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  20 June
HMAS Sydney departs for world's largest international maritime exercise
The Hobart class guided-missile destroyer, with its embarked MH-60R Seahawk helicopter and crew of approximately 200 personnel, was farewelled by loved ones at Fleet Base East for its regional presence deployment.  During the four-month deployment, HMAS Sydney will participate in the world’s largest international maritime exercise, Exercise RIMPAC, Exercise Pacific Dragon and Operation Argos – the Australian Defence Force’s contribution to international efforts to enforce United Nations Security Council sanctions against North Korea.  More.....
20 June
A look at where the U.S. Navy’s 11 aircraft carriers are now
The Navy is weighing what to do about the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower aircraft carrier, which has been battling Houthi rebel attacks on shipping in the Red Sea for nearly nine months. The question is how to replicate the carrier’s combat power if the ship returns home.  The service has 11 nuclear-powered aircraft carriers. Generally, they are getting ready to deploy, are deployed or have come off deployment and have gone in for maintenance and repairs.  More.....
20 June
New grants available to help tackle veteran homelessness
Applications are now open for eligible organisations to apply for a share in $30 million in grant funding to build more crisis and transitional housing and provide specialist services for veterans and families who are experiencing, or at risk of, homelessness.  Veteran-aware registered Community Housing Providers and ex-service organisations are eligible to apply for funding.  The $30 million in funding comprises two related streams:  More.....
20 June
New recruits look to the future
Confidence, resilience, education and fitness were just some of the qualities and skills developed by the seven newest graduates of the Navy Indigenous Development Program (NIDP), who have celebrated their graduation at HMAS Cairns.  Attended by family and friends, along with guests from visiting foreign Navy ships, the ceremony commenced with an introduction by Divisional Officer – NIDP Lieutenant Robert Bateman, who welcomed Indigenous Elder Hendrick Fourmile to conduct the Welcome to Country and smoking ceremony.  More.....
20 June
US Navy admiral highlights WA's strategic role in AUKUS deal, alongside warning about power-hungry China
A US Navy chief has accused China of planning to dominate the Asia-Pacific during a speech in Perth, one day after the Chinese premier's visit to the city.  Commander of the US Pacific fleet, Admiral Stephen Koehler, emphasised Western Australia's strategic importance to the AUKUS partnership in his address at the Perth USAsia Centre Wednesday evening.  Western Australia is set to be the base for Australia's nuclear-powered submarines under the plan, with HMAS Stirling hosting rotations of US and UK submarines from 2027.  More.....
18 June
Australia's newest warship HMAS Stalwart breaks down, undergoing emergency mechanical repairs
Australia's newest warship is undergoing emergency mechanical repairs to address "engine defects", at the same time the navy's only other supply class vessel remains out of service.  The ABC can reveal HMAS Stalwart, which was commissioned into service less than three years ago, has extended a port visit to Darwin as Defence investigates the extent of problems on board.  Last year the ABC revealed significant mechanical problems had also been discovered on board her sister ship, HMAS Supply, which was taken to Sydney's Garden Island naval base to be repaired under warranty.  More.....
18 June
Defence giants join to form new Australian submarine company
Defence giants Huntington Ingalls Industries (HII) and Babcock have formed a new joint venture H&B Defence to develop sovereign capability for the AUKUS conventional armed, nuclear-powered submarine programme.  H&B Defence combines nuclear submarine and shipbuilding experience from Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States to support the nuclear-powered submarine programme unforlding under AUKUS.  HII constructs the US Navy’s Virginia class nuclear submarines, while Babcock sustains the UK nuclear submarine fleet.  More.....
18 June
China Deploys Amphibious Warship Near the Philippines
A Chinese amphibious warship is operating near a disputed South China Sea feature that has been the site of a standoff between Chinese and Philippine Coast Guards, USNI News has learned.  An unidentified People’s Liberation Army Navy Type 075-class landing helicopter dock was first seen by a ship spotter in satellite photos in the South China Sea on June 12.  On Friday, the 36,000-ton warship stopped near Subi Reef, a reclaimed feature that now hosts a Chinese military base.  By Sunday, the amphib was spotted near Sabina Shoal.  More.....
18 June
We need more defence capability long before the first SSN arrives
AUKUS is the great polariser of Australia’s national security community. Supporters are accused of risking too much for one capability; critics are accused of being unhelpful or lacking belief in Australia.  All this misses the point. We have about 1000 days before a possible conflict breaks out over Taiwan.  That is the deadline the American military has set itself to prepare, US defence sources tell me, and Australia must do the same.  Yet in choosing to acquire nuclear-powered attack submarines (SSNs), we are incurring a greater opportunity cost to the rest of our defence budget than any other country.  More.....
18 June
Development and diversity in football
After not competing in the 2022 ADF Australian Rules competition due to a lack of numbers, the Navy women’s AFL side has come leaps and bounds.  A concerted effort and commitment by the Navy Football committee has ensured Navy has developed a sustainable and professional women’s program, but also a competitive one.  Key to that development was the acquisition of Lieutenant Commander Elisabeth Quinn to head-up the program, bringing her experience as not only a high-level Australian Rules coach, but also as the current culture and leadership coach with the Richmond AFLW team.  More.....
18 June
Spotlight on outstanding sailors
Eight standout sailors have been recognised in Navy’s inaugural Sailor of the Year program.  The initiative celebrates high-achieving sailors whose daily actions, dedication and team spirit have made a positive contribution to the sustainable readiness of the Navy.  Head of the program Warrant Officer of the Navy Andrew Bertoncin said it was pertinent to recognise those who have contributed to the Navy family.  More.....
17 June
Philippine Sailor Severely Injured, Vessels Damaged as Chinese Block South China Sea Mission
A Philippine sailor suffered severe injuries when Chinese forces blocked an Armed Forces of the Philippines resupply mission in the South China Sea, Pentagon officials confirmed to USNI News. The AFP mission to resupply the BRP Sierra Madre (LT-57) outpost at Second Thomas Shoal also resulted in damage to an unknown number of Philippine vessels.  More.....
17 June
Coins and ships cut from the same steel
Challenge coins are a unique part of military heritage.  Dating back to the Roman Empire, these small coins or medallions bear the insignia of a unit and are carried by unit members.  They are referred to as challenge coins, as when encountering a stranger, one may issue a 'challenge' where members must prove they are a part of the unit and present their coin.  This proof of identification has evolved over the years to represent the close esprit de corps of a unit and the physical embodiment of unity.  More.....
17 June
Families of Vietnam veterans awarded Long Tan Bursary
More than half a century since Australian troops withdrew from Vietnam, their legacy lives on through the Long Tan Bursary.  Recognising the intergenerational impacts of conflict, more than 20 years ago the Long Tan Bursary was born, following the advocacy of Vietnam veterans for their descendants to be supported with costs related to tertiary education if they need it.  The Long Tan Bursary awards up to $12,000 per person to children and grandchildren of Vietnam veterans to assist with costs related to tertiary education.  More.....
17 June
Australian recovery equipment to rescue stranded Fijian Guardian-class patrol boat
Australian recovery equipment is being supplied to the Republic of Fiji Navy to free a donated Guardian-class patrol boat, RFNS Puamau.  RFNS Puamau reportedly became grounded on a reef while undertaking its maiden voyage with the Navy, following handover under the Australian government’s Pacific Maritime Security Program.  It's understood Australia has sent specialised recovery equipment to Fiji to help free the vessel which is reportedly semi-submerged. Efforts are also reportedly being made to minimise environmental impacts such as from a oil spill.  More.....
17 June
Navy rescues crew from merchant vessel struck by Houthis in Red Sea
Sailors from the Dwight D. Eisenhower carrier strike group airlifted the crew of a merchant vessel attacked by Iran-backed Houthi rebels in the Red Sea on Saturday, U.S. officials said.  The Liberian-flagged, Greek-owned bulk cargo carrier M/V Tutor was struck by a Houthi uncrewed surface vessel while sailing in the Red Sea on Wednesday, resulting in severe flooding and damage to the engine room, according to a Navy release.  More.....
14 June
U.S. Navy sub enters Guantanamo Bay after Russian warships arrive in Cuba
A U.S. Navy submarine has arrived in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, in a show of force as a fleet of Russian warships gather for planned military exercises in the Caribbean.  U.S. Southern Command said the USS Helena, a nuclear-powered fast attack submarine, pulled into the waters near the U.S. base in Cuba on Thursday, just a day after a Russian frigate, a nuclear-powered submarine, an oil tanker and a rescue tug crossed into Havana Bay after drills in the Atlantic Ocean.  More.....
14 June
China is serious about Antarctica. Australia should be too
Our domestic discourse on the geopolitics of Antarctica is shamefully shallow. Our attitude continues to be one of ‘there’s nothing to see here’.  Our vital interests, including the defence of Australian sovereign territory, are at stake, but everyone appears happy to pass the problem on to the next government.  Canberra has a national interest in Antarctica—a claim to 42 per cent of the frozen continent.  Yet successive Australian governments have overlooked Antarctica.  We’ve even launched a National Defence Strategy that makes no reference to our sovereign Antarctic territory.  More.....
13 June
Battles in the Black Sea Changing the Character of Naval Warfare, Experts Say
A frenzy of Ukrainian-designed and –built high-speed, bomb-laden Magura V5 unmanned surface drones added an explosive exclamation point to the widespread frustrations in and with Russia’s Black Sea Fleet when they sank Caesar Kunikov, a landing ship most likely carrying needed ammunition to the southern fight earlier this year.  The 18-foot-long Maguras are routinely described as a couple of jet skies loaded with explosives.  But unmanned aerial and maritime systems’ successes in destroying high-value targets at low-cost to their operators are changing the character of naval warfare.  More.....
13 June
Exercise Thor's Hammer
Navy Cadets attended an action packed tri-service training activity at Gallipoli Barracks where their leadership, problem-solving, and collaborative skills were put to the test.

