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  28 February
Consultation now open on Veterans’ Legislation Reform
The Albanese Government has today released exposure draft legislation which will simplify and harmonise the century old veterans’ entitlements, compensation and rehabilitation system.  The current system is difficult to understand and complex to administer.  The Royal Commission into Defence and Veteran Suicide found the system was “so complicated that it adversely affects the mental health of some veterans and can be a contributing factor to suicidality.”  Following consultation, the draft legislation will simplify the veteran compensation system, with all claims to be considered under a single Act. Under the new system:   More.....
BROADSIDE - February 2024 Edition
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26 February
Austal to build 2 additional Evolved Cape Class patrol boats
Austal has been awarded a contract valued at $157 million for the construction of an additional two Evolved Cape Class patrol boats for the Royal Australian Navy.  The ASX-listed shipbuilder will now build a total of 10 vessels delivered to the Navy as part of the SEA 1445-1 Project.  The Evolved Cape Class vessels are critical for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance missions, as well as border patrols, across Australia’s maritime approaches, Austal Limited chief executive officer Paddy Gregg explained.  More.....
22 February
US drone goes down off Yemen; underwater Houthi drone taken out
U.S. forces recently struck an unmanned underwater drone amid a busy few days in the Middle East, marking the first observed employment of an underwater drone by the Houthi militants since they began their attacks in October, according to U.S. Central Command.  The Department of Defense also acknowledged that an American MQ-9 Reaper drone went down on Monday in the Red Sea off the coast of Houthi-controlled areas in Yemen.  More.....
21 February
Navy ships at photo shoot during Taipan search and rescue, Senate hears
Senator Malcolm Roberts has questioned whether Royal Australian Navy vessels were at a publicity photo shoot instead of attending the search and rescue of a fatal MRH-90 Taipan helicopter crash during Talisman Sabre 2023.  Senator Roberts made the accusations during a Senate foreign affairs, defence and trade legislation committee (Senate estimates) meeting on 14 February.  “The United States Navy has taken a photo and it’s dated 29 July.  More.....
21 February
Houthis Shoot Drones, Missiles at American-Owned Bulk Carriers
The Houthis fired missiles and drones at two U.S.-owned bulk carriers earlier this week, U.S. Central Command said Tuesday.  On Feb. 19, the Houthis first fired two anti-ship ballistic missiles at MV Sea Champion, which was sailing under a Greek flag.  One missile exploded near the ship, causing minor damage. The ship was able to continue sailing, according to the Central Command release.  The ship was allegedly carrying grain to Yemen.  More.....
21 February
A 20-year voyage of growth
Having devoted 20 years of his life to the Navy, Lieutenant Commander Nicholas Graney reflected on the motivations that have guided his successful career in the ADF.  Growing up in Tasmania, Lieutenant Commander Graney knew he wanted a meaningful life far away from the comfort of his living room. He aspired to serve his country and his community.  These thoughts led him to Canberra, where he enrolled in a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in history and geography at the Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA), on the quest to become a maritime warfare officer in Navy.  More.....
21 February
RSL Victoria to establish Veterans’ and Families’ Hub in the Surf Coast and Geelong
Services and supports for veterans and their families in the Surf Coast and Geelong region will soon be enhanced, with the Albanese Labor Government today awarding RSL Victoria a $5.445 million grant to establish a new Veterans’ and Families’ Hub with satellite services across the region.  This is great news for more than 6,600 veterans in the region, who will now be able to access the support they need and deserve, closer to home.  The Hub will be centrally located in Geelong and will have major satellite sites at the Torquay and Queenscliff RSLs, servicing both the Bellarine and the Surf Coast.  More.....
21 February
Forces combine on the Indian Ocean
Warships of the Royal Australian Navy, United States Navy and Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force conducted two days of combined training in the Indian Ocean while sailing to India for Exercise Milan.  Australia’s Anzac-class frigate HMAS Warramunga joined with the United States’ Arleigh Burke-class guided missile destroyer USS Halsey and Japan’s Takanami-class destroyer JS Sazanami from February 17-18 while sailing from Singapore to the Indian port of Vishakhapatnam.  Called ‘Noble Dingo’, the two-day training activity in the Bay of Bengal was designed to enhance the three navies’ ability to operate together.  More.....
