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Battle of Bita Paka - Friday 11th September 2020.  Details.....

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NOTE: Due to COVID-19, it is advisable to check with the coordinators to confirm whether the event you were planning to attend is still going ahead.

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At present the Shrine of Remembrance is closed, but ceremonies are still being conducted and they are live streamed on the Shrine's Facebook page.

07 Aug – On this day in 1942 - Operation WATCHTOWER, HMA Ships Australia, Canberra & Hobart involved in the invasion of Guadalcanal.

09 Aug – On this day in 1942 HMAS Canberra lost.

09 Aug – HMAS Canberra service

15 Aug – Victory in the Pacific service - end of World War II

16 Aug – OP Pedestal service

18 Aug – Vietnam Veterans service

20 Aug – 72nd anniversary of the establishment of the Fleet Air Arm

29 Aug-05 Sep – Legacy Badge Week collections

01 Sep – 100th anniversary of the commissioning of Flinders Naval Depot as a training establishment for the RAN

01 Sep – Legacy Day

02 Sep – Battle for Australia memorial service

03 Sep – Merchant Navy Day service

11 Sep – Battle of Bita Paka service