13 June
First Royal Australian Navy Enlisted Sailors Begin Training at U.S. Submarine School
The U.S. Naval Submarine School in Groton welcomed its first cadre of nine enlisted sailors and the second cadre of three officers from the Royal Australian Navy on June 3rd and 10th respectively.  These 12 Australians will train alongside their American counterparts to operate conventionally armed, nuclear-powered attack submarines (SSNs).  The Submarine School trains officers and enlisted personnel through two distinct but interrelated tracks: Submarine Officer Basic Course (SOBC) and Basic Enlisted Submarine School (BESS).  More.....
13 June
Sailor recognised for a job well done
After seeing skill gaps in apprentices' welding techniques, Petty Officer Jim Schacht developed projects that sped up their qualification completion time by 40 per cent.  These covered on-the-job brazing and forming, TIG, MIG and ARC welding practices.  The projects are now recognised as Navy’s fabrication on-the-job training, allowing for trade completion.  Petty Officer Schacht said skilled fabricators were essential to meet the high-quality demands throughout the fleet.  More.....
13 June
D-Day commemorations: honouring those who served
Sub-Lieutenant Richard Pirrie, who served in World War 2, has had his name added to the Normandy Memorial Wall during commemorations for the 80th anniversary of D-Day.  The then 24-year-old Royal Australian Navy officer served alongside British and Canadian troops from the landing ship HMS Invicta.  He commanded a small spotter boat to identify and neutralise – ultimately successfully – German positions at Normandy, saving many allied lives.  More.....