20 February
Navy’s Combat Logistics Force on ‘narrow margins,’ US Pacific Fleet chief warns
A top Navy admiral in the Indo-Pacific, and the nominee to lead the region’s joint force, warned the Combat Logistics Force is on “narrow margins” at a time when both the Pentagon and outside analysts are closely watching for a pending conflict between China and Taiwan.  “We postulated in 1992 that we would operate from the sea and then we would enjoy complete command of the sea and our defense industrial base followed,” Adm. Samuel Paparo, commander of US Pacific Fleet, told an audience in San Diego last week.  “And now as a result, we find ourselves in a 21st century changing security environment with a late 20th century defense industrial base that’s oriented on efficiency instead of effectiveness, and we’re on the razor’s edge.”  More.....
20 February
Chief of Navy Australia
Today is an exciting day to be part of the Australian Navy with the Australian Government announcing the outcomes of the Surface Combatant Fleet Review that will enable a larger, more capable, and lethal Navy, better equipped to support Diplomacy, Deterrence and Defence for our nation as part of an integrated ADF.

20 February
British-Owned Cargo Ship Damaged by Houthi Missiles, Crew Evacuated
The Houthis hit a British-owned cargo ship traveling in the Red Sea, U.S. Central Command announced via social media site X Monday morning. The Yemen-based group fired two anti-ship ballistic missiles toward MV Rubymar, a Belize-flagged ship, owned by British company Golden Adventure Shipping, BBC reported.  One of the two missiles hit the ship, damaging it, according to Central Command’s post. A warship with defensive coalition Prosperity Guardian and a merchant vessel responded to Rubymar’s distress call.  The ship was “taking on water” and was transporting fertilizer, BBC reported.  More.....
20 February
Women’s service recognised in mural
An impressive mural representing women who served in, or supported, Australia’s and allied defence forces in times of war has been unveiled at the Violet Town RSL Sub-branch in North East Victoria.  It is the largest mural in Australia dedicated to honouring all women’s contribution to war. Painted by recognised mural artist Tim Bowtell, the largely black and white artwork tells the story of local women from the Violet Town area who served, but set in the context of Australian women’s service in all military conflicts.  More.....
20 February
Navy’s enhanced lethality surface combatant fleet
Today, the Albanese Government has released its blueprint for a larger and more lethal surface combatant fleet for the Royal Australian Navy, more than doubling the size of the surface combatant fleet under the former government’s plan.  This follows the Government’s careful consideration of the recommendations of the independent analysis of the surface combatant fleet, commissioned in response to the Defence Strategic Review.  Our strategic circumstances require a larger and more lethal surface combatant fleet, complemented by a conventionally-armed, nuclear-powered submarine fleet.  More.....
19 February
Submarine scrutiny: Senate questions Collins Class spending
Australian senator Jacqui Lambie has raised concerns about periscope upgrades being undertaken on the Royal Australian Navy’s Collins Class submarine fleet.  Senator Lambie questioned whether the Australian Defence Force was providing best value for money with the upgrades, during a Senate foreign affairs, defence and trade legislation committee (Senate estimates) on 14 February this year.  Defence has reportedly already spent more than $48 million on upgrading the submarines from the current hull penetrating periscope to an optronic mast sensor.  More.....
19 February
Houthi Lethal Underwater Drones Adds New Threat to Red Sea
Merchant ships and warships in the Red Sea have been under frequent attacks from anti-ship cruise missiles, anti-ship ballistic missiles, explosive surface drones, and aerial drones. Now a new threat has emerged from underwater.  On Feb. 18, U.S. Central Command announced naval forces in the Red Sea destroyed an uncrewed underwater vehicle (UUV) in Houthi-controlled waters around Yemen.  This is the first time that the Houthi Movement has been observed operating UUVs since attacks began last October.  More.....
