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Battle of the Coral Sea - Sunday 3rd May 2020.  Details.....

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NOTE: Due to COVID-19, it is advisable to check with the coordinators to confirm whether the event you were planning to attend is still going ahead.

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At present the Shrine of Remembrance is closed, but ceremonies are still being conducted and they are live streamed on the Shrine's Facebook page.

30 Jun – On this day in 1941 - HMAS WATERHEN sunk off Tobruk

30 Jun – HMAS Waterhen Service will be held in the Sanctuary at 1100.  Any attendees should be in the visitor centre before 1030 if they wish to be in the Sanctuary. The service may also be seen on Facebook 'Shrine of Remembrance' webcast in real time, or later.

02 Jul – 1950 – United Nations operations in Korea commenced. HMA Ships Anzac, Arunta, Bataan, Condamine, Culgoa, Murchison, Shoalhaven, Sydney, Tobruk and Warramunga operated with the Commonwealth Task Force

05 Jul – Reserve Forces Service

06 Jul – FESR Service

09 Jul – 80 years ago today HMA Ships Sydney, Stuart, Vampire and Voyager participated in the Battle of Calabria.

10 Jul – On this day in 1911 - King George V granted the Permanent Commonwealth Naval Force the title of Royal Australian Navy.

15 Jul – Soundwaves concert – Cerberus

17 Jul – Recruit school graduation

19 Jul – 80 years ago today HMAS SYDNEY sank the Italian cruiser BARTOLOMEO COLLEONI.

27 Jul – Korean Veterans service.