SBLT Pirrie is also NVN's June 2024 Hero
13 June
ASA officials clueless about how $4.4 billion submarine gift to UK will be spent
In a previous article APDR explained that there is no refund clause for the $9.4 billion Australia is giving to the submarine industries of the US and UK during the next few years.  Just as bad, there is a stunning lack of detail and accountability about what the money will be used for and whether or not Australia will have any visibility of the outcomes.  Led by VADM Jonathon Mead, during Senate Estimates on June 6, he and several other Australian Submarine Agency (ASA) officials showed that they had no idea of the detail of agreements with London and Washington under the AUKUS Pillar 1 umbrella.  More.....
12 June
Russian Naval Group Arrives in Cuba, U.S. Increasing Atlantic Naval Presence
The four-ship Russian Navy action group arrived in Havana on Wednesday for a five-day port visit, local media reported.  Guided-missile submarine Kazan, guided-missile frigate Admiral Gorshkov, salvage tug Nikolai Chiker and fleet oiler Âkademik Pashin pulled in on Wednesday as part of the Russian Ministry of Defense’s planned series of exercises in the western Atlantic and the Caribbean.  Gorshkov and Kazan are among the most advanced ships in the Russian Navy and can be armed with a variety of anti-ship and land attack missiles.  More.....
12 June
Robotic process automation can be anyone's career
You don’t need experience to have a career in robotic process automation (RPA), according to Head of Intelligent Automation Army, Lieutenant Vaoafi Hart.  The Royal Australian Naval officer believes that with determination, curiosity and the right support, personnel can transition into the tech industry.  Lieutenant Hart didn’t start in tech. She joined the Army’s Directorate of Business Intelligence (DBI) at the end of 2021 as a reservist.  “It’s amazing to see how far I have come, from not knowing much about emerging technology to leading automation projects,” she said.  More.....
11 June
Inaugural Apprentice Technician Experience Tour
The first group of apprentice Electronic Technicians and Marine Technicians have taken part in an eye-opening tour of various ships and naval establishments across the Sydney area as part of the new Navy Apprentice Experience Tour.  The tours give Apprentice Technicians valuable hands-on experience with RAN platforms and Engineering infrastructure, helping them further develop their Technical and Maritime Mastery.