19 February
Art for health’s sake
For Lieutenant Commander Will Singer, serving as the Deputy Director of Navy Communications and Media often involved juggling multiple high-pressure roles.  At 6 one morning, in August last year, while doing solitary planning work on a whiteboard, Lieutenant Commander Singer collapsed, waking up five minutes later, the red marker still in his hand.  “That’s when I realised I’d been pushing myself way beyond my limits,” Lieutenant Commander Singer said.  More.....
19 February
Training proves ship is ready for anything
Before HMAS Warramunga commenced Australia’s first 2024 Indo-Pacific regional presence deployment, Commanding Officer Commander Jennifer Graham put her crew through rigorous training to ensure they were ‘fully mission capable’.  Training began in earnest soon after the Anzac-class frigate sailed from its home port of Fleet Base East, Sydney, in late January, and continued while traversing heavy seas in the Great Australian Bight.  After a logistics visit to Fleet Base West in HMAS Stirling provided a brief reprieve, the ship’s company was further tested in Navy’s Western Australian Exercise Area in the Indian Ocean off the Western Australian coast.  More.....
18 February
Russian Admiral removed as head of the Black Sea Fleet over the loss of several battleships
The Admiral of the Russian Black Sea Fleet has been dismissed from his position following the loss of several battleships under his command.  According to the MOD, Admiral Viktor Sokolov, had been removed from his post due to his failures in the role.  "On 15 February 2024, Russian pro-war commentators reported that the commander of the Black Sea Fleet, Admiral Viktor Sokolov, had been removed from his post," the MOD said in its latest intelligence update.  More.....
18 February
As China ramps up its presence in Antarctica, analysts say Australia is 'asleep at the wheel'
When China opened its fifth research station in Antarctica this month, analysts sounded alarm bells about potential security threats on Australia's southern doorstep.  Experts warned that China's expanding activity in Antarctica combined with Australia's inaction and lack of funding could lead to Beijing's increased strategic presence in the frozen continent.  The new Qinling base could also improve China's surveillance capabilities and give it more control over transport routes to exploit resources, they say.  More.....
18 February
AUKUS fail – US legislation to fund submarine industrial base blocked
A necessary precondition for the sale of second-hand Virginia class submarines to Australia in the 2030s is that their rate of production needs to be substantially increased.  This, in turn, requires an increase in funding – an increase that now will not happen because of internal US politics.  Republicans in Congress have rejected even considering an omnibus bill that has the main objective of increasing security at the southern border – but which also contains numerous provisions for extra defence spending.  What has received the most attention is that the legislation includes desperately needed money for Ukraine and Israel – but Australia is also a casualty.  Not that you will learn that from our own government, which remains determined to conceal what is really happening from the public.  More.....
16 February
Sinking of HMAS Patricia Cam remembered
The 1943 sinking of HMAS Patricia Cam, and the loss of 9 men – including 3 Yolngu passengers – is one of Australia’s least-known wartime tragedies.  A commemorative service to mark the 81st anniversary was held at the Buku-Larrnggay Mulka Centre at Yirrkala, East Arnhem Land, on 22 January.  Patricia Cam was on a coastal passage from Elcho Island to Yirrkala via the Wessel Group, on a mission to drop off 4 Yolngu men at Yirrkala, and to transport Reverend Leonard Kentish.  In his capacity as the regional Coastwatcher coordinator, Reverend Kentish planned to deliver codebooks to Coastwatchers stationed along the northern coast.  More.....
16 February
Sailors’ endurance tested amid 4 months of constant Red Sea threats
Sailors aboard the aircraft carrier Dwight D. Eisenhower and its accompanying warships have spent four months straight at sea defending against ballistic missiles and flying attack drones fired by Iranian-backed Houthis, and are now more regularly also defending against a new threat — fast unmanned vessels fired at them through the water.  While the Houthis have launched unmanned surface vessels, or USVs, in the past against Saudi coalition forces that have intervened in Yemen’s civil war, they were used for the first time against U.S. military and commercial vessels in the Red Sea on Jan. 4.  In the weeks since, the Navy has had to intercept and destroy multiple USVs.  More.....
