lieutenant Commander Andrew Shiels said the vessel was in her 31st year of commissioned service and the crew was honoured to take possession of the prized First Lady of the Fleet plaque.  More.....
01 October
Youths experience life in a patrol boat
Two youths taking part in the Defence Work Experience Program (DWEP) had a taste of life in a patrol boat when they spent the day sailing in HMAS Maitland on September 13.  Alex Ryan, Kyle Firgula-White and their supervisors, Petty Officer Danita Charlton and Leeanne Perrett, embarked in Darwin and cruised Darwin Harbour and the Northern Australian Exercise Area.  The DWEP aims to demonstrate the variety of interesting careers available in Defence and the Navy, and to transition students into the workplace while contributing to the development of skills of young Australians.  More.....
01 October
A periodical of the Fleet Air Arm Association of Australia.
October Edition.....
01 October
China military watch
The careful selection by Chinese leader Xi Jinping of military officers for rapid promotion to key positions in the People’s Liberation Army may signal both a wish to consolidate the military behind him and a concern about emerging security challenges in China’s far western regions.  While the global focus in recent weeks has been on the US withdrawal from Afghanistan and then the announcement of the AUKUS pact, the PLA’s personnel dynamics are an important indicator of China’s geostrategic priorities and Xi’s political status that should not be ignored.  More.....
01 October
India and Australia sign ToR to promote peace in Indo-Pacific region
The Royal Australian Navy (RAN) and the Indian Navy have signed terms of reference (ToR) to conduct navy-to-navy talks and promote peace, security, stability and prosperity in the Indo – Pacific region.  It follows the signing of “Joint Guidance for the India – Australia Navy-to-Navy Relationship” document between the two navies last month.  The document is the first of its kind that the Indian Navy has signed with any other country.  More.....
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