22 July 2017 - July 2018
Nerves and Steel

The Royal Australian Navy in the Pacific December 1941 – September 1945
The war in the Pacific was essentially a naval struggle. Allied war aims hinged on the destruction of Japan’s powerful navy and the severing of sea communications between Japan and its far-flung Asian and Pacific conquests. Nerves and Steel explores the role played by the RAN in ultimate Allied victory and features items from the Shrine’s own collection as well as loans from the Australian War Memorial, the RAN Heritage Collection, veterans and their families.
The exhibition will be on display in the Shrine of Remembrance Southern Gallery.

Next Flagship event:
Battle of Bita Paka - Tuesday 11th September - wreath laying in the Sanctuary.
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30 Apr –
NHS meeting (all welcome)

30 Apr –
On this day in 1915 - HMA Submarine AE2 scuttled in Sea of Marmara.

04-08 May –
Battle of the Coral Sea

06 May –
Battle of the Coral Sea commemoration service at the Shrine.

14 May –
On this day in 1943 - Australian Hospital Ship CENTAUR sunk

28 May –
NHS meeting (all welcome)

01 Jun –
On this day in 1942 - HMAS KUTTABUL lost during the Japanese midget submarine attack on Sydney harbour.

03 Jun –
On this day in 1969 - HMAS MELBOURNE & USS FRANK E. EVANS collision - 74 lives lost - Lest We Forget.