15 February
History in Focus: The Naafi assistant who helped bring an end to the U-boat menace
On a dramatic night in the waters of the Mediterranean off the coast of Egypt in 1942, the heroic actions of three people altered the course of the Second World War – and one of them was just a teenager.   Fifteen-year-old Tommy Brown had lied about his age to work on P-class destroyer HMS Petard as a Naafi canteen assistant, determined to make his contribution to the war effort.  However, little did he know that just a year later his brave actions would start a domino effect that would assist in shortening the war and see Royal Navy ships sail more safely across the Atlantic.  More.....
15 February
Controversial hands in pockets ban for sailors lifted by US Navy
Sailors in the United States Navy are now allowed to place their hands in their pockets after the service implemented sweeping changes to its uniform policy.  The policy update, which was sent out to all US Navy personnel, rescinds the decades-old restrictions barring sailors from putting their hands in their pockets, which the Navy previously claimed was "inappropriate and detracts from a professional military appearance".  Sailors are now "authorised to have hands in their pockets when doing so does not compromise safety nor prohibit the proper rendering of honours and courtesies", the latest guidance said.  More.....
15 February
North Korea Launches Cruise Missiles Ahead of U.S.-Japan Tomahawk Missile Training
North Korea carried out its fifth cruise-missile launch of the year this week, firing a new surface-launched antiship missile (ASM), overseen by North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. Meanwhile, the U.S and Japan will conduct the Joint Integrated Air Defence and Missile Defence exercise from Feb. 19–24, and Japan will have its military personnel begin training on Tomahawk cruise missiles in late March.  State-controlled Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) on Thursday reported North Korean leader Kim Jong Un supervised the evaluation test-firing of the new surface to sea missile Padasuri-6, which is to enter service with the North Korean Navy.  More.....
15 February
Diving back into the Derwent
For Able Seaman Clearance Diver Luke Alderton, being able to come back to his hometown of Hobart on HMAS Diamantina, his first ship posting as a clearance diver, was an experience he won’t forget.  “This is the first time I’ve been back to Hobart in the Navy and it was pretty cool coming up the Derwent River on a warship as I’ve never done that before,” he said.  “I had my family on the wharf, and they were interested to see the ship come in and were pretty excited.”  More.....
14 February
Family follows in Navy dad's footsteps
Lieutenant Commander Paul Newton is first over the gangway at Betio Port, Kiribati, to greet his Navy colleagues who have come to liaise with the local in-country shipping agent and relay information back to the captain on the bridge.  Lieutenant Commander Newton took up the role of Australian Defence Vessel Reliant Navy Liaison Officer in September last year, and said it had been a busy period getting up to speed with the ship’s routine.  More.....
14 February
Back to where it began
Lieutenant Daniel McMillan may be executive officer of HMAS Diamantina now, but his career started in 1991 when he joined the Navy from his hometown of Hobart as a marine technician.  He left the Navy in 2004, but the adventure of seeing the world and protecting his country still called to Lieutenant McMillan, inspiring him to re-join in 2016 as a maritime warfare officer.  He worked his way up the ranks to become a principal warfare officer specialising in mine warfare.  More.....
14 February
Reliant delivers fresh water to Pohnpei
Australian Defence Vessel Reliant delivered 116,000 litres of fresh water to Pohnpei in the Federated States of Micronesia.  Usually one of the wettest places in the world, Pohnpei declared a state of emergency on January 12, due to a lack of rainfall.  Reliant’s crew were more than happy to assist their Pacific partners, making fresh water on board and filling their tanks on shore.  Australian Ambassador to Micronesia Jo Cowley welcomed Reliant and its crew to Pohnpei Port.  More.....
14 February
US Pacific Fleet to stand up second unmanned surface vessel squadron this year
The head of US Pacific Fleet today said his command plans to establish its second operational unmanned surface vessel squadron in May, though he kept tight-lipped about what “exquisite capabilities” might be available to the unit.  “This is a uniform capability that we’ll be able to own, operate… [and] can be employed within particular spaces,” Adm. Samuel Paparo told an audience here at West 2024 in San Diego.  A “principle element within warfare is the element of operational security.  So, our most exquisite capabilities, if I’m doing my job, you won’t [know] about it.”  More.....
