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What's it all about?
‘Why didn’t some bastard tell me?’ How often have we heard that – or said it ourselves. Once again we’ve dipped out on some function / event / activity / journal article we would have enjoyed. And why? Simply coz we didn’t know about it!

NVN offers you the chance to put that behind you regarding Navy happenings in Victoria. It is a facility designed by a small team of ex-Navy personnel who are keen to find a way to ensure people interested in Navy goings-on can be kept informed about matters of interest. The NVN will also provide links to Naval and Service Associations / Organisations. Registration for participation ie. to go on the distribution list, costs nothing and no one stands to make money, kudos or rewards of any kind other than the satisfaction of knowing that we’ve done our best to keep people informed. We feel that the camaraderie we enjoyed while serving, and the bonds which exist between seafarers men of all ages can be fostered and strengthened by sharing information by courtesy of this remarkable tool called internet. Currently serving, ex-Navy and others with an interest in maritime matters should all find something of interest.

We aim to keep it simple and uncomplicated so that personnel of all ages, branches and ranks can make use of it, (even ‘fishheads’). We encourage you to access it – if necessary getting grandchildren to show you how. If you feel so inclined we’d welcome your feedback and constructive suggestions by emailing our webmaster at

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Bravo Zulu:  Honours and Awards to Australian Naval People 1900-2014
Volume 1, 1900-1974 -
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Between 1900 and 2014 nearly 3,800 Australian naval people received honours and awards for their efforts, courage, sacrifice and service to the nation.  Whether earning a George Cross for defusing mines during the World War II ‘Blitz’ of the UK, an American Silver Star for flying helicopters into intense enemy fire in Vietnam, or a Conspicuous Service Medal for quietly ‘just getting the job done’, these are the stories of the men and women who have been recognised for their service to the Royal Australian Navy.

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Vietnam Veterans Commemorative Walk, Seymour, Victoria.
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Construction of the model HMAS Syney III

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