11 June
The house always wins: how to boost ADF recruitment
The Australian Defence Force needs bold, creative initiatives to attract and keep enough personnel to reach expansion targets.  Ask Australians in their 20s what matters to them right now, and housing will rank high. The response from Defence should be ‘Well, do we have a deal for you.’  Defence should be making strikingly good housing offers.  There has been a lot of talk about innovative ways to attract the best Australian talent to Defence but not much action.  More.....
11 June
Sailors conquer Kokoda Track
Wading through waist-deep water didn’t faze five sailors as they pushed through their first river crossing on day one of the Kokoda Track. 
However, it wasn’t until they encountered the next thunderous white-water obstacle and saw a local porter swept downstream, that the enormity of the trek truly hit them.  “We all thought, ‘are we really crossing this?’ It was nuts,” physical training instructor Petty Officer Kerryn Seaborn said.  Fortunately, the porter found a fallen tree and clung to its branches, but lost his tools and shoes.  More.....
The eldest son of six children, Richard “Dick” Pirrie was born in the Melbourne suburb of Hawthorn in 1920 and was studying law when the war broke out.  He grew up two streets from Glenferrie Oval, a member of a family footballing dynasty which continues to this day.

Dick gave up his promising football career with the Hawthorn Football Club when he enlisted in the Royal Australian Navy Volunteer Reserve as an able seaman and subsequently being promoted to sub-Lieutenant.  He was later seconded to the Royal Navy aboard HMS Invicta.

On 5 June 1944, Sub-Lieutenant Richard Pirrie sat down to write a letter to his family.

“My dearest Mother, Dad, and boys,” he began.

“Well, my dears, the pressure is on now and as soon as the weather improves, we sail for the greatest event in the history of the world.

“By the time you receive this you will surely have heard some of the bare details.  This is the greatest Armada that ever was formed.  A colossal feat of organisation; the product of years of planning and hard work.

“Yesterday morning our chaplain came aboard and with the soldiers, Canadians, we received General Absolution.  If anything happens, it is just the will of the Sacred Heart.  I will leave this, and hope and trust in God that I will conclude in a few days.”

Pirrie never finished the letter. 