13 February
The Israeli Navy has begun using its Bluewhale underwater drone system
The Israeli Navy has begun using an unmanned Bluewhale submarine developed by Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI). The new addition to the Navy’s submarine capabilities will help confront the growing threat posed by Iran in the naval domain. The new autonomous submarine has been developed by Elta, IAI’s electronics subsidiary. This firm has been a pioneer in unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and unmanned ground vehicles (UGV) and has now used all the basic elements to build, according to Israeli experts, one of the most advanced underwater submarines.  More.....
13 February
CNO Franchetti: Navy Exploring Robotics Rating as Unmanned Systems Expand
A new robotics rating is likely coming to the Navy, the sea service’s top leader said on Tuesday.  The Navy is exploring the option of a robotics rating in order to build a team that would be responsible for the Navy’s unmanned platforms, Adm. Lisa Franchetti said during her keynote speech at the West 2024 conference, cohosted by AFCEA and the U.S. Naval Institute.  The sea service wants “a team who has the reps and sets in sensors, platform autonomy, and mission autonomy programs … and can provide input in machine learning feedback processes,” Franchetti said in her speech.  More.....
13 February
Next generation of British frigates could be crewed by as few as 50 sailors
Defence contractor Babcock says the next generation of British frigates could be crewed by as few as 50 sailors.  John Howie, the company's corporate affairs chief, said recent technological advances mean fewer crew members are needed.  Speaking to The Telegraph, he said while the Type 31 frigates currently being built for the Royal Navy require a core crew of about 105 sailors, the company believes the next generation vessels - widely known as the Type 32 - should only require half that number.  More.....
13 February
Relic Recovered from U.S. Destroyer Lost in WWI
The bell of the USS Jacob Jones (DD-61), the only American destroyer sunk during World War I, has been recovered by a special salvage unit with the United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defense at the request of the U.S. Naval History and Heritage Command.  The command asked for assistance from the ministry’s Salvage and Marine Operations unit “due to the risk of unauthorized and illegal salvaging,” retired Rear Adm. Sam Cox said in a statement.  The shipwreck itself was first discovered off the Isles of Scilly, an archipelago off the southwestern coast of England, in August 2022.  More.....
13 February
Pilot’s change in velocity with graduate medical scheme
From flying sky-high to saving lives, Lieutenant Andrew Colebourn’s career in the ADF continues to go from strength to strength.  Starting as an Air Force cadet during high school in his hometown of Beechworth, Victoria, Lieutenant Colebourn then became an Army reservist at 4th/19th Prince of Wales's Light Horse before gaining entry into the Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA) as an Army general service officer.  There, he completed a Bachelor of Business through UNSW Canberra with an interest in aviation.  More.....
13 February
Successful patrol aboard ADV Reliant
After a successful trial in 2023, the Royal Australian Navy now offers eight sailor positions on two-year postings to Australian Defence Vessel (ADV) Reliant.  Able Seaman Hannah Moore, from Brisbane, was among the first sailors to take up the opportunity and is currently on her first six-week swing on board Reliant.  “The eight sailor positions are divided into two and we rotate six weeks on, six weeks off. I wanted to go back to sea and to be closer to my family in Brisbane so it works well for me,” she said.  More.....
13 February
Leading the way in Tassie on two fronts
HMAS Diamantina was the first vessel of its kind to be the flagship of the Royal Hobart Regatta, now in its 186th year. It was a proud moment for the Commanding Officer, Lieutenant Commander Georgina Rae-Martin, and crew.  “It’s been such an honour and a privilege to be the first minehunter coastal to come down to be flagship of the Royal Hobart Regatta,” Lieutenant Commander Rae-Martin said.  Arriving in Hobart ahead of the three-day Regatta at Princes Wharf No. 1, more than 2000 people toured the ship and asked the crew questions as part of the ship’s open day.  More.....
