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Battle of the Coral Sea Commemoration Service - Sunday 9th May 2021.  Details.....

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At present the Shrine of Remembrance is closed, but ceremonies are still being conducted and they are live streamed on the Shrine's Facebook page.

10 Feb - On this day in 1964 HMAS Voyager and HMAS Melbourne collided off the coast of New South Wales culminating with the sinking of Voyager and the loss of 82 of her crew.

10 Feb
- HMAS Voyager service

15 Feb - Prisoners of War service

19 Feb - Darwin Defenders service

01 Mar - On this day in 1967 - The Australian White Ensign was hoisted in all ships and establishments of the RAN.

01 Mar - HMAS Perth & USS Houston service

01 Mar - Father of the Navy service - Brighton cemetery TBC

02 Mar - On this day in 1874, HMVS Nelson was the first warship docked in the Alfred Graving Dock at Williamstown, Victoria.

08 Mar - HMAS Yarra service, the Strand, Newport Vic.

05 Apr - HMAS Vampire service