The following day, 6th June 1944, he was the first Australian to be killed on D-Day.  Continue to read this fascinating story about a real hero.....
10 June
Weapon systems maintainer brings more bang for bucks
By sourcing local suppliers, testing their solutions and then seeking approval, Petty Officer Stephen Dunlop increased the magazine capacity for the Hobart-class destroyer’s Mk45 gun by 40 per cent.  The weapon systems maintainer’s idea proved effective compared to another costly solution that involved manufacturing parts in the United States.  It was this initiative that helped him receive a Conspicuous Service Medal as part of the King’s Birthday awards for his leadership and commitment.  More.....
10 June
Contributors and achievers across the board
The ADF’s broad range of trades, roles and responsibilities is reflected in this year’s King’s Birthday military honours list.  The list of 82 high achievers and contributors features everything from intelligence, security and safety experts to capability innovators, strategic advisers, technical staff and special forces instructors.  Among those recognised in the Order of Australia’s military division are Rear Admiral Justin Jones, who has been made an Officer of the Order of Australia (AO) for distinguishing himself in significant senior command roles in the Navy, the ADF Joint Operations Command and Maritime Border Command.  More.....
07 June
Australia fast-tracks its hunt for replacement frigates
Australia has approached several foreign shipbuilders in an urgent quest to procure general-purpose frigates under Project Sea 3000, the Defence Department told Defense News.  The government sent requests for information to German, Japanese, South Korean and Spanish shipbuilders on May 24, the department said.  However, a spokesperson for the department declined to provide further details “while the evaluation is underway, due to [the] commercial, procurement and probity process.”  More.....
07 June
More than $1.68 million to salute veterans' service
Councils, schools, community and ex-service organisations across the country will share in more than $1.68 million in funding, thanks to the Albanese Government’s Saluting Their Service Commemorative Grants Program.  Local monuments and commemorative activities are a vital part of making sure the stories of service and sacrifice of local legends live on for generations.  Today I’m pleased to announce 91 unique projects have been successful in receiving funding through this round of the Saluting their Service Grant program, each will deliver places of reflection as well as make learning our military history more accessible.  More.....
07 June
Unique opportunity for sailor's first underway
It has been a five-month adventure of travel, new friends and innovative training for one Royal Australian Navy sailor on board USS Emory S. Land.  Originally from Burwood, Sydney, Seaman Electronics Technician – Systems Leanne Rogerson always had a keen interest in circuitry and fixing things, and did many engineering-type subjects during high school.  She never imagined it would lead her to embarking on the Emory S. Land and travelling to a US island territory in Micronesia that she knew very little of.  More.....
05 June
Government approves next phase of Collins Class life-of-type extension
HMAS Farncomb will be the first of Australia’s six Collins class submarines to undergo sustainment and capability enhancement under a life-of-type extension program being implemented by the Government.  The life-of-type extension program is part of the Government’s commitment to invest $4 to $5 billion to ensure the Collins class submarines continue be provide a potent strike and deterrence capability.  The life-of-type extension of HMAS Farncomb will be undertaken by the highly skilled workers at ASC and commence in 2026 at Osborne in South Australia.  More.....
04 June
Healthy minds the name of the game
Being ‘a bit of a nerd’ runs in the family according to Petty Officer Melissa Gay, who was introduced to table top and video games by her parents and grandfather.  Her love of geek-culture came in handy when she was posted on board HMAS Stuart during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Being unable to leave the ship took its toll mentally, so each week a group would get together for an escape into the role-playing game Dungeons and Dragons.  “It really took our minds off everything, and gave us that mental break that you wouldn’t necessarily get otherwise on deployment,” Petty Officer Gay said.  More.....
03 June
Quick-thinking sailors save struggling kayaker
A quick, coordinated rescue effort by some of Navy’s finest had a distressed kayaker plucked from icy waters, preventing a potential disaster when they capsized in one of the busiest sections of Sydney Harbour during morning peak time.  Proving their ability to adapt quickly to any challenge, members of the Fleet Support Unit and Port Services East were carrying out routine maintenance of a rigid hull inflatable boat (RHIB) on May 7 when they received an action call from HMAS Canberra.  More.....
03 June
Chains hold strong on 30,000-tonne ship
It’s the cable or chain, not the anchor, that counts.  HMAS Adelaide’s anchor, coming in at a hefty 20 tonnes, is small change compared to the almost 30,000-tonne ship – which is not carrying helicopters, trucks and tanks.  But despite the anchor’s weight, large ships like the landing helicopter dock are kept in place by the weight of the cable lying across the ocean floor.  Although the anchor does dig into the seabed, HMAS Adelaide boatswain Petty Officer Thomas Archer said the chain did most of the heavy lifting.  More.....
03 June
From Firebirds to Seahawks
When he’s not at sea, Seaman Oscar Dickson can be found under the hood of his Pontiac FireBird or Datsun 720.  “I slammed my Datsun to the ground before I realised how lowered cars scrape pretty much everywhere,” the gap year sailor said.  The teenager was always interested in mechanics, so when he posted to HMAS Albatross, he was drawn to a job on the tools.  He was one of four gap year seaman sailors pursuing aviation technician roles on board HMAS Adelaide.  More.....
03 June
Closing the Gap for First Nations people
As part of #NationalReconciliationWeek, Defence members in the Canberra region contributed to a traditional Indigenous artwork to signify our connectedness and commitment to Closing the Gap for First Nations people.  The artwork symbolises the coming together of people, and the sharing of knowledge and understanding, as we continue our work towards reconciliation.