13 February
All the Houthi-US Navy incidents in the Middle East (that we know of)
Since the start of the Israel-Hamas war in October, Iran-backed Houthi militants have sent a relentless barrage of missiles and attack drones at commercial vessels and Navy ships in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden.  The Navy now arguably finds itself in a proxy war with the Yemen-based Houthis, and the men and women aboard American destroyers in the region are facing a level of maritime hostility that the sea service hasn’t encountered since World War II.  Below is a running list of every instance where a Navy ship or jet has shot down a Houthi attack, and every instance where the United States and its allies have hit back at Houthi sites in Yemen, since October.  More.....
13 February
Veterans' claims backlog elimination imminent
The Government was elected on a commitment to properly resource the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) to eliminate the unacceptable backlog of veteran compensation claims.  In the Royal Commission into Defence and Veteran Suicide’s Interim Report, serious concerns were raised about how the claims backlog - which was at 42,000 in mid-May 2022 – was detrimental to the mental health of veterans.  More.....
12 February
Gap-year sailor excels in 3D
An eight-week posting to Navy’s Centre for Innovation to finish off Seaman Elmarie Faurie’s Gap Year program has led to an ongoing benefit to Navy.  Seaman Faurie followed her brother Rico into the Navy and has experienced much of what Navy life has to offer.  She has undertaken operational deployments and exercises at sea, major ceremonial events ashore, spent a week with the physical training instructors and played various characters as an extra in special forces exercises.  More.....
12 February
Three decades ensuring sailors are ship-shape
She’s the physical training instructor charged with ensuring the next generation of naval officers are fighting fit.  When officer cadets arrive at HMAS Creswell, it's Petty Officer Jan Gilmour who puts them through their paces, ensuring they meet the peak physical benchmarks required to serve in the ADF.  It’s an area where Petty Officer Gilmour, who recently celebrated 30 years in the service, has excelled.  More.....
12 February
Leaving behind a legacy
Bestowing military honours on a Navy veteran who has died is among the most sacred of duties, and the funeral of Vice Admiral (retd) Ian Warren Knox was no exception.  At the Garden Island Chapel in Sydney on February 9, the distinguished admiral and former Vice Chief of the Defence Force (VCDF) was honoured with military band, bugler and firing party.  Chief of Navy Vice Admiral Mark Hammond reflected on Vice Admiral Knox’s life of service.  More.....
12 February
HMS Diamond displays drone kill markings on Gibraltar return
HMS Diamond, the Royal Navy's 'jewel in the naval crown', is alongside in Gibraltar and is now adorned with drone 'kill marks' after thwarting attacks in the Red Sea.  In December, the Royal Navy Type 45 air defence destroyer joined Operation Prosperity Guardian, an international task force to protect merchant shipping in the region, and maintained a near-constant presence in a high-threat area of the Red Sea.  The Ministry of Defence (MOD) confirmed that the destroyer came under fire in three separate attacks by Iranian-backed Houthi rebels, and successfully destroyed nine drones using her Sea Viper missile system and guns.  More.....
12 February
Controversial British Hunter-class warship program survives as government prepares to unveil Australia's 'Future Navy'
Australia's troubled Hunter-class frigate program has avoided being axed following a sweeping review of the navy's combat surface fleet, with at least six and possibly several more of the large and expensive warships to be built over coming decades.  Next week the Albanese government is scheduled to unveil a "Future Navy" plan that emphasises "continuous naval shipbuilding" and confirms British-owned BAE Systems will proceed with the $45 billion project to replace Australia's aging Anzac-class frigates.  More.....
09 February
China makes presence felt at Saudi Arabian defense show, outpacing US, Russia
WORLD DEFENSE SHOW 2024 — Next to Pakistani Shahpar armed drones and not far from Russia’s Pantsir-SM surface-to-air missile (SAM) system, this week visitors to the World Defense Show, staged about 40 miles outside Riyadh, were offered a rare, up-close look at some Chinese military equipment, from full-sized Wing Loong drones, FT series precision guided bombs and HQ SAMs.  It was an opportunity for Beijing’s defense industry to attempt to outshine the competition on the “world stage” so to speak, similar to displays at other Gulf exhibitions.  More.....