02 June
Defence force delivers airdrop to Antarctica
The defence force has completed a complex airdrop to deliver much-needed supplies to Mawson Station in Antarctica.  The mission was launched after expeditioners were left without critical cargo because of faulty cranes on Australia's icebreaker.

01 June
Townsville Mayor Troy Thompson slammed by veteran groups over false military history
Veteran advocacy groups have slammed the mayor of Australia's largest garrison city for making "deeply disrespectful" false claims about his military history.  Townsville Mayor Troy Thompson is facing mounting calls to resign — including from the Queensland premier and his own councillors — after admitting that he inflated his service record ahead of the local government elections in March.  The matter is under investigation by the Crime and Corruption Commission.  More.....
01 June
USS Emory S. Land submarine tender arrives in Darwin
Australia has welcomed the United States of America’s submarine tender, the USS Emory S. Land to Darwin for a port visit.  Emory. S. Land’s Commanding Officer, Captain Brent Spillner, and his crew were welcomed by Commanding Officer of HMAS Coonawarra, Captain David Shirvington on 28 May.  While in Darwin, the crew of the submarine tender has a full itinerary of community and cultural events, so they can experience the best of the Top End.  More.....
01 June
Marcos sets ‘red line’ with Beijing over South China Sea harassment
While addressing the Shangri-La Dialogue defense summit in Southeast Asia, Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. set near black-and-white criteria on what would count as an act of war by China.  The comment came in reference to a question about Second Thomas Shoal, a reef in the South China Sea where the Philippines have an outpost.  Despite a 2016 UN ruling to the contrary, Beijing claims ownership over the territory and has harassed Filipino vessels resupplying the base each month.  But were that aggression to result in the death of a Filipino citizen, Marcos said, it would be “very, very close to what we define as an act of war.”  More.....
01 June
Royal Navy veteran dies days before D-Day anniversary
Royal Navy veteran Lewis Curl has died days before the 80th anniversary of D-Day.  AB Curl, who served from 1942 to 1946, was a cypher coder on HMS Belfast.  He was granted leave but on his return to Portsmouth a telegram awaited, recalling him to join HMS Dacres off Le Harve.  The only available transport leaving for France was a freighter packed with army lorries, transport and fuel.  Arriving off the French coast, the freighter was bombed and sank.  AB Curl jumped into an amphibious vehicle but that was quickly overloaded and started to sink.  More.....
01 June
Welcomed to the fold
Two Papua New Guinea Defence Force (PNGDF) members were welcomed to the cradle of the Navy recently, undertaking the new entry sailor course at the Royal Australian Navy Recruit School.  Ordinary Seamans Stallon Kuahen and Obadiah Orovea undertook the 10-week recruit training as members of General Entry 421 Shipp Division, covering core aspects of naval life from uniforms, ceremony and traditions, to basic ship duties, first aid, survival at sea and weapons.  More.....
01 June
Important step in shore-based training
Navy’s current and future training capability has been greatly increased thanks to the delivery of a new state-of-the-art facility at HMAS Stirling, Rockingham, Western Australia.  On May 15, the Navy Training System Centre – West (NTSC-W) was officially opened by Commodore Training, Commodore John Stavridis, who said the building represented an important step in providing an integrated shore-based training.  More.....
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