09 February
Cooperative activity plays a crucial role
Royal Australian Navy Anzac-class frigate HMAS Warramunga has conducted a multilateral transit through the South China Sea with ships of the United States and Japan during a routine regional presence deployment.  During the cooperative activity, Warramunga operated with US Navy destroyer USS John Finn and littoral combat ship USS Gabrielle Giffords, and the Japan Maritime Self-Defense-Force destroyer JS Sazanami.  Working together, all participating units enhanced interoperability by exercising their skills in planning and conducting combined operations, including cooperative maritime manoeuvres and flying operations.  More.....

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08 February
Surface fleet review carries Hunter Class changes in February release, say industry insiders
The Australian federal government is preparing to release its “Surface Fleet Review” recommendations in mid-February with significant changes to the Hunter Class frigate program, according to industry insiders.  The strategic document, following an independent analysis of Royal Australian Navy’s surface combatant fleet capability, will detail Royal Australian Navy surface combatant fleet size, structure, and composition as well as capabilities provided by future conventionally armed, nuclear-powered submarines.  Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Defence Richard Marles, while speaking to a Sky News interview on 7 February, said the review recommendations will be released very shortly.  More.....
08 February
Reducing risks, cost and time to acquire our AUKUS attack submarines
In a recent article for The Strategist I painted a depressing picture of the UK’s submarine capability—a force undercapitalised, with inadequate facilities, short of personnel and unable to get its nuclear-powered attack submarines (SSNs) to sea.  Britain’s Royal Navy is struggling to sustain a continuous at sea nuclear deterrent, at the expense of its conventional capabilities.  The combination of issues is leading to poor morale and difficulty filling key senior leadership positions.  I argued that the RN’s submarine force of four ballistic missile submarines (SSBNs) and six SSNs has fallen below critical mass.  Recovery in terms of manpower, shore infrastructure and submarine numbers will not be simple or quick.  More.....
07 February
Brumbies Pre-Season Camp at HMAS Creswell
The ACT Brumbies Women's Super Rugby team visited HMAS Creswell for a training exercise with Royal Australian Navy Physical Training Instructors between 18-21 January 2024.  They spent the weekend conducting a team building challenge which included various physical exercises as part of the pre season training camp.

07 February
New beginnings for patrol boat
ADV Cape Pillar and its crew were officially welcomed to their home port of HMAS Coonawarra with a ceremony conducted at Larrakeyah Defence Precinct.  The crew of Cape Pillar were led by Commanding Officer Lieutenant Commander Liam McMahon in parade past reviewing officer Captain Richard Brickacek on January 19.  The event marked new beginnings for Cape Pillar and Captain Brickacek – one of the first official engagements conducted by the crew of Cape Pillar and the first ADV homeporting for Captain Brickacek in his new role as Commander Mine Warfare, Clearance Diving, Hydrographic, Meteorological, Oceanographic and Patrol Force.  More.....
06 February
Royal Navy sailors clear waste off Antarctic island
Royal Navy sailors have helped preserve the natural beauty of Antarctica by removing three tonnes of waste from an island.  Ice breaker HMS Protector returned to Brabant Island – on the west coast of the Antarctic Peninsula – for the first time since 2017 to continue work to remove abandoned equipment from an expedition in the 1980s.  Ice had frozen some waste into position but subsequent thaw and freeze cycles meant it could now be removed seven years on.  More.....
05 February
LCDR John Morrell BAND, US Navy Cross, RANR(S)

John Morrell Band (1902-1943), Naval officer, was born on 22 March 1902 at South Shields, County of Durham, England, son of John Oliver Band, master mariner, and his wife Margaret, née Morrell. The family moved to London where young John's education at Enfield Grammar School was interrupted by trips to sea with his parents.  He followed his father into the Merchant Navy, gaining his first-mate's certificate in 1924.  When his venture as part-owner of a trading vessel was curtailed by the Depression, Band went to China and accumulated enough money to settle on a farm at Nyeri, Kenya.  There he bred Ayrshire cattle and did safari work.  In 1932 at Nanyuki he married Clara Violet Howes.

After his cattle died of disease, Band tried running guns and smuggling potatoes to Ethiopia, but was apprehended.  By the late 1930s he was sailing in coastal steamers in the Pacific and had bought land at Woorim on Queensland's Bribie Island. 

Keen to be in uniform in the event of war, on 1 September 1939 he obtained an appointment as temporary Sub-Lieutenant in the Royal Australian Naval Reserve(Sea).  From October that year to July 1940 he served in the armed merchant cruiser, HMS Moreton Bay, undergoing an arduous series of patrols in Japanese waters.  His subsequent ships included HMAS Moresby and the cruiser, Hobart, in which he saw action in May 1942 during the battle of the Coral Sea.
Continue reading this fascinating story at:
05 February
Free advocacy support for veterans and their families
If you need assistance with lodging a compensation claim with DVA, or with your wellbeing journey, and don’t know where to start, engaging an Ex-Service Organisation (ESO) advocate might be the answer you’re looking for.  Ex-Service Organisation (ESO) advocates play an important role in supporting veterans and families through the claims process and helping find supports for improving wellbeing. Importantly, these services are provided free of charge (some may charge a small administration fee), meaning there is no need to pay someone to help.  More.....
04 February
Navy sailors travel to Guam to embed with United States sailors
A group of 37 Royal Australian Navy officers and sailors have departed for Guam to embed on board USS Emory S. Land, the United States submarine tender.  In December last year, Australia, the United States and United Kingdom announced that Australian sailors would commence duty in Guam from early 2024 as part of preparations for the commencement of Submarine Rotational-Force West where, from as early as 2027, one UK Astute-class submarine and up to four US Virginia-class submarines will have a rotational presence at HMAS Stirling in Western Australia.  More.....
02 February
Army and Navy adopt new trades training system
In a move to bolster the technical prowess of its personnel, Navy and Army have introduced a state-of-the-art joint technical trades training system (JTTTS).  Geared towards revolutionising trades-related capability, the system has the potential to redefine how technical trades are learned and applied in the field.  Navy and Army signed a contract for the system with Wodonga Institute of TAFE (WIOT), supported by their National Technical Education Network (NTEN) partners, last year, and Army’s training officially began on January 1.  More.....
01 February
Unmanned Systems Key to Australian Navy’s Future, AUKUS, Says Panel
Numerous forward deployed, unmanned, underwater systems “might be the poor man’s version of the nuclear deterrent,” the director general of warfare innovation for the Royal Australian Navy said Thursday.  Capt. Adam Allicia, speaking at a Hudson Institute online event, said these systems “help us get over those long distances” that figure into any Indo-Pacific operation. The idea, he added, “is to rotate them in and out” to maintain at least a persistent presence for deterrence.  The underwater systems “look like a submarine,” but, because they’re not manned, “you can probably take more risks” in how they are employed. “We can take losses without the loss of human life.”  More.....
01 February
Diamond downs drone number nine in her third action in the Middle East
HMS Diamond has downed her ninth drone protecting shipping in the Middle East.  Once again two brilliant flashes of light briefly illuminated the Middle East night as first a Sea Viper burst from its silo and again seconds later as the missile impacted a Houthi drone, smashing it to smithereens.  The Portsmouth-based warship’s operations room was the focal point for the action as the air warfare team monitored the skies in the Gulf of Aden – and sensors picked up a drone moving from land towards the ocean.  More.....
01 February
Ready to fight fire in Kiribati
Australian Defence Vessel (ADV) Reliant delivered important cargo to the central Pacific island nation, Kiribati, on January 30.  Two fire trucks and various supplies were offloaded at Betio Port in the nation’s capital.  Australian High Commissioner to Kiribati, Karen Bray, welcomed Reliant and its crew and said the cargo would enhance emergency response capabilities on the Tarawa atoll.  “The fire trucks are a gift from the South Australian Country Fire Service to the Government of the Republic of Kiribati,” she said.  More.....
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